You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To, As Long as It is Covered in A Year of Techniques

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  • Too stinkin’ cute!!!
    I’ve made much like Alex the mouse, little bunnies. The assembly not so much fun. So I thought I’d do assembly line bunnies….make a bunch..assemble later. Now. I have a basket of bunny parts, and no present desire to do the required surgery. Im hopeful that when I see Alex in all his glory, it will motivate me to dig out the basket

  • I actually love to do Kitchener; I know, really weird. I think part of the trick is to do a huge chunk of it on something so you really internalize the rhythm. At that point, the genius of the stitch comes out. When I am just doing a few stitches, like sock toes or mouse feet, it is just a pain to go fetch the darning needle. Tons of it, like the polka dot cowl I made, makes going up the stairs for the needle feel totally worthwhile. I cannot wait to see your finished Alex!

    • ITA. I finally retained the rhythm without resorting to YouTube after doing it enough times. Kay, you can do it too.

    • If you’re weird Debbi, then I’m weird like you! I don’t mind kitchenering at all. When I learned it, the steps settled into a kind of sing-song in my head… I barely think as I do it now, as I can just feel the rhythmic chant in my head.
      I wonder if it has to do with learning styles? I’ve always thought of myself as somewhat of a kinesthetic learner…

  • Excellent use of wonder clips! Alex is my holiday weekend knitting plan so I’m going to toss a few in my bag.

  • I am assuming you are going to knit Alex a block of cheese. Can’t wait!

  • While knitting my second-third, whatever, Pussyhat, a lightbulb went off in my head as to why Kitchner works, and it became intuitive. As in, I didn’t need to keep looking at my notes!

    and I have that exact.same.Jiffy steamer.

    Congrats on the tiny! He’s adorable.

  • I appreciate your five stages of Kitchener, but I’m happy to say that once you reach the point where you remember how to do Kitchener stitch without referencing anything, you may leave them behind! In fact, if you’re a weirdo like me, you may even begin to *enjoy* Kitchener stitch! (I know. Total weirdo.)

  • I love your Five Stages of Kitchener. I’m totally going to print that out for a friend, whom I’m teaching to knit socks. 🙂 (Who am I kidding, I want a copy for me, too!)

    Alex is looking adorable!

  • I am enjoying this project so much as a spectator sport! So cute! So colorful! So much freaking technique!
    And although I don’t mind kitchenering because I love the result, I recently did an experimental toe which actually turned out exactly as I had envisioned (!) and would have been pretty cool but I had made the sock a little too short and therefore had to tink the kitchenering but ARGHHH have you ever tried to renehctik? I ended up cutting off the toe and pulling out little bits of dissociated yarn until I could identify an actual row in the decrease section and then struggle to get 60-odd nearly invisible dark brown stitches back on the needles. Not sure how many times I can knit toes on one pair of socks, but I am up to 4 toes already, which matches my previous record, and the socks are still a WIP.

    • I got overconfident on the second foot and messed up the Kitchener but there was no going back!

  • I love your humor. Definitely gives me a chuckle!!

  • That photo of Alex on your coffee table already makes him look like Frankenstein’s Mouse-ter. I hope Igor didn’t drop the brain….

  • So cute! And I love, “Soon I will be carving puppets out of wood.”

    I am nearing the fourth (4th!) repeat of Kitchener on a pair of socks. Top down, one-at-a-time afterthought heel, so Kitchener on both the heels and the toes. What was I thinking? At least I have finally got the rhythm in my head for now. (If you sat next to me as I did it, you would hear me muttering the mantra,”Front: Knit off, purl on. Back: Purl off, knit on”. It would make it hard to hear Inspector Lewis and Sergeant Hathaway, though.) But I still don’t really like it. Give me three-needle bind off any day.

    And speaking of which…it’s too late for little Alex, but, in the interest of saving others from the non-knitting that is Kitchener stitch: but would it have been possible to turn the sock inside out and do a three-needle bind off?

  • Do you think this is how Topo Gigio got his start?