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  • I am thrilled at the respect the jelly jar towel is getting!
    LOL’ing at my plea (in vain) for immediate laundering of musty Vera items. I crack me up!
    Perhaps it’s time to line something with my own London tea towel, but I was thinking more toward quilt.
    xoxox Kay

  • I looked at this and thought ‘that’s that tea towel we bought for Ann’, and lo! it was. It looks fabulous in that bag! What a brilliant use. Glad it’s proving useful. x x x

  • Yes, I’m not surprised that woodworking draws as much finicky discussion as knitting. (Have you ever seen Fine Woodworking magazine? “For fellow enthusiasts”, it’s published by the Taunton Press which also brings us Threads magazine.)
    That London towel and your gray-and-white striped bag are a match made in handwork heaven.

  • My back stitching looks way worse than that stone cold sober. Thanks for sharing now I don’t think I’ll knit a bag out of my Hemp for Knitting. Tank top for wee daughter instead.On the topic of paste wax I recommend Britwax or Brit wax. Does the trick no headache inducing chemicals.

  • Gotta love you. Tomato Pie, tea towels and paste wax! I have my Grandmother’s tea towels and wondered what to do with them. And paste wax is getting really hard to find. Off to work on a tomato pie without the cheese. And yes, I’m Southern.

  • Your bag is lovely. It’s wonderfully understated.

  • I have a bag which has been sitting in the corner all summer. I was going to line it with bits from an old shirt of my hub’s — complete with pocket — but I also have a Rosetta Stone teatowel that would be grand. Of course, it’s August and I haven’t done anything, but I might yet get to it.

    • Iā€™d just like to say that nine years later that bag is still unlined.

  • LOVE your stripey bag Ann! Love the lining! It has me thinking of my box of linen and hemp leftovers!!!!!!!

  • I made the Medano bag earlier this summer. . . and have been contemplating an appropriate lining. Hmmm. I don’t have a London tea towel. . . but I do have similar alternatives. I’m heading to my own Magic Closet now. . .

  • You have definitely convinced me. I’ve been hoarding Bright Star in my Netflix instant queue for some time. This weekend, it will be knitting and Keats. I have been to the Keats-Shelley House in Rome, and I still remember thinking that the room in which someone so great breathed his last breaths is so tiny! I had the same feeling about the room in which Abraham Lincoln died.

  • A perfect bag-and-lining creation! Lovely.
    I don’t know from wax, but I am a strong advocate for the use of Watco Danish Oil finish. Love, love, love.
    Tea towels!!! Many of my old favorites are now threadbare (or even worn into holes – shocking!) but that is a comment on my age, not their lack of strength. Or character šŸ™‚

  • Nemmind about all the tech talk. I’m still stagamazed that you weren’t born until 1963!!! dangit, that’s the year we hitched up the prim British wagon and emigrated across the Atlantic, thar she blows, to mix my metaphors a bit. And never went back, heh.
    Good thing, too, or I’d never have found Mason Dixon….

  • I love your striped bag. I recently finished the Net Duffel Bag by Vivian Hoxbro (70 or so little mitered squares)and have decided to line it because it is so stretchy. I’ve bought the lining material and it just sits there. I’ve never lined a bag before and am intimidated.
    I had never heard of Bright Star. I followed the link and watched the trailer. It looks great. I put it on hold at my library and look forward to watching it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • After seeing your original post of your bag, I immediately starting knitting mine. I finished it a week ago and started using it just like you. I love it and when I have a moment I will line it with a red canvas with white polka dots. I knit my bag with Rowan Demin Nashville and ecru. What a great bag. I love the way your final bag has turned out.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and projects with the worls

  • The bag looks fantastic! Very cute.
    I also like your couch.

  • Love the bag, and the Vera (mom had a couple of those). And t-h-a-n-k-s for the tomato pie recipe link. I read the list of ingredients aloud to my husband who stopped me and said he’ll be picking up supplies to make it at the farmers market.

  • Love the bag AND the lining. Love the vintage Vera. Love the summery shot of sandals, chair, and striped bag, too.
    Say, do you remember what your Myers-Briggs profile is? MB has fascinated me for years, though maybe you’d expect that from an ENTP. šŸ™‚ If you don’t remember, you can always say (as a friend of mine used to), “I’m an E-I-E-I-O!”

  • Love the idea of a tea towel lining. If I make a bag I nearly always line it. Will have to seek out tea towels now.

  • G-R-E-A-T Bag! I like the tea towel lining idea; it’s all the better because there is some meaning behind it, considering the giver of the towel. And the colors match perfectly! Don’t worry about ur backstitchin, mine’s a whole lot worse, I gaurantee.
    Re: Martha Hall: Wasn’t there a catalog with knitting kits called “Martha Hall”, somewhere back in the ’80’s?
    Thanks for sharing it all.

  • This makes me want to buy teatowels of this year for the new babies in our family. I am also of ’63 vintage and have only one ratty-loved small quilt.
    Now I wish I had bought those gift tea towels I walked away from today.

  • Bright Star went on to my Netflix Queue — and after reading the comments, I might have to check out the tomato pie recipe. Love the bag — the tea-towel lining is perfect! I have some vintage linens stashed away somewhere that I imagined as a little dress for my daughter who is now 17 and long beyond little dresses. Maybe they want to line something?

  • Thanks for the paste wax link! šŸ™‚

  • The bag’s lovely! I really have to get around to lining some of my stuff too…

  • That is one cute striped bag and I love that you lined it with a tea towel! I have a knitted bag that needs lined. Lazy me has just stuffed muslin in it to keep the needles from poking through until I actually stitch it in. You may have inspired me to finish the darn thing!

  • I promise. I PROMISE. I will put up the photos I took of the Bright Star costumes I saw at Keats’ House last year. With my phone. Knitted red cardigan. So lovely.

  • What a great bag! And fabulous idea for a lining! I have 3 old tea towels I cross-stitched when I was in Brownies, for cryin’ out loud, 60+ years ago. They were a Mother’s Day gift… started out with 7, (one for each day of the week) and now only left with three….. And I just happen to have a knit tote bag that needs lining….
    Thank you for a great post!

  • The bag looks great with the tea towel (and no other soul will notice the backstitching). I’ve just started my first hemmed sweater and am scared to death of the sewing part, but will muscle through.
    As for MBTI, now you can join your fellow “types” on ravelry, for most at least!

  • LOVE your bag. Started mine right after you started your – it’s still an UFO – but it’s getting there. Now I know to line it for sure – thanks for that tip. And I must go find me a tea towel or tow.
    Always love your blog!!

  • That was supposed to read “tea towel or TWO”.

  • Gosh, hemp bags, tea towel linings (with backstitch closeups!), tomato pie and paste wax all in one post. My cup runneth over.

  • we will need to see a copy of your birth
    records you are not even old enough to
    watch fox news
    sweet tea is just fine the whole post is
    foose is a great name
    my i cross stiched towels and pillow cases
    my mom had lovely ones from her birth place in
    indiana i could never come even come close
    to the fine stiches

  • Must look up that cook book. Thanks for telling me about it! LOVE your bag, and the lining matches it wonderfully! Now I must ask….WHAT is a tea towel?

  • Thank you! This was driving me nuts!I was trying to remember the name of the movie with the 19th century fashionista sewer and the writer. Nabbed this from the library a few weeks ago and suddenly wanted to purchase fine muslin to do some backstitching. Bright Star. Now I can move on to the tv series with Vic Morrow–army–WWII—Germany….ugh! I’ll google it.