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  • Lovely yarn! But then I may have a screw loose when it comes to purple yarn, and my stash would attest to that.

  • Yes, I too am a tad behind with my Ravelympic training, thus I’ll be winding balls and actually searching for patterns!! Egads.
    btw Was Meredith V wearing a nightgown??? I fear she won’t last for all the Games.

  • Well, wasn’t it spectacular? I’m already worrying about how we can top that in 4 years.
    I love fireworks. If our fireworks are a quarter as good in 2012, I shall weep for days with excitement. Am wildly over-excited about it all already anyway.
    And of course, well done on the knitting…
    x x x

  • don’t feel bad about being behind. i’ve already frogged one of my hats and barely have the other on needles.
    game on! good luck!

  • Team Captain reporting for the team — 189 projects, over 100 knitters are part of the team. M-D readers, you totally rock! We are jazzed and excited, I’m casting on today!

  • I know! This whole Ravelympics thing is *crazy*. Also it does not help that I was out of town last week, am a new knitter so have little to no stash to speak of, and am leaving for college in approximately a week. I think I’m going to do some spinning, though, and knit a hat. I started madly adding Ravelympics tags to things in my queue, then woke up this morning & realized I knew exactly what I wanted to do and it was too late to change things! It was awful.

  • I’m waiting for the Paris ad telling the Russians to get out of Georgia, cuz, like, everyone knows that it’s just north of Florida. And she’s, like, totally ready to lead.

  • The fireworks art sounds like a piece I saw at the MOMA a year or two ago. It’s amazing what a simple chemical reaction can produce when done with enough thought and delicacy.

  • You know, you may not be as behind as you thought. Some people are starting at a certain time on the day of the opening ceremonies ands stopping at the same time of the day of the closing ceremonies. For instance, if you started at 7pm today, then just end at 7pm closing day. Voila! You’re even early (if you’re in my time zone).
    Lovely yarn, btw.

  • Ooh – the ONE Afghan WOMAN runner is YOUR TEAM! Against all odds, and all of that. Training by running in the family courtyard! She’s the ONE, and obviously she’s gone to all the trouble to coordinate with your knitting Team A4A. What a thoughtful athlete!!!!

  • Mmm, I’m drooling over that aged-to-perfection DK Tweed. Some Afghani youth is going to be one warm, lucky kid!

  • OK.
    I am watching the parade o’bad fashion at the Olympics and I think we need Tim Gunn to provide commentary.
    But, oh, the pageantry that proceeded!

  • The smallest team had one member–he got to carry the flag. 🙂

  • Swatch? You’re actually going to DO that? You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.
    P.S. I like the purple, too…

  • Swatch? You’re actually going to DO that? You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.
    P.S. I like the purple, too…

  • Thanks so much for that time counter. I was quite embarrassed in front of myself, to have so much trouble with other less foolproof ones. OMG, I suddenly understand the term foolproof. See, I really did need your page of time counters.
    Also loved the art. Amazing, isn’t it.
    One last thing, the ‘perfect sweater’ link didn’t work for me. I believe the kids would say it’s broken.