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  • It looks really great! I had forgotten all about it. Looks to me like your jacquard AND your rayures are working just fine. (This, by the way, is color work. Not so bad, is it?) Chill OUT about the chenille. And please do not subcontract your whining about it to your pals at the yarn store!!! (Remember there are rules governing whining in this knitalong.)
    What are we doing for your KSH ruffle color, by the way? Lis is all het up for me to do it in the light blue color. She has convinced me that your Lord blue, will not do. I remain of the view that it’s your Elfin, your way. Please advise at your earliest (not that I’m getting to the ruffles anytime soon). xo Kay

  • Oooooooooooooh! La Droguerie. Hands down my favorite craft store. AND [not like I’m bragging or anything…hehe] the one here in Lyon is BIGGER than the one in Paris. But Parisians won’t admit that ’cause, well, they’re Parisians. But it is much bigger, and decorated nicer, to boot. Come on over sometime 🙂

  • Hey, I’ll go to Lyon just for the potato dishes. I went to a craft store in a mall in Versailles (Parly 2) that I can’t recall the name of, something with ‘Loisirs’ in it. What impressed me most was the vast selection of cross-stitch kits. Much stitching goes on over there in France. Ann’s La Droguerie kit came from Bon Marche in Paris. Between the yarn/droguerie section (all those silk flowers! all those buttons! all those ribbons!) and the tablecloth department(oh. my. god. the french kick ass when it comes to the manufacture of table linens!!), poor Joseph just plumb laid down on the floor. To him, Au Bon Marche translates to ‘Abandon Hope All Who Enter Here’.

  • magry knits has a website too http://www.magryknits.com

  • What lovely ,juicy,bright colours.That will be fun to wear.

  • i LOVE that. i mean i love scarfs in general i love bright colors, and i love stripes. so obviously i love that scarf!!