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  • Awww! Now I want a sheep farm too.

  • I love her book – as she says “a neutral free zone” Her blog is fun to follow too – especially now with all the new little lamb pics.

  • I love her blog! She’s been having some excellent “Ask the Farmer” posts recently where people have been writing in to ask her husband questions about the farm.
    Her designs are amazing!
    (look, a totally non-crackheaded post. I think. I could be wrong.)

  • thank you for shareing

  • I’ve been carrying this book around w/me for a couple of weeks too! It has been a comfort during this Minnesota winter 🙂

  • i visit kristins blog daily. Great designs, great life stories and wonderful photos!

  • Am I the only one who does not find the sheep photos adorable and charming? The weather here is brutally cold and windy. Shouldn’t these early lambs be sheltered in a barn? And why is one being carried by the scruff of the neck? Also, why paint their i.d. on them? Sorry, just my opinion.

  • Oh I see : that’s the kind of book you can open in front of you, close your eyes and start getting a tan 😀
    I love those kind of books and I think they should be sold in replacement of the lamps for seasonal depression due to lack of light 🙂
    it’s going straight on my to-buy-list, thanks ! (I hope it’s available for france).
    The picture with the little lamb asleep on his brother’s warm and cozy side is heartbreakingly cute, it made my day ! *happy sigh*

  • kati> the lambs probably feel fine in that weather : they have a sweater on 🙂
    About the paint, I think it’s better than piercing their ear or mark them with red iron… (Not that I do not like my lamb well marked with red iron, but at this time it is supposed to be dead and juicy, not heartbreakingly cute :D)

  • I’ve been poring over her book in the last few weeks, too. I love her designs, especially the ones with “after market” embroidery.

  • Bright colors are especially nice to look at this time of year!

  • love kristin’s work and the lambs are just delicious, i mean adorable. makes you want to knit something for them to thank them for all the wool they give us.

  • I missed the significance of the peace cranes. Will you fill me in? They are beautiful..wonder if I remember how to make them?

  • Selleck Waterfall Sandwich??
    Just plain crazy-pants.