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  • As someone who can’t blog due to work. I’m excited to check in with you guys today! Thanks so much!

  • Right there with you just as soon as I get dressed. It won’t do to watch such an important event in my bathrobe.

  • I’m jealous, since we have NO TV AT WORK!!!!
    Thanks for keeping us updated.
    Hope to sneak out somewhere for the speech at least.

  • I do believe I must abandon my sweats for something red, white, and blue and CELEBRATORY!

  • What a lot of black cars, eh? I’m just watching Michelle and Laura getting in one. Those guys on the porch are going to be saluting all day long!
    Ah! Cheers and screams as the big guys come out and get in their big black car! The game’s afoot.

  • On November 5th, I went to work and requested vacation for today. So here I am, at home, knitting away and watching with so much excitement. Being in Nebraska I’m not exactly surrounded by Obama supporters, but watching the festivities on TV, I feel engulfed by them.

  • So jealous.
    So amused.
    So excited for Change.
    Knit a few rows for me…

  • have PBS (oh so grainy) on in my classroom and they just mentioned that the Senior Bushes are wearing matching purple scarves. Hope they are handknit.
    And Hillary’s coat is the same color as she wore at her husband’s Inauguration.
    Such info from PBS!!

  • LOVING the live blogging – I’m at work here in Dublin, Ireland, and pegging it from work at 5pm to try and get home in time for the speech. Have fun!

  • LOVING the live blogging – I’m at work here in Dublin, Ireland, and pegging it from work at 5pm to try and get home in time for the speech. Have fun!

  • Charlie Gibson. Charlie. We love him.

  • I want to blog live with you. I think you two should apply to be the official Michelle Obama biographer. Oh, it would be a wonderful book. Really, you should. You’d get the name of her dress designer right AND note that she had no handknits on her person at all.

  • Barking, the pair of you, but in a good way! I’m going downstairs to put the tv on. Oh yes, we get it live too…. x x x

  • The pianist has fingerless mitts on!

  • For some of us it is a day of deep, deep mourning.

  • I have never mourned on Inauguration Day, regardless of who was being sworn in. I don’t understand that, frankly. This is the best of our democracy, every time it happens. The office transcends the individual.

  • Dear Ann and Kay – After the last political firestorm on your blog, I have to commend your bravery take on politics again.
    Georgia – I get what you are saying, but I took comfort in what Kay says. Try it. You’ll feel better.

  • Fiber analogy #2: “These things are old. These things are true”

  • Fiber analogy #2: “These things are old. These things are true”

  • God bless Barack Obama and God bless the United States of America.

  • God bless Barack Obama and God bless the United States of America.

  • Theresa–This is a day for everybody to celebrate–this is about governance, not politics!

  • That tea cozy is out of sight! I just started drinking tea again too… So where do I find the pattern? πŸ™‚

  • It was thrilling, wasn’t it? I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his mind as he was walking through the building (11:48)… he inspires such confidence and trust. My husband has been bitching about this for months and I just tell him to shut up. If you don’t vote (which he doesn’t, what a travesty) you don’t get to complain. I’m beyond excited and hopeful to see where Obama will lead us!

  • We ditched work in favor of a coffee shop that had the inauguration on. What an exciting day. What history! What great green gloves Michelle had to go with that gorgeous gold dress.
    Truly, a moment of transitition for this country – change is coming for sure. My opinion – great change.:)

  • Ladies, you rock! The live blogging is awesome!

  • Thanks for a wonderful morning! I enjoyed your blogging. I think the patchwork quilt line is the best!

  • Thanks for live blogging! I did watch the inauguration and knit at the same time – a Log Cabin Sock.

  • I was prevented from knitting through the inauguration here in Northern Ireland by the determination of three cats to watch it too. Congratulations America!
    PS: Aretha Franklin’s hat was fantastic.

  • I didn’t know you were live blogging, or you would have been on the sofa with me!
    Yo-Yo Ma needs his own fingerless mitts, but he looked like he was having the time of his life. I did note that the pianist had mitts, but they were very plain…We could help her!

  • I loved everything!…the piece by Jon Williams, the green leather gloves, Aretha’s hat and the benediction…AMEN!
    Wish I’d known you were live blogging, but I was knitting a sleeve so it’s just as well.

  • Thanks, ladies! Regardless of political party, it’s good to see that America can really put on a show! Aretha looked fabulous and the performance by Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, et al, was moving (the pianist could have used fancier fingerless gloves).

