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  • I thought it was the Kaffe-amatic (app that makes all your photos look like over-the-top botanical needlepoint cushions)!
    Srsly though, that Hipstamatic app is going to sell me a dang iPhone. I’m hanging on by my fingernails here, resisting until Verizon gets the iPhone, but I’m not sure how many more days I can stand not having the Hipstamatic.
    Think of the dog run shots I’d get on that thing!
    Good on you for helping spin and bag all those leafy greens. What was the “staff lunch”? Tuna on iceberg?
    xoxo Kay

  • Those photographs of greens are making my mouth water. Unfortunately, I have no fresh greens here.
    I do have chocolate, though. Sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got, right?

  • I am so happy our spring season is ahead of things . I live in Wisconsin and our farmer’s market open up at the end of april, yes fresh baby spinach , scallions, and fresh mint. Green makes me happy, I have a favor to ask, do you know anyone who wants some old issues of the Cross stitch and Country craft magazine. if they want they can have them. just let me know, I hope you mind . thanks

  • I meant don’t mind. what a day

  • What? Martha’s garden is a FAKE? Well, the last shred of faith that I had in humanity just went down the tube–the “Boob Tube”, that is.
    Off to hide my head in the sand, like an ostrich…

  • I love all this stuff you’re doing, Ann. How great to help all the people who are flooded out and need the help. Good for you and all the rest of Nashville for an amazing coming-together to do this. It’s mighty impressive.

  • Can I see a picture of the wine bottles, please? I need some free-to-cheap edging material myself.

  • So happy to see my favorite knitting blog doing something with one of my favorite church camp people. Knitting and Camp combined – good people unite!

  • Fabulous Hipsta action there Ann. It’s irresistible, is it not? Love the idea of the garden and love that wine bottle border.

  • Good on all y’all for all y’all’re doin’!

  • As a Nashvillian, who has gone through the after-effects of the Flood of 2010, I have to say, every night before going to bed, exhausted as all getout, I’d check in on MDK for some light humor, and/or positive spin on the happenings of the day. All was well in the world if Ann and Kay were still crafting and commenting on life.
    Meanwhile, I have to thank Ann for helping me harvest food from my garden yesterday, for adding her good cheer to the job, and for celebrating the great work of Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

  • I was just thinking – that’s a lot of wine! Glad she had help drinking it! Also – I’m glad their are groups like Mobile Loaves and Fishes to help out those devastated by the flood.

  • you all are a blessing
    i live florida it takes quite a spell
    to recover and start all over again
    the washing away of memories is hard

  • Why wine bottles? Do they have a purpose or are they just decorative? (I’ve often thought they’d do as well as those glass bulb watering things, but we usually only use wine for cooking and buy it by the gallon 🙂