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  • Dear Ann, your laminated chart, the fan bag, and a couple of sippy cups artfully arranged would make a truly poignant still life. I (heart) plastic, Cristina

  • Ah,lamination ! All good clean fun. ;-]
    I periodically beg Allan to laminate mountains of patterns for me.He does it,chuntering all the while ! It must be love.

  • Um, I’ve done that.
    I sometimes wonder what I could really accomplish if I put all this energy into something that would make sense to ordinary people. Then I go back to futzing with my knitting. You go girl!

  • I think a decoupage of old knitting patterns could be quite interesting. Or wallpaper with them, like that old faux newspaper wallpaper. It’s all good! I had problems with my youngest swiping my magnets for my chart and attaching them to the radiator behind the couch. The fun never ends.

  • Great idea!

  • Dear Ann,
    1. I’m proud of you.
    2. I was going to speculate that your mother is smiling down on you, but on second thought I think she would have preferred that you do the laminating yourself. And perfectly–no bubbles.
    3. You are such a geekatroid.
    4. Reminds me of one of my all-time favorite Martha Stewart Organizing Tips (there are so many it’s hard to choose!): type up all your essential phone numbers (pages of ’em), reduce them on a copier to just barely readable size, laminate the pages, punch holes in them, put them on a key chain and carry them around with your cell phone (this tip was from the days before cell phones did this for you without benefit of lamination). Martha said: Don’t forget to update! I remember reading this and thinking, NEVER work for Martha Stewart.
    5. Anything worth doing is worth doing well and without yogurt dribbles all over it.
    Hooty freakin’ Monday hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Kay, a fervent reader of Ann’s blog

  • Kay–I used to have a blog with this girl named Kay, but then something happened where she kind of drifted off to some faraway place. So sad, really. I guess she just Let Herself Go. You know how it is when people stop working and all–one missed visit to the hair salon, and it’s all downhill from there.

  • Hey Ann
    You realise you are only one step away from another knitting tradition ? ” The slashing o’ the finger on the broken edge of the laminated photocopy”. I KNOW this because my first boss (I worked in a library back then)was so uptight about grubby marks on paper that if it wasn’t actually bound in a book, she laminated it – I swear, I was frightened to stand still for too long in the office in case she decided she wanted a wipe-clean version of me.
    Of course, my small rebellion is that I now not only USE my knitting books – sometimes I even WRITE on them !!! GASP ! …. only in pencil of course. I’m not a total freak you know !!