  • Well, it’s been fun. I had a hard time keeping one eye on the TV and the other on you so now I’m dizzy and my eyes are crossed. I’ll get over it. What an awesome, lovely, wonderful day. Can’t seem to stop the tears.

  • The only time I covet you who live in “Cold Weather States” – the dress/matching coat look. It is so classy.
    …but then again, sad to say if I wore such an outfit I would be praying the prayer of menopause: Please Lord, no hot flash right now.

  • It was an amazing day! One for the ages!

  • best inaugural blog so far, hands down.

  • What a great day for America and for the world.
    Your (individual and joint) cleverosity never ceases to amaze me

  • were we all not beautiful today
    the people of the united states
    are giveing someone else a chance
    to govern us and it is our country
    our money our lives
    we need to be selfish for now
    and take care of our selves
    and we can always vote them out
    and do you call your cozy
    the tea pot dome ?

  • I wasn’t working today so I watched the inauguration live on the BBC in the UK – very impressive and moving. Thought President Obama’s speech told it like it is but still managed to inspire hope – very clever.
    Other thoughts: would have watched it along with you had I realised;
    thought of fibre folks everywhere (but especially MDK!) when he mentioned “…patchwork heritage…”;
    it was great to see the children there;
    loved the joy on Yo Yo Ma’s face;
    loved, loved, loved the moving and charming benediction;
    saw a great handknit (I think) scarf/shawl among the crowd – green and ribbed with an elegant frill down one side, may have to knit that now…
    Final thoughts – it was moving, inspiring and had fibre content. Seems like a great start to me!

  • oh wow, that all makes much more sense if you start at the bottom!

  • You guys made a great day even better. Thanks for your live-blog! And please, please share the pattern for the tea cozy. It’s just what I need to be knitting!

  • You guys made a great day even better. Thanks for your live-blog! And please, please share the pattern for the tea cozy. It’s just what I need to be knitting!

  • You guys made a great day even better. Thanks for your live-blog! And please, please share the pattern for the tea cozy. It’s just what I need to be knitting!

  • Am I the only one to notice that Michelle’s mother was wearing a knit hat and scarf? Very practical!

  • Your tea cozy sure got my vote!!
    Wish i knew what yarn you used…I’m so green with ballband envy!!!!
    Must make one asap!!!!

  • I’m a New Zealander but am so thrilled about Obama being the new President, good on you America!

  • Great blog! Since we have no TV at work, I spent my lunch hour watching the inauguration in nearby hall that was filled with a couple hundred people of all ages, colors, and social classes – a lucky accident that lowered my already minimal ‘ferklemptitude threshold.’ Luckily, was knitting a scarf, so had something for surreptitious eye blotting as needed.
    I never thought I would live to see the day my fellow country-people would elect a black man to be our president. I am so proud I could bust.

  • I wish I had thought to take today off for the inauguration. I did listen to the speeches and poetry, but it was hard to focus on that with all the work I was doing!

  • What an incredible day ! Very, very moving, especially to see such crowds.
    great blogging too !
    fab !

  • Love the live blogging … even if it took me hours to get to it!

  • Loved it — relived it through you. I was watching and knitting “Coronet” — Knitty hat — no, not channeling a coronation, though I suppose that could be inferred! But it is to go with my ‘transition’ Moebius scarf, and I like the imagery of the braid weaving separate elements together. So apropos.

  • Thanks so much for the post and the link!! I am loving your blog. The knitting is absolutely fantastic…I tried to knit a measly little scarf once and messed up about 2348753 times :). Obviously I am extremely impressed and in awe.
    Yay Obama!

  • Ooooo a Beehouse Tea Cup just like mine! And in the same Banana color too. Is there a beehouse teapot lurking under that mighty handsome ballband cozy? Hmmmm I may just have to knit up a tea cozy of my own, yours looks so yummy!

  • A super fun read/coverag! You guys should do more, the Oscars red carpet/actual ceremony is coming up.

  • Despite the cold cold day I saw a lot of ugly hats on people. Where were all the hand knits?

  • Despite the cold cold day I saw a lot of ugly hats on people. Where were all the hand knits?

