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  • Fabulous! And that is one seriously odd neckline. Sort of like a poncho with sleeves.

  • Will be great to see how that neck looks in the end.

  • All your knitting is gorgeousness. Hope all is well with Kay-haven’t seen her post in a while.

  • a very toasty sweater! amazing – that neck shaping
    i’m totally intrigued by the fungi and nematodes – did you tell him about the lasso-like fungi with the inflatable cells that strangle the poor nematodes or the ones with the toxic drops that paralyze them?

  • You are a vision in hand-knits. Just lovely.

  • Wait till grade 10 – my son dissected a sheep’s heart!
    You gotta show us the sweater neck in action without the cowl, you know!

  • All these wonderous handknits! All completed! All in time for the perfect handknit weather – so tired of a coat already, but still, you need something. Puts me to shame.

  • Love love love the London Cowling double-length. Can’t wait till I finish mine.

  • Looking good there! I’ve been wondering how the neckline on Laurel would work. Odd, but functional, you say – hmmm. That’s about what I was thinking. Tell us more? Please?

  • Lovely-Lovely-Lovely! The cowl in the first photo looks like bisque and the ‘Laura’ is classic cozy.
    Re: the tweet about your “alpacastravaganza” …
    my brain read that someone was castrating alpacas.
    I’m so thankful that the results are much cuddlier.

  • Beautiful projects. Now what project from the way back machine are you going to finish next?

  • So odd that Kitchener wasn’t the best finish to something!

  • Why not knit the lovely cowl in the round? save the seam altogether?

  • I love that neckline! I always conflicted about vneck ribbing or whatever when the sweater itself doesnt feature ribbing in general. Your sweater is beautiful!!

  • You have a better neck than I if you can wrap a cowl around it twice and still have some neck showing above the cowl!

  • I think the most important thing about a neckline is that your head fits through it, so — yay! And London Cowling – I may need to knit one yet…

  • Really great knits !

  • Two handknits in the same picture! And both look awesome. I especially love the color and cables of the sweater. Is the neckline comfortable? Do you like it? Enquirin’ minds wanna know!
    I love the drape of alpaca. I am imagining just how cozy your knit pieces are…very!

  • Though the Laurel sweater is clearly labeled as a “female” pattern in Ravelry, that shallow v-neck reminds me of the shallow “v” of men’s t-shirts and sweaters. It’s one I happen to like, but I find it can be tricky to layer, since it’s sort of a hybrid between a true v-neck and a crew neck.

  • Your “London Cowling” is gorgeous! I may have to knit one for myself!
    The sweater is also beautiful, but I agree that the neck opening is a bit odd. I’m not accustomed to pullovers that don’t have a rolled collar or a bit of ribbing or seed stitch finishing the neck. This one looks almost as if you had steeked the neck opening. Strange, very strange.

  • i am flooed by all of the beauty and of the good energy of TWO handknits finished together. and to think, too, one can be worn with the other. such inspiration!
    good going, Ann.

  • Wonderful finishes! I imagine those two pictures of the Laurel look closer to the real color. And I was wondering the same thing… Kay’s been rather quiet, hope she’s okay.

  • The sweater is great and I have to say I am starting to get a bit of cowl fever myself now. I better start digging around for some perfect cowl yarn.

  • Both projects are just lovely, Ann. As always, well done!

  • Both projects are just lovely, Ann. As always, well done!

  • Yes, but, Where’s Kay?

  • Wait, that came out wrong. Your cowl and sweater are awesome. I am just concerned that we are hearing from but one half of MDK of late.

  • you look like a writer of fine books

  • I love the London Cowling. I am mixed on the sweater neckline. And I really, truly, love elizabeth a airhart’s comment, above.

  • Love the knitting. I will have to reassure my 8 year old daughter that nematodes and such are coming- all that stuff will make her so happy . . . but I’m with you on the ech factor.

  • Both are amazing. Love the jumper so much. It’s fab 🙂

  • Where are you guys? I am hoping you just got busy with getting some spring things done? As I always say to my kids,”You could let a person know you’re alive. Is that so much to ask? Call your mother!” (or in this case, your blog!)