We’ll Meet Again

By Kay Gardiner
February 25, 2018
Settle in with a cup of tea and your knitting, and look for the helpers.

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  • I love PBS. I have watched one episode, Lost Children of Vietnam​. The story touched me. Ann Curry is excellent at telling of the loss of the innocence and connection of the children, their mothers and their fathers, our soldiers. I have been saving the other episodes for quiet knitting days to come.

  • This is an excellent show. I recommend it to everyone.

  • There’s an episode with children from WW2, also fantastic.

  • I just watched one episode on my telephone. I would like to be able to figure out how to get it onto my television but I’m new to Smart TV and not very techy. Anyway, the episode I just saw was about two people from the at Nam each looking for someone in America. It didn’t matter that I was admitting a baby bib from Kitchen cotton yarn when I cried tears just streamed!

    • That was supposed to be Vietnam.

  • Yes! I have been watching We’ll Meet Again since the first episode. I also find the detective work to be a bit contrived. I sometimes yell at the TV “you just need to (visit the local newspaper/library, find the chamber of commerce, etc.) Stop wasting our time!” But overall, I love the show.

    • Goodmorning, thankyou for such a lovely article, and video about mr. Rogers, and his wonderful sweaters that his loving mother knitted. I always loved mr. Rogers, I never met him, but I along with my 3 children watched daily! His gentelness, and loving manner were always so welcome, and refreshing! And those sweaters knitted by his dear mother was always inspiring to me! Yes it says love knitting for those you love (and even like, when they annoy you at times LOL) thanks again Dorian

  • the ‘detective bit’ tells a story, sometimes even interesting history.

  • Ann Curry, as always, has a soothing gentle way. I’ve watched this series from the start,and have enjoyed each episode. These days, it is wonderful to watch tales emphasizing the best of mankind.