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  • I agree on #1, and have not paid enough attention to express an opinion on most of the others. That was a killa hockey game last night, though, I must say!

  • I’ll not debate anything you said, I’m laughing too hard. …ohno!

  • Amen! Other than curling (how cute are they!) – there is no need to gussy ones self up if you are just gonna sweat it all back off.

  • Did you catch when Apollo told the story about the person who recognized him because of Dancing with the Stars and he said “did you see the Olympics.” I also loved his reaction when they showed him taking off his skates after winning bronze when all he could think about was that split second when he went a little slower than a speeding bullet. Really fab all around.

  • What about Roller Derby? Those girls move and are tough! I think make-up on them is acceptable, one could call it part of the costume yet it individualizes them.
    Check out Whip It, awesome movie about findine oneself and roller derby.

  • I hope you feel better soon, Ann!
    On the controversial Olympic opinions, I’m with you on the idea of a limit on the allowable amount of fake skin, but not with the makeup idea. As a former collegiate synchronized swimmer, I hold to the idea that one cannot declare something “not a sport” that one has not actually tried, preferably at a “let’s just see if I could compete in this” level. For me it has more to do with required exertion and physicality than with the costumes. The way I bicycle is transportation and not a sport, but the way the Tour de France is cycled? Sport. I think there’s a subcategory of “performance sports” for things with a strong creative component like figure skating, synchronized skating and swimming, gymnastics, etc. I did notice the other day that some of the alpine skiers were all made-up in their bottom-of-the-hill interviews, which seemed very odd.
    Come to think of it, other than my wedding, my synchronized swimming meets were the last time I wore any makeup.

  • I am a little confused about ice dancing. It seems to have made ethnic stereotyping an Olympic sport…

  • Oh my god, those aboriginal costumes were incredibly heinous, weren’t they? The Canadians and Americans that knocked them out of the top spot (!) were doing a service to all humanity, in my opinion.
    I’m in Canada, so I was jumping up and down and screaming at the short track race. I’m happy for Apollo, but poor Hamelin bros!

  • Agree agree! The Russian costumes, beyond offensive, are just ugly. And wrong.
    However! Malabrigonlace weight is lovely stuff. But do not wet it. Ever. Spritz for blocking but that stuff felts if you look at if funny. After 8 long months of slogging through two balls of the stuff in a lace rib scarf I now have 3 feet of lumpy, bumpy felt after the husband tossed it in the wash by accident.
    So now I’m in the market for a new scarf pattern. On thicker yarn this time. Preferably superwash!

  • LOL at your Olympic opinions. Due to unfavourable geography, I can only catch some of the Olympics action, but I was fascinated by the Norwegian Curling Pants (there’s even a Facebook fan page, they’re so eye-catching!) (also, someone will come up with a sock/other pattern inspired by them, I’m sure). That is one relaxing sport.
    About your #1, I think perhaps Guy #2 is like the miles of stockinette on a sweater pattern which has good shaping/cables/lace whatever. Keeps you anchored.
    Get better soon!

  • I agree with Mary de B. That was one great hockey game and I don’t understand hockey one bit! Ice dancing was my least favorite event. I even thought cruling was more interesting to watch.

  • I was going to say something, but it flew right outta my head when I saw that there was a Facebook page for the Norwegian curling team’s pants. See you there! ; )

  • let’s hear it for “older-wiser”! when you are young and cocky it doesn’t get you anywhere…

  • OK, I admit that I read Deb’s comment and thought, “Hey, crulling is now a sport? Is that like, eating crullers? Awesome!”
    I have not been watching the figure skating (Joseph far more interested in curling for some reason, and I do enjoy its oddness and the fact that it is basically bocce on ice), but I am wondering if there has been an improvement, i.e., a reduction, in the use of the pantyhose fabric to (poorly) simulate nudity?
    I also deplore the skiers wearing makeup. It makes me feel bad for them, somehow. It should be a moment that transcends camera-readiness.
    I adore ADORE the snowboarders’ outfits. Flannel shirts and jeans! Made my day.

