Young Frankenstein

By Kay Gardiner
June 4, 2017
Watch TV With Your Kids While There's Still Time

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  • Two words: Madeline Kahn

  • I also love sharing really old movies with my kiddo, especially in the long hot summer days of bliss. We have seen Some Like It Hot so many times that entire chunks of dialogue have become part of our family vocabulary.

  • Don’t get me started…”Taffeta, darling!” One of my favorite movies, EVER! Thanks to Lady of the Cake, you too can link Young Frankenstein sounds into your messages to friends, families, and colleagues:

    • Oh no I am going to be so obnoxious with these!

    • “Taffetas” is still part of family lingo here, in heavy rotation with “AB Normal”.

    • And that link! What a treasure!

  • So many good lines many of which we use everyday in our house including my too emo for words 14 year old! Worth buying and keeping on the shelf. I know-very old school!

  • Great movie. I hadn’t known it’s now on Netflix. I’m off to knit and watch – over and over. Thanks!

  • Definitely one of my all time favs. Alex mentioned he just watched Blazing Saddles and thought it was hysterical!!!

  • OMG, YES! I remember seeing it for the first time (in a movie theater — imagine!) I was the ONLY person in the theater who laughed out loud when he asked “Pardon me boy, is this the Transylvania Station?” And the best line of all: “Yes! Yes! He vas my… boyfriend!”

  • I was just thinking about sharing this with my grandkids this summer!

  • The creator of It’s Always Funny In Philadelphia is a classmate and friend of my son. They went to an all boys Jesuit prep school in Philadelphia. You can only imagine the humor running through those halls.

  • One of my favorites of all time. “Putting on the Ritz” — makes me smile every time. “Frau Blucher” *horses neighing* Too funny for words. Thanks for the reminder.

  • I just saw this at NJPAC on the Big Screen, with Mel Brooks himself talking about the movie afterwards.

    “Well they were wrong then weren’t they?”

  • I love this movie so. very. much. I didn’t get all the old movie references at the time, but still loved it and thought it was so funny. I am still friends with the friend I saw it with in 1974, and we quote from it all the time, even now!

  • Its twoo, its twoo!

  • oh the memories.

  • Thank you for this – I saw this film back in the seventies and remember the tears of laughter. That bit where Marty Feldman says “walk this way, master”, and they both hobble along with a stick – I still play that trick on people sometimes.