Lazy Sunday: Wind Map

By Ann Shayne
April 2, 2017

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  • Is it a coincidence that it looks like a sheep pelt?

  • Reminds me of watching a lava lamp. Remember those?

  • That is way cool (says the super nerd)!

  • I have some video of Sandy from here. Interesting to see that view v

  • Thanks. I love this kind of thing.

  • Wow! I’ve been watching the wind map for years, and never realized you could zoom in! I think I like the full view best though, thinking of all that air moving across the whole country. A mighty wind, indeed…

  • I remember finding a site after The Derecho of 2013 (after our power came back… about 5 days later). It was fascinating watching the weird dance of swirling, flowing lines form suddenly into a massive wall of concerted force. Fascinating, cool, and more then a little bit frightening.

    • In case that wasn’t clear… it was a site with a wind map of that moment. A kind of screen shot video of the several hours before and during.

  • Very cool!
    Now I something else to watch besides earthquakes on earthquake

  • Fascinating, and somehow very soothing to watch. Thanks!

  • I too am a ‘fan’ of the wind map!
    Alas when I shared it with my friends on FB not 1 like!?

  • So interesting, thank you. Ann.

    It has been crazy windy here, too. And now today, it’s hot. Seems we are going straight from winter to summer.

  • I remember the wind map, and love it! My partner also found it soothing and intriguing. Recently she came across another wind map site, in color, with additional weather info, called WindyTV. It’s pretty, and probably more useful, but I think I am a “classic” wind map fan. Here’s WindyTV, if you want to compare:,-124.016,5

  • Fascinating! AND it looks like the coat of an animal, I think. Cloudgazing from my plane to Chicago this weekend (I was my mom’s 85th birthday surprise), I watched clouds recreate landscapes below for the whole nearly two hours. By the way, I loved your super-natural yarn offerings. xoc