  • You blocked an item that’s supposed to be all ruffled and ruched?
    I am not planning on blocking mine, just saying. Gotta love the photog of Citron draped around a bottle of cold med!
    And yes, Bode has wised up and Apollo is fab in every way:)

  • I was a little afraid to block my Citron, so I didn’t.
    I didn’t want the ruching to get un-ruched.
    So it’s pretty much just a neckwarmer right now.
    But I still love it.

  • My husband and I, last night, after the ice dancing, turned to each other and remarked that if you want to be taken seriously as a sport, you need to eliminate the idea of the “twizzle section.”

  • Ha! Rev. Emily hit the nail on the head. Every time they mentioned the Twizzle section, my husband and I would turn to each other and say, “Twizzle? Really?”

  • In defense of bobsled – the guy in the back has a really REALLY important job. Ever been the passenger on a motorcycle and leaned the wrong way? Ever done that going 90 mph??? Because I’ve never done it, but I assume it’s not good.
    Ice dancing is equivalent to those Rhythmic Gymnastic events like Ribbon and Hoop – not really “sports” per se but the Olympics would really suck without them!

  • I said pretty much the same thing about snowboardcross to my husband (except for feeling irresponsible watching it). I LOVE it, and I don’t like most snowboarding events. I was in Park City live in 2002 and saw Ohno live, the guy is even more amazing up close and personal and Oy, can CNBC show any more hours of curling??? I just don’t think it is possible!

  • Thanks, Ann for the notes on how to block Citron – gotta get me some of those wires – OHNO!

  • Love the parallel projects you gals have going on. Also, love your olympic summary. Have you noticed how exciting the xc skiing has been? Who knew…Also, aren’t you just waiting for Lindsey Vonn & Julia Mancuso to get into a big fight…I’m not feeling any love there…

  • My most controversial Olympic opinion so far has been about US medalists standing respectfully at attention during the playing of the National Anthem. (I’m for it.)
    Feel better soon, Ann! I see you have the best kind of homecare – it comes in a cat suit 🙂

  • Sorry about your cold; I can’t believe I missed some of those great Olympic moments because I was visiting my daughter, who must be adopted, because she didn’t want to watch!! At least we knitted together, so I think I’ll keep her. By the way, I was in New York this past weekend and didn’t even go to the museum. But I did hit Brooklyn General and LOVED it!

  • totally agree with you! Also, if you wear sequins and feathers it is not a sport!

  • I was certainly surprised to see how made-up Lindsay Vonn was!

  • Anything on Bravo is my sick day tv of choice. And my husband and I seem to have developed a curling problem. We actually recorded last night’s match so that we could watch it tonight. That’s just wrong. But we don’t want to be right.
    Hope you feel better!

  • When I submitted the Citron pattern to Knitty last fall, not in my wildest dreams did I think that, a) it would actually get accepted, b) it would be even remotely popular, and c) two knitters that I hold in such high esteem as you ladies would knit it! Both of your Citrons are gorgeous and it absolutely thrilled me to see them pop up on your blog.
    P.S. The ruching will definitely rumple.
    P.P.S. Totally agree about the ice dancing.

  • Hello Ann,
    I missed the Ice-dancing – but ‘Googled'(don’t you just love the fact that we can ‘Google’ anything we want?) the Russian ice-dancing pair to get a glimpse of their costume and serendipitously found myself with this link. http://www.ctvolympics.ca/figure-skating/news/newsid=49216.html. It is an article about one of our First Nation’s Olympic host elders and how he was so curious about this team masquerading as Aboriginals that he asked for a pow-wow. I’ll let you read it – don’t want to spoil the story. I’m not making judgement here, just thought this was an interesting story.
    Being Canadian, I would love to see more Canadian medals, but having said that, I’m all for the best man/woman winning where ever they are from!!
    Wishing you wellness and getting back to your usual up-and-at self!
    Crystal Belle in Vancouver – Go Canada Go!!!

  • Up close and personal with Ohno. Yes, definitely something to think about. Siiiigh.

  • Ann–Hope you’re beginning to feel better, just about now.–LoveDiane

  • #6. So great. He just seems so NICE.
    #3. Have you noticed that Lindsey Vonn skis in full makeup? She looks ready for her next photo shoot at every moment!

