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  • Wow…I looked at those 16 strand pics on Ravelry. You are so right…they are “not for the faint at heart”!
    Your gloves are beautiful.

  • See when I see things like this I really wonder if what I do is actually knitting – its like children rolling out play doh and calling it cooking. Not even the same ball park (said as I “knit” along on my one-colored stockinette polar fleece hat.)

  • I can’t even bring myself to look at the pics. I just did an 11-strand rectangle and it nearly killed me. (My first ever colorwork project; I didn’t realize how ambitious it actually would be.)

  • Those Ravelry pictures look like some kind of life support system even Kevorkian couldn’t get around. I aspire to this someday.
    LOVE Grey Gardens – my guest room before guests arrive [throw-everything-in-there-and-close-the-door-I’ll-deal-with-it-later] is sometimes eerily similar to The Edies’ boudoir, only without the Purina cat chow. And raccoons. I think.

  • The video: Shades of Marcel Marceau.
    These are amazing gloves. If they were worked back and forth they would not be one-tenth as cool.
    Yes she is mad.
    xoxo Kay

  • Happy New Year!! The gloves are gorgeous, will have to check out the video when I get home. Thank you for the movie list, who knew there was a movie about a video game???

  • I feel faint looking at all those strands. Those are gorgeous.

  • The gloves are AMAZING. Such a labor of love, too!

  • Gorgeous!!
    Forget the V&A. Send them to me. I’ll keep them all safe and archival.

  • Those gloves are beautiful. The Maine Island “Goose sweater” I knit for my sister in 1986 ruined me for intarsia. Never again.

  • Gloves schmoves! Shakespeare in Love equals Colin Firth! Colin freakin’ Firth!
    The gloves are beauts but priorities woman!

  • Some of my favorite movies there on your list! As for your video. . . have you ever thought of puppet theatre?????

  • The gloves are indeed beautiful and you are lucky to have a friend who would make them for you. I am more impressed with the idea that the intarsia was done in a glove than the fact that there were 16 color changes.(I have a Sasha Kagan cardigan I made in 1990 that required something like 30 color changes each row across the back. Those were the days, eh?) I hate the weaving-in process for glove fingers when I use just one color, so weaving in 16 just sounds…like you have a very good friend.
    Were the gloves seamed, or did she use an in-the-round intarsia technique?

  • Those gloves are fabulous, but I’m still too worn out from the holidays to look at the photos — I’m sure it would be the last straw. Good movie list — I saw Up in the Air the other day. Has some pretty good closeups of Clooney . . .

  • Gloves: amazing. Crazy. Whoo.
    Movies: my new fave guy is Jason Statham, and new fave movies with him are the Italian Job and the Bank Job. I still love all my old fave guys, but the more the merrier, right!?

  • King of Kong, ha! I thought I was the only 40-something mom enjoying that cinematic genius.

  • Need to add to the list:
    A Single Man (Colin Firth!)
    Duplicity (Clive Owen plus Julia Roberts plus a real cool, impossibly paranoid plot-line!)
    Bright Star (gorgeous actors, mouth-watering costumes, young romantic love, British scenery, Jane Campion, poetry, but — oops, not on DVD just yet).
    Oh yes, the gloves. Very, very cool too.

  • Seconding the recommendation of A Single Man, which features not only Firth, but also Matthew Goode, surprise!Lee “Pushing Daisies” Pace, and Nicholas Hoult (the little boy from About a Boy, most assuredly All Grown Up).

  • gorgeous gloves! Those Gottelier patterns are ‘challenging’ and definitely not for the faint hearted.

  • Those gloves are gorgeous!!
    LOVED “It’s Complicated”!!!!! What a great movie and lots of laughing….perfect!

  • Those gloves are insane! In a good way. I’ve done intarsia once (though I never did do the finishing work, so the project languishes), and it wasn’t that bad. However, my project was not nearly as fiddly as a pair of gloves. If that had been my first intarsia project I’d be bald and gibbering in a straight jacket.

  • Goodness! Those gloves are pretty brutal looking.
    Is belinda perchance a mite bit touched? (I mean in the head.)

  • I don’t dare even look. It might make me faint. But the gloves are FABulous!

  • oooh. what extraordinary gloves. the picture opened and I said to myself “I want to make those”. then I saw the Ravelry pix. I’m not going to make them any time soon.

  • Thanks SO much for the video list; I’ve been picking duds lately. Heard of the one called Blind Date with Stanly Tucci and Patricia Clarkson? DEpressing. They’re both fine actors, but I could barely lift my hand to turn off the tv, it was so depressing. And the gloves? Not in a million years will I EVER knit anything close. They are gorgeous. My blog address is new, by the way.

  • Get the Dramamine stat!

