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  • Ann,
    Before you leave L.A., go have the best sushi and japanese food in town at Restaurant Hama, 213 Windward Ave., Venice, CA 90291. Phone 310.396.8783
    It’s fun, and the kids will love it. I just went there last month, and I filed the business card I picked up today, so it was easy to pass along to you.

  • There must be some way that I can use Google to try to find a famous actress with a 13 letter name. I guess that’s just the knitting life in LA, sitting in seats formerly occupied by the rich and famous. Enjoy the rest of your time there!

  • My guess is Brooke Shields. I think that’s 13… I’ve counted it over and over in hopes of not looking like an idiot who can’t count 😉 lol

  • ann…. so pleased you were impressed with the tar bubble! when we first moved here, we bought replicas of a sloth paw and a sabor-toothed tiger skull, (both of which had been found by the hundreds, buried in the tar)… pretty crazy…..the best sushi is hana sushi on wilshire in L.A….half price before 6 p.m….we’re absolute slaves to the place… yum….keep having fun!

  • Famous movie/TV person should have been thinking, “Is that the world-famous blogger, Ann of MDK? I wish I could meet her high-biking husband. Oh look, she is about to sit in MY seat! Can’t wait to go home and tell my kids that Ann sat in the very same chair I sat in!”

  • wish you had a pic of the fair isle! i fell in love with it when i read the book. expect that to be next year’s project…what’s your personal reason for liking and then not wanting it…out of curiosity!

  • Wow. I went there! Aren’t the Knit Cafe crowd nice?

  • PS. Except for the Knit Cafe crowd, wasn’t it nice to have real breasts in LA?

  • I am going to go with Julianne Moore for my guess. Please don’t shoot! It would be interesting to know what the secret celebrity was knitting. Now I feel like sushi! Our favorite sushi place had a fire recently and we don’t know when they will be up and running again. It’s been quite hard for us, nothing compares. Have a spicy tuna roll for me!

  • I’m so excited you saw the Loop-d-loop stuff in the flesh ! I am currently having a passionate affair with this book. I love it. All. Well, nearly all – I’m not sure about the surgical collar type thing – but I ADORE the short row fairisle and when I win the lottery / rob a bank (whichever comes first) it shall be mine ! All mine !
    Heather x
    PS Baby pictures next time please. I’m in vicarious baby mode too at the moment :0))

  • “and bring nothing but the crummy project that has the ends”
    Is having the ends sorta like having the runs?
    But I bet you weave in so lovely!

  • So are you gonna show a pic of the Fern sweater or not? I’m chomping at the bit!
    I can’t believe you didn’t brag about who sat in that chair! But my guess is Julia Roberts…but that doesn’t fit in those blanks, so just ignore me 🙂

  • We held a gun to her head. Trust me, many, many times I have wanted to run screaming, I just knit with so and so! But you can’t, because if you did, no one else would ever get to. You gots to respect the privacy.
    Ann, it was so great to see you. For those of you wondering, Fern is just as fabulous in person (if not more so) than she is in pictures. I can’t wait to see her done. As for sucking in, I haven’t seen a single person who can get into that Teva Durham coat without some manuevering – myself included. Enjoy LA – it’s a great life, isn’t it?

  • P.S. Will you send me the big files of those pictures when you get back? I love both the one of me and MH and the one I took of you, so I’d like to make hard copies.

  • Glad you had a good time staring at the baby– I agree sometimes with one so little thats all you need to do.
    Your trip to Yarn Cafe sounds great– I have also been dreaming about making that Riding Jacket.
    Oh yeah, and I guess Goldie Hawnnnn. That’s 13 letters, right? All those extra ns are silent.

  • Knit Cafe was so nice (and alas, pretty empty) when I was there last month – but oh so inviting! I, too, want to know why the fair isle short rows is out – the project seems intoxicating and dangerous – I’ll take any reason, any reason at all, not to have to make it.
    Have a wonderful time in LaLaLand!

  • My immediate guess was Brooke Shields, but seems that someone’s beat me to that one.
    I’m right where you seem to be- I drove by the tar pits yesterday on my way to the doctor’s.
    You might also want to try Wild Fiber on 14th and Broadway in Santa Monica.

  • Ann –
    I don’t know celebrities. I don’t own a tv, and I only go to the movies about twice a year.
    I’m just thankful that you’re done with the ends. I will stop holding my breath and passing out every 15 minutes. Though I was getting really good there, actually, with the breath-holding every time I thought of it. I’m considering taking up diving for pearls, with my increased lung capacity. Or tuba.

  • I’m going with Julia Roberts too, and the thirteenth thingy is the space. Or Susan Sarandon? She should knit.

  • The suspense is KEEEELING me. No, not the actress–who cares–the methane bubble–did it pop?
    Please go see the Getty Center before you hunker down for cable and room service.

  • Hiya,
    If you’re still in town, the Fabulous Fiber Fest starts tomorrow (8-19) at the Santa Monica Civic Center.
    I’ve had a couple of LD sightings. Hope you do, too!

  • Aw… I was going to say Julianne Moore too! Oh well, that’s what I get for reading blogs late! 😉

  • What Auntie Ann failed to mention is that Baby Molly’s Moses Basket has the most incredible lace sewn by none other than… Auntie Ann. Therefore, I am forced to brag on her behalf — it is just unbelievably beautiful and one of Molly’s favorite places to sleep (okay, to be fair, it seems that just about everywhere is her favorite place to sleep).
    So tempted to reveal the name of the celebrity, but I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone else.
    Okay, back to sleep deprivation and burping cloths…

  • My guess would be Julia Roberts also.

  • Oh my, was it Darryl Hannah? If so, had she lost her needle again and garter stitching away with one needle and a sharpie?

  • My guess is Drew Barrymore. I don’t even know if she’s a knitter…if she isn’t, she totally should be!

  • Im going to guess Susan Sarandon.
    Next guess Mary Kate Olsen.
    Fun fun contest ANN!

  • I’m going to guess Rufus Wainright. OK, so he’s MY most recent Celeb Observation, on the totally Wrong Coast. At the coffee bar in my old neighborhood. He moved in shortly before we moved out, and every morning (and afternoon–after all, he is the author of ‘Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk–these are just a couple of my cravings’–so I don’t figure him for an early-riser) I looked for him, thinking, where else is Rufus going to get his coffee around here–there is no other place for him! Finally, a year after I left, I dropped in and there he was. I asked the staff (discreetly of course), is that who I think it was, and as they always do with respect to any celeb customer, they rolled their eyes most piteously. Oh the humanity. To work in a coffee bar frequented by Downtown Celebrity Types…..
    Anyway, he was cute and even younger than I pictured him, which was really, really young. Face does not match the voice.
    And back to my point–I think the riding coat looks BIG on you, doll. It is doing this widening thing to your admirably slender shoulders. You would definitely have to do some tinkering and tailoring if you knit it, which you should. It’s museum-worthy.
    And hey, Brother-in-law, go take a nap or something! Glad all is well with the wee one. xox Kay

  • I say Marilyn Monroe. Correct?