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  • I have one of those disappearing little girls too (sniff). Going home to hug her now…

  • Those were the days. I’m just thinking about my son picking courses for Grade 11, and he used to be little like that, too! Boo hoooo.

  • Yes, lovely and sad, too! where did my little guy go, morphed into a middle aged man….
    And can we now declare a moratorium on talking about honey cowls? please?

  • Love the double post! Makes up for the icky weather we’re having here in I-o-way.
    Darn those kids – my “baby” is almost 20 and in the National Guard now. Don’t know how that happened already – he was just in grade school!

  • Ouch

  • Sunrise, sunset! What a trip!!!!

  • Awwww. So sweet! Yoi should go cast on for a new Honey Cowl for each of them in celbration of time.
    (can you imagine the look on their faces if you knit & presented them with new OneSkein Wonder shrugs? tee hee)

  • Oy!

  • You’re not there yet, but i am still wailing over my grandson heading off to college last fall!
    By the way, while shopping today i saw a lightweight sweater at Nordstrom with oversize flowers on a cream background. Very much like the Rowan sweater. They’re baaaaack.

  • Love that the teenager is wearing not one, but 2, handknits!

  • Variation on the Honey Cowl, boot toppers. I don’t know if your girls are looking at the boot toppers, but it is a natural segue from the cowl. I am actually doing Welldigger boot toppers (based on the hat), but it is a similar rhythmic stitch pattern.

  • Those little girls do disappear quickly, don’t they? My own, along with her bestest buds, all magically reappeared during their winter breaks from college, converging on our home late at night, giggling like 8 year olds again and eating everything that would fit into their mouths. My husband and I lay in bed listening to them and smiling in joy at this quick revisit to a past we SO enjoyed!

  • I found my One Skein Wonder (well, the only one I kept) this morning while I was looking for a sweater that would be warm despite icy driving rain. I’m with Gale. It would be hilarious to knit another one and see what happens.

  • Yow. I have two girls (8.5 and 5), and I have to say, when I compared the before-and-after pictures my first thought was OhMyGod they have BREASTS. I am SO not ready for that.
    But wow, they sure turned out beautiful, didn’t they?

  • The archives, the archives . . . such a trip down memory lane . . .

  • I like your knitting dark side….the dark honey cowls are my favorite so far. Beautiful and cool. And, those little girls. They are tucked away not only in the archive and but also the interior of the bigger version of themselves they are now. Do you remember stuffed animal number who knows what, Louis? I always loved Louis. My guess is Carrie big and small still does too.

  • I am sooo lucky, cause my Little Big Girl incorporates all those stages of girlhood in one contented person – that’s the blessings of an extra chromosome, folks, you get pre-kindergarten and adolescent all rolled into one. And to think, if I hadn’t popped in for today’s 15 minutes’ worth I’d never have realised how happy I could make her with a one-skein shrug (cowls we have a-plenty). Thanks for the inspiration (again)!

  • OMG!

  • My little girls did the same thing. I tried not feeding them, to see if they would stay little…but they complained too loudly.
    Now I’m missing my littlest boy….(now 5 inches taller than me…)

  • Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
    no, no, no, no, no.
    NO. Mine will NOT do that.
    Will they?