How to Make a Pom Pom, Sort Of

By Ann Shayne
September 24, 2016

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  • I love the dramatic tension and moments of silence, and I see this video is from 2016, but should I be concerned that I returned my Clover pompom maker to the store because I was seduced by the Loome tool and its pompom results?
    Pompoms weren’t in my ken way back in 2016, like they are now, after seeing the results you got from the Loome tool. Is this cause for alarm?
    To quote Idgie Threadgoode from Fried Green Tomatoes “Is bad what I did?” ( said in a bad Southern accent ) returning the Clover?

    • We struggle with this ourselves. Until the Loome Tool came along, we were firm believers in the Clover pompom maker. It’s still a very fine gizmo. But the simplicity of the Loome Tool is pretty great. No shame in the eternal quest for the perfect gear!