Let’s Knit Rodents!

By Kay Gardiner
May 4, 2017
Welcome to the Wonderful World of a Year of Techniques

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  • Best kind of rodents!

  • Holding your hands as we’ve jumped in has definitely improved the exciting:scary ratio round here too! Thank you both. xxx

  • Great post: adorable wooly rodents AND words to ponder. Speaking as a shy little solitary jumper (not the sweater kind, the chance-taking kind), I think I maybe ought to look for an occasional hand to hold! Y’all are having a heck of a lot of fun 🙂

  • As an embarrassingly longtime adventurous knitter, I was quite pleased with myself to find that I knew and have used all of the techniques in AYOT. But as you all work through them, I’ve been reminded that using any of them always makes me feel like a frickin’ genius – and I sure could use more of THAT, especially lately. Many thanks for the introduction to patterns that deploy these techniques so skillfully, like this incredible little mouse, who is a veritable masterpiece of circular COs.

  • Knitters speak of going down a rabbit hole. In this case, it’ll be a mouse hole.

  • I ordered the kit and it arrived yesterday. However, I hadn’t yet seen the pattern so I rushed in to find it. Imagine my surprise when I finally found the pic and discovered it is a MOUSE! A Mouse! A mouse… my yarn is down there languishing on the end of my couch and I’m wondering what I can do with it. Maybe I actually will do a !!!

  • I’m also pretty thrilled that this mouse’s name is Alex…the name of my firstborn who will be a proud father for the 3rd time in December, and his babe will be the recipient of said mouse!!!!!

  • Oh man, you’ve got me hooked on all the Field Guides (Stationwagon blanket in progress, Hadley to follow) and now this cute rodent shows up to distract me, eek! Must. Fight.Cuteness…although my kids tell me “you can never fight the cuteness, Mum”.

  • That is a very cute mouse! I thought I had left my toy-knitting days behind me after Gromit the dog and Wocket (a bear body and pirate rat head combined to become a mouse for Kid2). But I think those were worked from the larger end to the smaller, so no pinhole cast on. Must learn a new thing! Looking forward to casting on for Alex…after I catch up with myself. So many fun things to knit! Thanks for bringing more fun into the mix.

  • Am I the only one who reads the heading as “Let’s knit, rodents!”?

    I know I’m in the wrong, but it makes me giggle, and some days, you need that.