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  • Ann,
    I saw the report and thought of you.
    I had the pleasure to meet Kay yesterday
    at Newbury Yarn. Hope you can come to
    Boston too, Ann. Maybe visit Black Sheep
    Knitting in Needham. My LYS.
    Jane from Boston

  • I saw that report on the news last night and thought about you, too! It really showed the spirit of the people of Tennessee who are doing the heavy lifting to help strangers-who-are-now-friends.

  • Lovely report Ann, thanks for sharing.I’m a southern too,I know those floods from Hurricanes and what they do to your home.I live in MA now, but I can still remember looking from my home at the water Hurricane Camille brought, so scary!
    I got to meet Kay on Sat.It was so lovely to finally meet after all this time of feeling like I knew her from reading the blog. She is a great person,such fun,just like I knew she would be! I hope the next time you are able to join her too…would love to meet. She has the pictures I took on Sat.
    Hope Nashville gets back to normal soon ….will be thinking good thoughts for you all.Wendy

  • Thanks for posting this. It’s great to see all those folks, especially the HS kids pitching in. They’re still doing the same on TX gulf coast after Ike, which was nearly 2 yrs ago. I hope those beautiful old trees survive.

  • Very inspiring video.

  • I heard rather than saw this report since I was fixing dinner at the time. My first thought was, “Ann!”. I was also gratified that on our iteration they noted that the story had been somewhat overlooked due to the Gulf oil problem.

  • Great video!!!
    Thanks for passing it on. I love that we are living up to our state nickname (and they noted that in the video) – The Volunteer State.
    Francie in Franklin, TN

  • thanks for keeping us updated

  • As I watched and read your post I was suddenly struck with something like panic as I wondered how much yarn may have ended up in a “pile of dead house innards”. Are there knitters out there needing help rebuilding their stash? I would totally contribute to that effort.