  • Get well soon and thanks for the laughs. 🙂 I have just started reading your books for the third time. I can’t help myself! They’re so wonderfully funny and great.
    I agree with ALL your Olympic observations and opinions. You are so right on – especially #6.

  • When the announcer used the phrase “Apolo 7,” I laughed out loud because it was clear he’d been waiting to use that all night!
    One of my fav parts of the winter games is how much better my pronunciation of german/russian/scandinavian names becomes. Though few are as good as Ohno’s.

  • Have you seen the Norweigen Curling Team’s pants? Think entrelac!

  • I think she said “firecrotch bitch”. That show is a train wreck that you can’t take your eyes off.

  • Best outfit of the Games: Norwegian curlers’ pants.
    Worst outfit of ANY Games: The aborigianl inspired Russian ice dancers.
    And then to pull that out at a Games where four First Nations are recognized as co-hosts along with Canada. Appalling.
    Love your Citron! It’s on my someday list!

  • Great list! The only thing I would add is Evan Lysacek’s very classy response to the critism he
    received from the Russian skater.

  • Love Apolo- just love him.
    As for the Bobsledders- those are some burly manly-men, lemme tell you- did you hear all that yelling and grunting at the start? Especially the Russians and Germans… I was fascinated by it all… but then again, I have always had a weakness for burly manly-men. They all look like they would be so huggable if they weren’t so stern looking!

  • Agreed on the Russian pair. While I thought it was interesting that they were working with an unusual choice in their song selection, I thought their routine was weak and under rehearsed. I don’t think they should have gotten 3rd, but their compulsory was flawless and it kept them in the medal running. Their free dance was meh.

  • And could you sense Johnny Cash spinning in his grave when the ice dancers in sparkly denim twizzled to his music?

  • Hope you feel better! Though it’s a great time to be parked in front of a tv. Agree with all your controversial Olympic opinions.
    “Millionaire Matchmaker” is my all-time guilty pleasure. That firecrotch woman was not to be believed. Patty set her up with the handsomest 50-yr-old guy on the planet, and she stormed out because he was “so old”. And she’s 45. Sooooo deliciously awful to watch.
    Your Citron looks great – seeing a lot of ruching out there these days – must now go find some Malabrigo Lace and tune in to Bravo…..

  • DId you see how fast the Canadian and Americans were when they came off the ice? That kind of skating is Hard Work!
    As for stupid names, snowboarding has them all beat…chicken salad air? http://www.valueseek.com/snowboard_terms.htm
    I love the twizzle runs…those clearly are HARD to execute, and very hard work…things like that are what I believe make ice dancing a sport! I think that completive ball room dancing is actually a sport, too. Another good thing about the ice dancing is that it is a sport, but not an extreme sport, and people can compete it in for years, as adults, not just prodigies as long as their bodies hold out.
    And weren’t the American couple’s home videos of them as 7 yr olds absolutely adorable?????? And the American Ladies’ skater’s from when she was 3 too cute? (but I didn’t like the fake sexy moves she did). But she was so cute! And she clearly loves performing!

  • As an ice dancer, I can tell you that twizzle sections are hard work. You try spinning while zipping along the ice at speed with your hands behind your back or over your head – I can tell you that you will be on your bottom pronto. It requires a delicate rocking on a very thin blade, a terrific sense of balance, AND a little bit of wild abandon thrown in. Good fun.
    That said, the Russians should have their heads examined for the Flintstone routine – dragging her around by the ponytail? Please. The judges should have their heads examined collectively for not DQ’ing them for insulting pretty much everyone forced to watch that skate.
    New favorite Olympic sport? Snowboard cross without a doubt. Biathalon is a close second. Lovely fit men skiing and shooting. Takes me back to the ages of men as hunter/gatherers.

  • I kind of agree on #3. On the other hand you’ve got to hand it to those athletes who put their face on for what are “real” sports – like Jade Johnson who long jumps for GB in hoop earrings and fishnet knee highs. Who says you can’t get sweaty, and look good.