On, Comet! On, Cupid! And Donner and Blitzen! It's Time to Be Finishing All of the Knittin'!

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  • HRN – updating my lingo so I can be one of the fellow young people! The Plucky Scarf turned out amazing. I’ll be sure to stop by the Knitty City booth at VKL (alas, no husband in tow) and I’ll keep an eye open for the MDK event.

  • I love unity city! I went there when I was in NYC and it was wonderful.

  • That scarf is gorgeous! But wait! What’s up with that incredible chair underneath the scarf??? I need a full picture of that chair. I’m not saying it upstaged your FO but it came pretty darn close. I’m intrigued

    • It’s an old office chair reupholstered in striped canvas.

  • Oh I wish I could come to Vogue Knitting.

  • “With each project the pattern gets smaller and the yarn gets bigger”– Amen sistah!

  • Wait – is the big flower coat making its debut?!?

    • Could be…

  • I love that scarf. Is there a kit available?

    • It’s a beautiful scarf!

    • Sadly no! I was using up some lovely skeins of Plucky Knitter Bello Worsted that had been calling to me from the cupboard for a long time.

  • what does “Roy G Biv.”mean?

    • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. – it’s the first letter from each color and a way kids learn to remember the color wheel. 🙂
      They Might Be Giants have a fun song called Roy G. Biv-

      • CJ, thank you so much for the video link. I didn’t know that one, and I love it.

    • Over the rainbow .

  • I can see why you wanted to make that scarf. It’s a big winner.

  • LOVE the scarf!!!!!

    • It’s like Stephen West’s Garter Squish Blanket but for your neck!!

  • How many rows are in each section please? Thank you!

    • Didn’t count, just knit all the way through each skein or partial skein.

  • Do you use one or two strands of yarn??

    • Two strands all the way. The two strands are different colors, which is what creates the marled effect. Don’t change both colors at the same time; that way one color continues, which is what makes the color changes look gradual.

  • I’m currently obsessed with this big yarn pattern by Helen Stewart, The Sonder shawl. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sonder-shawl

    • Oh I love the look of that shawl. It’s such a nice, hefty garment and also looks like it would be fun to knit, with all those eyelets.

      • I really like the shape, it’s like an assymetric scarf.

  • Love, love the Big Plucky Garter Scarf (or is it an afgan?). Any chance we will see this modeled? It sounds like that would be a significant moment in determining if it were to be inspiration for one for me since I’m about Kay-high.

  • I love your RoyGBiv scarf! Superwash wool can really take one by surprise in the blocking phase, but I’ve learned to pat it back into reasonable size, and when it dries, it’s back to where it was. Usually. Or, you can block garter superwash wool into an airy ethereal fabric by taking advantage of that stretch. Blocker’s choice!

  • Bless you!! Read this yesterday AM and by noon have discovered another gift was needed! (Last minute guest at gift luncheon!) To my LYS for Rasta and a’cowling I did go!

  • How did I not clink on Lenny’s link til now?!? ♥️♥️♥️ It!

  • Please explain how to follow ravelry hot right now group? I’m searching but nothing comes up.

    • I don’t know if it’s helpful or not, but Hot Right Now is on the patterns page, left hand side, about half way down. I’ve got it strictly in knitting mode, but you can switch it up to show crochet and knitting, or just crochet. No group to follow. It’s just always there, waiting for you.


      • I see it! Thank you!