How to Make a French Knot

By Ann Shayne
February 8, 2017
Adding a little dot of color. Takes a minute to learn how.

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  • Great little tutorial, and it gratifies me to confirm that I am doing my French knits properly. I may need to knit a Dot Hat in celebration!

  • That was so much fun, Ann. Love, love, love French Knots…

    • Well done! 🙂

  • Love the knots! What is the lovely design Nell is wearing around her neck in the photo? If we were at the mall, I’d be stalking her for a better look!

    • That’s Burg, knit in a great multi colored yarn, Nuble Paint, from Araucania.

  • I think we may have a similar history with embroidery, Ann. The consistently-nice French Knot eluded me during my childhood years, and I have felt zero desire to try making them again. Til now. I shall watch the video with optimism!

  • Wow! Last time I did embroidery was 2nd grade. Now I know why I was able to, so easy! Thanks for that!!

  • Nell looks so happy it makes me want to French-knot my head off.

  • I used to have a terrible time with French knots back in my cross stitch days. Maybe I will try again. Maybe I’ll do better with yarn instead of floss!

  • Love the french knots.

  • I agree. They spark joy and are so fun to make!

  • At the end, “tie the ends off”. Does this mean cut the yarn ???? Or do you carry the yarn along and weave it in, until the next spot for a french knot?? Thanks for your help.

    • That is a great question. I (personally) will tie each knot off individually because I have to fiddle with each one and a knot will keep it how I’ve fiddled it. Also, I am thinking of removing a few to use a different color.
      That said, there is no reason not to strand the back. Happy knotting!

  • Feeling a sudden urge for asterisks and French knots.