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  • Have you considered selling the Fussy Cuts pattern in the store? I would love to buy it there!

  • I’ve been knitting on a ten stitch blanket too!! And you’re not kidding about the rows are being soooo long!!

  • I’m hoping to see some log cabin socks. Oh my gosh, why did I say that? Now I’m picturing ways to MAKE log cabin socks.

    • I’ve been thinking about log cabin socks too. And log cabin double knitting. And… is it a sickness?

  • I love all these blankets. I’m working on just a very basic log cabin…will post pics soon!

  • “Rows too long to bear”. This seems similar to “I’m SO tired of knitting in a circle, let’s get on with the heel”, and thus the reason my socks always tend to be a little short. I LOVE this blanket with the long rows. Perhaps if it hangs about your favourite sitting chair, you can do a bit at a time.

  • I too am doing a basic log cabin in squares to use up The Stash and keep it simple. I really like doing this, thank you for getting us involved.
    What I REALLY love, however, is your capitalizing the letters of items that should, indeed, have their own category (e.g. Too Much and Rows Too Long To Bear). It gives them the gravity and all-around Reason To Sensibly Set Aside At This Time rationalization they Have Earned. 😉

  • I love the use of Noro Silk Garden in the Fussy Cats pattern. I have a bunch of skeins in my stash and need to try this. I need to think about how to do the framework, mitered.

    • Basically: pick up stitches on all four sides, placing markers at the 4 corners, then increasing on both sides of each marker on alternate rows.

      The typo “fussy cats” makes me think we need a cat-themed version of this blanket! Why didn’t we think of that?!

      • In fact I bought a booklet at VKL that has such an afghan, or catghan if you will. Photo to come! And I am totally pulling out the Circa 2012 Mitered crosses and finishing that log cabin border we discussed in Alice’s booth!

  • Maybe you could sew the Large Cotton Textile to the Big Floral Damask Thing. However, you’d have to catch the Big Floral Damask Thing first…

  • I’m reading this while sitting under a mitered crosses blanket. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed my time with log cabin blankets and will probably make the starry eyed julep in a bit…after I finish my son’s station wagon blanket.

  • I’m thinking the Large Cotton Textile might benefit from a Knitting Bee. Get a group together and everyone puts a few rows in. I still love the colors in it!

  • I love them all Kay. Thanks for introducing me to them. The Fussy Cuts will take a little time but all the blankets are worth it.

  • Thanks for the kind comments on my big red blanket, Kay!

  • I’m eyeing my Fussy Cuts which has been marinating for a couple years after I finished the squares. Maybe this is its year!

  • I bought the digital Craft Activism years ago and take it out every so often to gaze at the Fussy Cuts photos. One day . . . We love our Mitered Crosses Blanket, which was my travel knitting for about two years. Wonderful.

    • So glad to hear it, Susan. Fussy Cuts is such a similar method of working. Whenever I’m in a shop with a good Noro Silk Garden selection, I’m tempted to do a Fussy Cuts of my own.

  • I’d love to see a better picture of he long lost and abandoned log cabin blanket. It looks lovely to me.

    • I just might finish it, Sheila! (Or pronounce it done, which is almost the same thing.) And then I will take pics.

  • Did you forget your Moderne Log Cabin blanket from “Mason-Dixon Knitting”? That book is still one of my top 3 favorite knitting books. It is a delight every time I pick it up.