  • I certainly do not mourn, although I found all the worshipping a bit nauseating. I did not vote for him but am supporting him 100% because as his years go, so goes my ability to buy yarn. He is my president, whether I agree with him or not. I certainly respect that 1/2 of the country voted for him, so he has something going on. Yes, he is a very personable, intelligent man taking on a very, very hard job. That’s it. He is not God and he is not some kind of royal prince, appointed to save us all. That gig has already been taken. I found it all a little icky. Bleck!

  • Love you two. And this post. And all the pretty green knitting..

  • I watched it at a local movie theater and worked on a striped garter stitch scarf (woo), and I very nearly cried while he was taking his oath. By no means do I agree with President Obama on everything, nor do I believe President Bush is evil (imprudent, but not evil), but by golly, this was a good day for America. πŸ˜€
    Great live-blog. Y’all should do this more often.

  • That was SO fun. Fun to relive the moments and see what someone else was doing during the inauguration. We were having breakfast here on the West Coast, and we were all ladies “of a certain age,” whose ferklemptitude thresholds were very, very low. Sniff.

  • That was SO fun! Nice to see what others were doing during the historic event. I was having breakfast with other “ladies of a certain age”, all of whose ferklemptitude thresholds were embarassingly low. By the way, has anybody discussed Pete Seeger’s wonderful handknit hat at the We are One concert on Sunday? Now that was really cute!

  • This is so fun to read! I, too, enjoyed seeing all the fashion statements in hats and scarves. And I will never again sit and make a hand drawn sign at the kitchen table without thinking of this day and the poem. Oh there is just so much to comment on. I have the entire day tivod and think I will have to watch it again tomorrow to soak it all in. What a beautiful day!

  • I turned on the radio before I was fully awake this morning, and there’s been a big smile on my face pretty much non-stop all day. No tv, so I missed the fashion show, but between BBC on the laptop, NPR on the radio, and memories of trips to DC to tie in with the on-the-scene reporting…it was enough! what a great day!
    Got teary-eyed at the first notes of Ruffles and Flourishes, Aretha, and of course, several points of the speech. That all-hands-to-the-task stuff always speaks to me.
    Isn’t it lovely how people in other countries are congratulating us and wishing us well? I just want to hug EVERYBODY!

  • I was there – it was a wonderful crowd – and I saw 2 Noro scarves and a Clapotis as we jockeyed for position in front of a Jumbotron!

  • High level of ferklemptitude indeed!!!
    Excellent coverage. Can we give Wolf Blitzer the heave ho and get you two miked, please?

  • I had tears in my eyes too.
    Emily – there’s a LONG thread about Pete Seeger’s hat on Ravelry.
    Kay and Ann
    LOVE the LIVEBLOG – wish I’d seen it during the actual events.

  • I stole moments here and there online at work (not supposed to but couldn’t help it, didn’t crash any systems). Very exciting! Even got to see a local HS band from Fergus Falls MN about an hour from here perform! Yay!
    But, my biggest request is…I have to have a teapot cozy pattern so I can make one just like you gals did to comemmorate the day! Pardon me, I know you didn’t knit it for me…can you share? Have you and I am teh dumb and dunno dat?
    Thanks for the play-by-play!

  • Dear Jo Ann: Please but out and go to another party!

  • That hat was a 10. We should have knit her some gloves, though. I should have been all over that.

  • I didn’t get to watch it (bedtime here in Bangkok) but loved your blogging – and thanks for the note at the top, it sure helped to scroll down and read up!
    America’s peaceful transition of power is wonderful – whether or not you like who is in and who is out – wish Thailand could be similarly peaceful.
    Now … all the comments and stuff on clothes, thanks a lot – loved Aretha’s hat too – but on knitlist they mentioned a scarf carried by Roslyn Carter – and you never mentioned it (I sure would have liked a picture …. ) Did you see it? Can you describe it? Sounded fascinating!
    Riki in Bangkok, deprived of all the fun and games

  • we gathered our whole school together today to watch the inauguration. they all have social or educational issues, they have varied political backgrounds and stood on both sides of the election, but they all watched, the whole time, amazed at our country. what a thing.

  • we gathered our whole school together to watch the inauguration today. every kid there has issues with attention and proper behavior, and both sides of the election were represented. but they all watched all the way through, amazed at our country. what a gift.

