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  • LOL on the no pants issue!!! You look divine in it. You need to hold up the sleeves and border for they are the best part!! You are a howl my Nashville friend. Would you be willing to take a photo wearing the sweater and no pants?
    I saw a wonderful costume in the window of one of the NYU Fine Arts buildings for a play they are putting on. I thought of you, for it reminded me of your fondess for romance in fashion ( I am right on this one, no?). Not v. “pioneer” but v.v. “elizabethan.” I will take a picture, if you want, and pass it on to you.

    Sorry to have whacked off the only interesting part of the whole sweater. I’ll get on that.
    And yes, I like anything Elizabethan or medieval or antebellum or just old. It all goes so well with white t-shirts and khakis.

  • Prove it, sister, prove it!!! 🙂

  • Gorgeous !
    Even more gorgeous with squiggly bits in view – no,not yours ! The cuff and hem.
    Fab Birch swatch.I think she’s got it !
    Just remember that you are mistress of the yarn,even if KSH is somewhat moody !

  • Rapunzel has started!
    I’m 6 rows into the back and the chart *really* isn’t as bad as it looks – so far! – but I am going to photocopy it & enlarge it or I’ll need specs before I’ve finished it!
    Had a bit of a ‘mare trying to get the lurex colourway sorted out – it’s no problem matching the kid classic with the lurex if you like/suit pale grey, pale pink, navy (won’t show the stitch pattern), dark brown (ditto), or dark red. Dark red would have looked Ok on me but it felt too much like christmas. I don’t need christmas in august!
    So Royal KC it is with a madeira lurex in cream with a pearlised thread – sounds dreadful actually looks pretty good in the swatch so I’ll not be loosing sleep over that anymore! (just got to figure out how to do crochet to do the edgings… – if I can’t do it I’ll have to fudge a knitted picot edging on the thing!)

  • Fabu Splash! But we must see the bottom….and more things in common. Use of Kiehl’s Moisturizer. Divine, just like your Splash. And ROUND OF APPLAUSE for the Birch swatch…you go girl!

  • Ann, you two are killing me here! Love these entries 🙂
    So glad you’re doing Birch! I want to do it badly (even have the yarn for it….self-control, don’t fail me now) but I fear I won’t finish it ’cause it’s so darn big. I shall knit Birch vicariously through yours.

  • P.S. You are the cutest ever in that cardigan 🙂

  • Wonderful work, Ann — and speedy! You finished way faster than I did my Smooch, which doesn’t even have sleeves. Why won’t it go with khakis — doesn’t everything? And you sure do have the hang of Birch now, it appears. What size needles must you return to with the Haze? I’m about to do lace and not sure what to use . . .

  • Dear Ann–
    I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve gotten asking me whether that particular white shirt and khakis are still available at Gap and Banana. I keep telling people they cannot replicate the signature Ann Look anymore than I can make people think of Audrey Hepburn by wearing boat necks. But it seems the dream will not die.
    Running out now to find some Kiehls #15. (Must pass on the smooshy, splashy lipstick — my mom is forever telling me, ‘Why don’t you put on a little lipstick, for God’s sake?’– so naturally I never wear the stuff.) The Kiehls looks wonderful though. Can we get an ‘Order Kiehl’s NOW’ button installed on el blog? Ask Becky!!
    xox Kay
    P.S. Sweater is smashing, and Hubbo deserves big props for doing the long-haul trucking while you knit away on it.

  • Ann, it looks great! I will get behind the long line of folks wanting you put your hands in the air like you just don’t care so we can admore the cuffs.

  • Or admire, even. 😉

  • ooh, it looks great! you are fabby. and i am giggling to myself about the no pants. you are too, too funny!

  • Carrie–Flabby? FLABBY??? How could you tell?

  • Ann,
    It IS a lovely sweater, though I must wonder how you can bear to have it on for even ONE SECOND in the heat that has enveloped Music City, USA? I keep looking at the photo and wonder if you have air conditioning on your porch. Only those of us in the sweltering south can fully appreciate why you have no pants on.
    Trying to find a project that is small enough to hold above my sweating flesh,

  • Hi Robin! So glad you stopped by! Glad too that you can testify to the pantslessness of everybody down here in Nashville. I mean, my four year old spends half the day au naturel; why can’t the rest of us?
    Good luck with finding a cool piece of knitting. I certainly haven’t had much luck. But then, I’m such an obsessive right now that a mohair shawl seems like a decent idea. Sick.
    x0 Ann