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  • Sooooo sad here. Next year, we will not use the phrase “Cinderella story” in front of the seven-year-old.

  • so sad here, too. wanted those wildcats to win. there’s always next year.

  • It would have been OK to lose to your team, they are fantastic this year. He shouldn’t have passed that last ball.
    I gotta do it, I know you understand:
    Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
    I’ll buy you a beer at Rhinebeck 🙂

  • What a great game. Sooooo close! (I’m a Mizzou fan, so you KNOW who I was rooting for!)

  • “Dad, Mom’s making funny noises” (worried children watching me watch the game). What a heartbreaker – but such a great team. Go ‘Cats!

  • oh, I was hollerin’ so hard you would have thought I went to Davidson, too! But the good news is that they’re such a young team! Here’s looking forward to 2009!

  • I was so sad when they lost. I was thinking of you, and trying to explain to explain to my husband how someone I knew went to Davidson while I have not actually met or spoken to the person. He does not get this reading blogs thing.
    Sorry for your loss.

  • Dude. What a heartbreaker!

  • Sorry – better URL.

  • Boo hoo! We were hoping Davidson would win…They should be proud, anyway.

  • Sorry. We, in WI, were hoping that they would go all the way. They are a great team!

  • Ann, I had to force myself not to skip straight to the end of your post. It was like listening to the last 5 minutes of a game on the radio. My heart was POUNDing I swear.
    So. Close.
    Next year.

  • Reporting live from campus: the forecast is rain and sadness, but still pride for our Wildcats! We came so far this year and everyone is glad to see the team do as well as they did. The boys were kicking tail out there and they definitely fought for the game. Just like last Friday’s game, the student Union was packed with fans to cheer and sing “Sweet Caroline.”
    Here’s to a fantastic season this year, and anticipation for an awesome show in 2008-2009!

  • I’m very sorry that Davidson lost. At least they made Kansas work for it. They played very well; they didn’t just roll over.
    My team, UCLA, made it to the Final Four for the third consecutive year, for the first time since Coach Wooden retired. They’ll now face North Caroline on Saturday. I think they’re going to lose, to tell the truth. I hope they don’t, of course.

  • so so so close! I really thought they were going to do it. That kid, Curry, he’s got one sweet jump shot. They’ll be back next year – no doubt about it!

  • I’m so sorry for your loss!
    After my Wisconsin Badgers took a beating by your Davidson, I decided that the red and white socks I was knitting (Wisconsin colors) would work very well with the Davidson color scheme, too, so I changed my allegiance.
    The game today was such a heart breaker… (I don’t think there are any other teams left in the tournament having red and white colors, either…but, as they say, I can always wear my red and white socks **next** year…)

  • Sobbing into my Kashi cereal. It’s a sad day in the Evans house.

  • My future-hubby is a big KU fan but I have developed a little crush on Curry over the last week or so – how could you not with the media coverage? Here’s to exciting games & watching some amazing shots go in (and his mom cry!) the next 2 years!

  • I was watching the game and thinking about you. It certainly was a nail biter. One of the closest college match ups I’ve ever seen. Your boys can be proud of the game they played!

  • Ahhh….so sorry for your loss. Curry was on fire. And it was a most excellent game.
    But my Jayhawks WON!
    Rock Chalk Go KU!

  • So sad…. but they almost did it! Doesn’t help that I hate Kansas… I really wanted to see them beat, and to see Davidson do it would have been that much sweeter.

  • Greatest of sympathy and loads of hugs. from a Bruinmom….was hoping Davidson would have made it. Daughter and I were veggin’ on the sofa all weekend glued to the Madness.
    happy knitting, when you can breathe again..
    cathy (Bruinmom99)

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I always need a lie-down after games like that.

  • Very hard to explain to my DH why I was cheering for Davidson, even though we ARE from NC, cheering for them because a knitter somewhere is an alum and wrote about them! He joined me, though, and we both willed Steph Curry to shoot that 3 pointer with 5 – 6 seconds to go. Unfortunately, we just could not make it happen from here in Emerald Isle, NC. Great team, heart-warming story, (how about those trustees? huh?) and super family (the Currys) – so sad that it just didn’t happen this year. I am a new Davidson fan.

  • It was so sad! But now hopefully our Tarheels will avenge Davidson by whupping up on Coach Williams’ former team, the Jayhawks. Must also pass along a thank you note to West Va for eliminating Duke. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Go Carolina!

  • I watched with a bunch of other alums. We were about to wet out collective pants at that last shot. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! U feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy snatches the ball away at the last minute.
    And I kept calling Sasha Kaun “Chaka Kahn” the whole game. I knew who I was talking about, but it’s just too close.
    Now I’m actively rooting against Kansas

  • When I walked into my parents house a couple of weekends ago, basketball was on. My response when told who was playing was “Davidson? OUR NC DAVIDSON?”. LOL. I had so hoped that Sidney Lowe would bring back some of the Dream Team magic to the Wolfpack… But since that’s not the case so far, I’ve pulled for Duke and other NC ACC teams (even UNC). Now, I’ll pay more attention to Davidson…what a team!!! Great game yesterday!!

  • They fought the good fight. what a heartbreaker. But if they had won then next one would have been a killer. Ann, my hub’s grandad was the college physician at Davidson back in the 40’s & 50’s so we always follow them in b-ball. He remembers lots of happy times on the farm they lived in right in town there. He took me there once and we drove by it. Nice town, nice college. I really enjoy our bolg. (Kay & Ann!)

  • Okay, here’s what we ladies need now – a sports writer with a woman’s perspective. Ann, I don’t even like basketball, but you made me care about Davidson and it was so sad to see the score scrolled across the bottom of the screen as I was watching college hockey. (Boston College won in overtime and now I can breathe again! They are going to the Frozen Four!) Ann, please tell us more! I would love to read a blog about sports if you wrote it. C’mon ladies, who is with me on this one?

  • It just isn’t fair!she says poutingly. Frist Winthrop, then Davidson — and now a little whine; Just one year those big boys could let a little guy win. . .what would it hurt?? Guess we are only left to cheering on UNC for some Carolina pride.

  • So close! I really thought there would be a miracle and the shot would go in.

  • Ich bin ein Wildcat.

  • Davidson played very impressive ball during the entire season. They have a right to be very proud of their accomplishments. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them in tournament.

  • Totally bumming that Davidson lost lastnight. I really, really thought there might be a 3-pointer at the buzzer, but it was not to be.
    They made March Madness such fun! Now, it’s just the number one seeds playing and that’s kind of boring.

  • So very sorry that the best team – Davidson of course for their spirit and heart – didn’t win. There’s just no joy in Mudville today.
    I’ll just go sulk into my yarn now.

  • My condolences. I didn’t get to watch, but heard it was very close. I always root for the underdog (even against a Big 10 team, except Purdue!).

  • A helluva game – your guys gave us all we could handle.
    Rock Chalk Jayhawk, GO KU!!!!!

  • It’s not much consolation after the wonderful, magical ride, but remember Stephen is just a sophmore. We’ll miss the dynamic duo of him and Jason Richards, but there’s still hope for next year.

    Great going for Davidson, though. What a wonderful season for them!

  • so sorry. As Cornell never makes it, was rooting for you

  • Curry said he will be back next year so maybe next year! I was routing for them too!

  • I was so engrossed in the game that I knit a row that I should have purled. I decided to leave it in as a memento of Davidson’s trip to the Elite Eight.