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  • I suddenly find myself wondering if I have any bulky yarns in the stash – and if everyone on my holiday list needs a beanie (instead of whatever less enlightened gift I previously thought to make for them.)

  • I was checking out wool and the gang kits a while ago and wondered about the wool. Good to know its good. Also, would you puh-lease write a book!! Just mash all these blog posts together and publish them. I love the way you write!

  • I have a WATG dress waiting to be sewn up and another kit hidden somewhere. Love their yarns. Love this post.

  • Oh man, Kay! You’re killing me with those lovely little log cabin squares! I just love, love, love them (did I say they were right up my alley?). I think they will generally read as solids. Well, this soul is too enlightened for a winter cap (“hat hair” goes against the grain of my fourth chakra). However, a nice log cabin blankie would put me into Nirvana…


    • Oh, those mini Noro log-cabin squares are just irresistible. I wish I didn’t picture a whole lot of sewing up as a follow-up to your fantastic pile of squares (or 3-needle-bind-off — one way or another, my back aches in sympathy).

      I have a magic ball of Kureyon in progress made of all the very dark blacks and browns that were edited out of various projects, but I am still waiting. In a few years that may be enough for a very dark log-cabin cushion.

  • *snort* loved this post! I thought about crafting some gifts, still thinking on it…I keep starting things, but not finishing anything…

  • All those tiny adorable log cabins waiting to be connected somehow! You are, as always, Fearless. I would probably trim all the tails, place them carefully side by side (by side by side) and display them under a piece of glass covering an entire tabletop. Done!

  • Love the little squares! Of course you can make a gorgeous blanket, or you could use them as bunting or make some sort of advent thingy out them. (It’s already the 11th, so maybe for next year.) I go through hat phases and whipped up three recently, but they were just with Magpie and not humungous yarn. It’s good you had a picture of one of yours on an actual human, since they have so few stitches they look like dolly hats! Crazy.
    Happy December to you all.

  • BTW, Purl Soho has a very cute winter cap pattern called the Elfin Hat. Check it out folks. Even if it you don’t make it for the holidays, there will stll be more winter left afterward.

    Knit on!


  • those little sqares make me want to go buy up a bunch of noro silk garden. must resist temptation. house roof is threatening to blow off if house is stuffed with more yarn.

  • Thanks so much for the heads up (heh…) on Allison Moorer, What a gorgeous voice she has! I have downloaded a couple of her songs onto my Studio Faves (which I play while I paint).

    And those squares will make a fab blanket someday. Love, love!

  • Tis the season of giving, but I kept reading this thinking, “So someone took my beanie!” Especially when I got to the “…this must be for me.” comment. Are you coming to the Plains for Xmas?

  • Yes, deeply love the mitered squares and the beanies…most especially Beanie Rinpoche.

  • 5 words: Most Adorable Beanie Recipients Ever.

  • Do you KNOW how much leftover Silk Garden I’ve got?
    What size needle did you use? I’m always following you in blanket making

    • Another good idea for leftover Silk Garden is the scarf that Ann made for a friend a few years back. I believe that the knitting pattern was “feather and fan”.

  • ohhh i love varigated yarn – if I get my mitts on money next year I’ll have to splash out on some noro…

    • Mary, look for the yarn shop sales. Often shops have annual sales, some in the summer time and others at the end of winter. I wanted Silk Garden for a large project and purchased it a little at a time when on sale, for over a period of about 1 1/2 to 2 years. Also, WEBS yarn has a discounting policy that can be advantageous.

  • Beautiful Noro Envy shots! Love the hats, so squishey looking!

  • Allison Moorer AWE coming your way from England. Cor. Starstruck.

  • In the midst of holiday busy I read this and laughed out loud. Very Merry – thank you.

  • That’s what I need! A Rinpoche in a beanie….

  • Am now in love with Wool and the Gang…Thanks so much! Knitting quick fabulous last minute nephew gifts…