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  • Kay, Kay, Kay why must you show me things like this, and make me want to rush out and attempt them myself?

  • Kay, Kay, Kay, Kay! Huzzah for this. I’ve got my toes in, just not the whole foot. It’s good to be versatile. When you’re done making pincushions, go check out what supermaggie.com does with rowing and needles. If you don’t know her already. Which you prolly do.

  • The last time i tried this it was a mess – but I do love Cristina’s Cezanne! Wouldn’t something in a little basket look nice? We’re still beading Martha Kid’s mag alligators and crabs here – perhaps I should put this on the craft schedule for next week? I’ll be watching! Annhb

  • Goodness something I can do and do do if you get my drift. Watch out it is very addictive, absorbing and as anarchic as you wish to make it. I suspect I am a felting freak as I don’t knit something then felt it but ‘build it’ with roving soap and water plus help of bubble wrap rub and then the hooked needle comes into play for extra design detail etc.
    You can actually needle felt almost any material if you’re daft enough to try – I’m daft enough and still experimenting.
    Have fun but watch those fingers unless you’re into natural dyeing:0)

  • I’m in the throes of Exchange Anxiety myself at the moment (my first Rowanette exchange). Don’t feel quite so bad now that you’ve admitted to being a fellow sufferer.
    You’re pretty generous with knowledge yourself, by the way. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve referred to your mattress stitch page.

  • Uuuhh, the addictiveness of a ‘new hobby’… Just wait, you’ll be adding felting wool to your stash soon enough, along with several dozen needle-felting gadgets. Been there… want a look at my growing patchwork fabric stash?
    I look forward to the pictures of the finished item.

  • i was really excited to read your post but those dolls really freaked me out… i’m not sure i have the same level of enthusiasm as i did before… i’ve always wanted to try it though and that peach is so super cute…

  • Blimey, I’ve never even heard of needle felting! The internet sure is a wonderful thang. Although I’m with Susan, those dolls are scary!

  • There’s somebody making the circuit showing how to do jointed miniature teddy bears with felted roving…. But what I’m wondering about MOST is some HOLLOW bals/boxes that are felted… with a different color inside than outside….. The boxes appear to have been sliced into bottom and lid…. What sort of form could you felt ON? Especially if you weren’t going to cut it out… as for the felted globes… Suggestions anyone?

  • I’ve take a couple of classes from Sharon Costello (the ‘scarey’ doll maker). Mega fun. In September I’m taking her vessels class and I’m so freaking excited I have to remind myself to breathe..

  • Have you seen the new needle felting machines? They’re soooo cool. I bought an inexpensive brand one for my Christmas present to me last year.
    Check out the kind of stuff you can do with them: http://www.yaga.ru/e_offers.html
    I just had a thought, I wonder if I could make a felted psychedelic squares afghan…

  • Stop temping me with new projects that would make me want to buy more supplies and wool. I’m trying to stick to making cotton for the summer and only falling in love with patterns that succeed in using up my stash. But this felting looks amazing and I love the sculptural aspects of it (I got my bachelors in sculpture and am working up to being able to make knitted sculptures). Thanks for all the (evil,tempting,intriguing,inticing) links.

  • If you’re too impatient to wait for the mail, I got my needles at AC Moore (and I used my 40% off coupon from the newspaper too!). I got a set of three and a second set of three with a felting needle tool (so I could use up to 6! needles at once and felt a bigger area). Hopefully I won’t get carried away and impale anything important!

  • Kay, you are getting all of us intrigued and getting ourselves busy embracing the new craft! Help!

  • Cute as a…BUTTON! Love it. Thanks for the Brown Sheep tip. Since I don’t have little ends on hand, I guess I’ll have to stock up.

  • Be careful with the 3 prong needle—–I broke one off and had to go to ER and have it cut out. Never had problem with 1 prong.

  • wow-this is great. thanks for the links and I will add this to my “try a new craft” list, which is getting soooo long.

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