  • and i always wondered how all those people kept posting twice, and now i know…

  • Thanks, guys, for the simul-blog. I didn’t read it until after 11 here in the Midwest as I worked late. When I got to work at the library today, the Inauguration was being televised in the staff lounge, on all the computer stations, on a radio, and on a big tv in the reception area. Actually, the big tv was on all day until closing. I appreciate your takes on the events.
    Liz E.

  • I wanna know what Michelle gave Laura. Maybe a handknit crying towel?
    Love the rapid teacozy!
    I think the Sr. Bushes were described on The Daily Show as looking like Mega Vikings Vans!

  • I hope Michelle gave Laura some chocolates, now that she, no longer in the public eye, can really savor and enjoy them! (That’s why I’m glad that I’m not in the public eye…)

  • thanks for the commentary ..hope is a wonderful thing.

  • Well heck, if you’d mentioned ahead of time that you were live-blogging, I would have totally been here! But I was among the 1800 on Ravelry – we were whooping it up over there. Alas, no tea cosies. That is a sacred moment, indeed. Hey, that even sounds like a new-agey name for a tea – the kind where they tell you what state of mind to be in while you drink it?
    Oh, sorry, I’m a little wiggy – kind of SUPER EXCITED about the new PRESIDENT!!!!!
    Thanks for the shared celebration-cum-fashion commentary.
    Smiling from here to next week πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • checking in a day late πŸ˜‰
    listened to coverage yesterday by both CBC and FranceInter (radio only)
    it is inspiring and heartening to hear a whole day of reflection, celebration, analysis and looking to the future
    partisan politics aside:: the world’s media also agrees that this is an amazing event.

  • Tupperware? I love tupperware.
    Love for my fellow Hoosier – Dan Quayle!

  • Dear Sharon,
    Now, see, I was all polite and supportive – I just have a different opinion about ONE THING and you get all mean. Isn’t this a democracy? I love this blog, love the humor, adore the authors, nope, I’m hanging here!! Great knitting day today, since it is a snow day. BTW, the commentators said that Michelle’s gift was a lovely journal and pen for Laura’s new home and life – very classy gift.

  • Darn it anyway! I watched and recorded the inaugural all by myself. If only I had checked your blog 28 hours earlier I would not have been watching and knitting all by myself! I was so tired of watching TV I couldn’t even watch American Idol last night.
    Fab job on blog…….Love it!

  • I loved Pete Seeger’s hat, and I love the tea-cozy, and how thoughtful of Michelle Obama, and I’m sure it is her midwestern upbringing. How I wish I had known you guys were here, but how nice to read it the day after anyway. Thanks!

  • That BeeHouse pot is “artichoke”, I am betting– I have an unholy urge to knit that cozy, but lack the skills to dream up a pattern….PLEASE share it! I already have the perfect yarn awaiting, something to hide the the tea drips….

  • Kay, the green gloves and green SHOES were on purpose!!! Brown suede would have been lovely.

  • Aretha Franklin’s hat was BIG news here in Detroit this morning – it was made by Mr. Song Millinery. His website shows off LOTS of goodies…

  • Excuse me, I’ve never been here before and I thought the tea cozy was some sort of weird hat. I’m such a dork! Actually I picked up your latest book Knitting Outside the Lines from the local libray and I’m really enjoying it. I think I’ve got my Flower Girl’s outfit cinched for the May wedding event. Thanks!!! ~Christine.

  • Hi Y’all! Thanks for live blogging the inauguration! I watched at a friend’s house, so wasn’t on the computer (really? that many people on ravelry during the Event?), but really enjoyed re-living it through the blog. What a momentous day! I’ve been feeling somehow more grounded ever since. Like maybe I can trust the very Earth now that I know Obama is in the White House. Amazing.

  • The matching coat/dress combo used to be very popular in the 1950s? 1960s? Anyway, it looks great and I nominate you two to bring it to the masses… in handknits.
    Anyone from Detroit area should not have been surprised by Aretha’s hat. The classy Detroit ladies know from great hats!
    And my tummy did a little happy lurch at the idea that Mrs O knits – wouldn’t that be cool!

  • Thanks for the link to the Wikipedia page on the Ketubah. Although I already knew what the definition was, I clicked on it anyway and found through other links that I was woefully uneducated on the difference between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews. You’ve advanced my knowledge of Judaism today.

  • Is that a Fan and Feather pattern for the Inaugural scarf? And what fiber? thanks for the live blogging on the day… I was with you, CNN, MSNBC, and multitasking with ever stitch of course.