  • Do you know what is as wonderful as having a friend–an obviously true blue friend–who would go through all of that mishugas of managing strands and strands of yarn (IN ONE FREAKIN’ROW) just for you? Do ou know what is as wonderful and as marvelous as all that?
    It is that she, the knitter of the gloves, has a friend who knows to to RECEIVE such a gift! Last year I knitted some gifts, although no intarsia (please), they were very nice gifts. How were they received? With complaints and critique. Just washed away the enthusiasm of giving a hand crafted gift.
    Wear the gloves in good health, my dear. Your heart knows how to receive a gift from the heart.

  • THAT’S the movie list I was looking for!!! 😀
    Those gloves. Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy. Unbelievable. And gorgeous. V&A, definitely.

  • Umm… you need to watch the Phillip Glass documentary and you will have covered my most recent weekend documentary party…. King of Kong and Helvetica?! Really?! I thought I was the only one!!

  • I knitted so many intarsia projects in the late ’80s and ’90s, and oops, even in 2004 that the whole technique began to bore me witless. I moved on to Fair Isle and other stranded knitting styles, but now– now those gloves are luring me back. . .

  • hahahahaha Twilight did it for me…. I read the whole series twice this summer and am forever more a Bella Wanna Be?! Edward ruined it for mortal men!

  • Beautiful gloves! Makes me want to buy the book and try out the “insanely striped” knitting just to determine what really is my breaking point.
    Ann, are your movies listed in the order in which they were watched? If so, I can see why Grey Gardens is listed last. We are talking about the Jackie K-O’s- aunt-and-cousin-Grey Gardens, the raccoons-eating-holes-through-the-walls and Edie-feeding-them-loaves-of-bread-in-the-attic-Grey Gardens, cooking-over-a-hot plate-in-the-bedroom-Grey Gardens, aren’t we? I love documentaries, but I had to will myself to live through that long, boring one. You can only watch just so much of “eccentric living” before you begin to doubt your own sanity. How the documentarians/videographers managed to stay with that project and not hang themselves from the rafters is beyond my comprehension! Some of my favorite documentaries (not that you asked for them!) are:
    Trouble The Water
    Saint of 9/11
    War Dance
    Born In The Brothels
    The Bridge

  • About the lurid glove photos: OMG OMG OMGGGGGG!

  • Great jumpin’ Jehosophat!

  • Belinda must really, really like you. Those gloves are crazy gorgeous.

  • Oh my. I looked at the picture of those gloves and wowza. She must REALLY like you. Or she forgot to refill her meds… I will probably never knit something that intense, but she did a lovely job. Just remember DON’T LOSE ONE!!!

  • My first laugh of the morning, thank you!! The only thing I remember about Shakespeare in Love is “that guy in the back in the scene when they are in Queen E’s throne room”. What a hoot! — and the gloves – should you put them on a string so you don’t lose one?? Gorgeous…

  • So glad you like them! I have the yarn for a NY pair (as opposed to a TN pair) so I suppose I’d better get knitting, or there will be accusations of favouritism…. Should I admit I like intarsia and sewing ends in? Can’t be bothered with fairisle, though, and lace is a dirty word. x x x

  • Fabulous gloves from the fabulous Belinda. What a woman!
    My movie consumption over the holidays makes yours look normal. That’s all I’m saying.
    No. Actually, I’m saying this: Sherlock Holmes. I mean really, Robert Downey Jr. Who’s that other Rob guy who looks like he needs some iron pills?

  • Deep.breath.now. My head is spinning! OK – the overall effect is amazing. But is it worth that pain; the torture; the nightmares?
    Good luck!
    PS – Add the BBC Little Dorrit to your DVD queue. It’s amazing!

  • send the gloves to florida i am freezeing
    the gloves looklike something in a hitchcock movie
    i think he put them on after janet l’s shower

  • The gloves are gorgeous. A Room with a View is one of my favorite movies ever. I watched it recently and it did not disappoint! Mr. Beebe one of my favorites.

  • Thank you so much. I now have a to-do list for January: make and eat junk food, sleep, and watch movies.
    However I cannot bring myself to even look closely at the glove pictures. I might as well use my spare time to try out some theoretical mathematics.

  • Also – must add this to the must-see list:
    Please see the reference to “very tailored and very tightly fitted” men’s clothing which was “customary for the period.” Those Victorians – who knew! Sure beats a raggy t-shirt with a team name on the front. Don’t know if there are any knitted objects in it though.

  • Clive Owen? Oh yes. Try the vintage Clive movie “Green Fingers.” All the characters are fun, and Clive is at his best. So the title reminds me to say the gloves are wonderful. Don’t you love it when something is not only gorgeous but also interesting? And I have to agree with the post that commends you for your gift-receiving skills. Reminds me of the Christmas I crocheted a shawl for my SIL in a deep sea-green wool (really, it was very tasteful) and her only comment was “What a color.” Luckily, I didn’t see her open the prezzie, but I know she meant “Oh god, where did you find that awful yarn?” Wish I’d kept it myself.