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  • Caption for last photo:
    (Having just been approached by one of NY’s street people and asked if she made all that stuff or was willing to give him some so he could possibly be warm tonight – MDK Launches Log Cabin Knits for those in Need)
    “Where can I find you? I can organize a knit in for your place by tomorrow. Rugs or blankets? What do you prefer?”

  • It was so great to meet you both at last! Love the book and loved having time to chat with Ann before the event. Sorry we couldn’t stay – nap time called (for the baby, not for me). Cheers!

  • Katherine is on her way to SLC so I’m sending her link as she is one of our Utah Grrls! http://katherineofitall.blogspot.com/
    How fun she was able to visit with you both!

  • For the first time in months I regret moving away from NYC 8 months ago! Have fun at the new yarn store…

  • OH CRAP! Man, I’m totally falling down on the job. THE FREAKING SUBWAY?! And MY Ann got door to door service? It’s okay if you fire me. I’ll still show up tonight.
    (Oh and Philly’s my last stop. Although I’m still working on the air fare to Omaha.)

  • Oooh, love the soundtrack! Especially the Waifs, Greg Brown and Gillian Welch.

  • A yarn shop in an actual office? that is weird… but kind of cool. Like a scavenger hunt 😉

  • At your description of Seaport Yarns, I shouted out “Are you freakin’ kidding me?!” and my son replied “Mom, are you talking to the computer again?” I have to make a trip to that place and see it for myself.
    Have fun!!

  • I’m log cabin-ing in anticipation of your Philly appearance tomorrow.
    I just know you two are going to love Loop. It’s going to appeal to your appreciation for white space. Strange but true- it’s bright, white, and the yarn and colors are the focus.
    You’re going to plotz.

  • Trouble deciding the caption winner, eh? Does it help if I tell you I’ll be giving it to my mom?

  • I’m reading your book right now, and laughing out loud. I don’t think our staff has seen me this giddy in years. Can’t wait to meet you both in Philly. MUST KNIT piano bench cover!

  • Love the CD!! Now I totally feel the pressure…

  • Dear Ann and Kay, I just got home–trying to stay awake to come see you in person. Thank you for honouring my husband with such great praise–he truly deserves it. I’m just about to dig into the book.
    Hope to see you tonight.

  • oh-what a hoot! when are you coming to portland?! and yarn in a filing cabinet? sounds like some sort of performace art-and I like it!

  • Now THAT is a well-trained husband. And a great playlist!

  • I just have to say, I’m lovin’ your book! I’ve already made a warshrag and started a hand towel (with my own design on it, even!) in a cotton/linen blend, and ordered Euroflax for some proper hand towels. You are luring me away from socks into other knitting, and I never thought that would happen!

  • I am so bummed that I’ll be out of town while you’re in DC. I had pre-ordered the book on Amazon and sat with it for hours after it arrived — what an amazing thing y’all have accomplished. the book reads like the blog only even better, the photos and illustrations are fabulous. a high percentage of the patterns are things i really want to knit. but more than anything else, the book is inspiring — it sent me back to my needles with new energy. I hear from our mutual friend Lis that you’ve already gone into another printing and i’m sure there will be many more during the life of this book. Congratulations!!!

  • If I stalk you two all over Nashville, would you be scared? Just kidding. I picked up my copy at Threaded Bliss today. I can’t wait to meet you two in a couple of weeks.

  • We’re dropping out of the stalking tonight. Little girls should see their relatives every now and then. Good luck and continued fun on the rest of the tour.

  • I wish my office was in a yarn store. It would be nice, when I got stressed out, to go and fondle some cashmere or something.
    Also, Massachusetts knitters want to know – when are you coming to Boston!?!

  • WAAAH! work is killing me and it doesn’t look like i’m going to make it to knitty city tonight, despite my best intentions. (seeing as how i’m already late and everything). wave to the robe/nightie (and to each other) for me.

  • I had a great time with you guys last night! good luck on the rest of your tour!
    ps. I didn’t know it was an office – holy cow – it’s so full of yarn ….. how can this possibly be?

  • Any chance of the book tour coming to Beijing? The Chinese could use a little pretty in their knitting.

  • Hi….We live in a small town, and I got an unexpected day off today, so we drove 1 1/2 hours to Medford Oregon, a bigger town to go to Barnes & Nobles where they were holding a copy of your book for me!
    I sat right there in starbucks with an Ice Tea and Hubby with Hot Tea and dug right in!! I really really love the book, the log cabins, the dish clothes, which my hubby likes to knit, and the chair cushion covers…and everything else too.
    You guys did a great job and I wish you were coming to Oregon so I could get the book signed.

  • While not a Husband my best friend doubles as my yarn boy. He detangles,does icky math bits I don’t wanna, is willing to drive 4 hours each way so I can meet a famous blogger or go to a class. He is reformed yarn enabler turned into a yarn pusher. I absolutely refuse to ever make him a sweater ;>

  • I love that garter stitch blanket you are holding, interspersed with the flecked yarn. Is that in your book too? Sounds like a real treat.

  • Oh crap! I missed the caption contest! Too much work, too little time for blogs.
    My copy of your book arrived yesterday. It’s lovely, simply perfect. I’m in love with it. 😀

  • What an auspicious moment…I’m going from a lurker to a comment-er. I loved meeting you both at Seaport Yarns, have loved your blog for more than 2 years(I check it daily!), and love your book…pre-ordered, greatly anticipated, read and read already. Much success and thanks for some high-quality knitting entertainment!

  • I would so dearly love advanced notice of appearances in the South…
    I hope your book sells like madness. MADNESS!

  • I’ve got my fingers crossed this tour is coming to Arizona? I’ve got a room for you to stay in! I’ve got knitting shops that would welcome you! Um, I’ve got chocolate and tea and booze too. What else can I use to bribe you?

  • Heels, I think Ann and Kay will be at Why Knot Knit in Atlanta sometime this summer, maybe it’s August? I’m sure there are other locations as well, but that’s the one I know of right now.

  • I bugged the people in my mailroom so much they had no choice but to send me an email to let me know my order with your book had been delivered this afternoon just to get rid of me.
    Happy now. Very Happy. Hee.

  • Noon of what day?
    Please come to Seattle!

  • Love your book! Hubby came home from a trip to the States and brought me MDK – I couldn’t put it down all evening. It is so great! And guess what else he bought (thinking I could make socks with it – not) — dishcloth cotton! (Time for the theme from “The Twilight Zone” to play now…) Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  • Any Westchester or Connecticut appearances in the works?

  • Ann, hope all of the fambly is safe and sound near storm ridden Nashville.
    Travel safely,

  • Dear Kay!
    Here are some captions for your contest:
    “I would like to teach the world to knit in perfect harmony”
    “Kay & Ann in 2008 for President”
    “Steal this Book”
    “Its all her fault!”
    LOL… Amy

  • My dear ladies: you have a photo of my blurry baby!!! That is dear Skye, the child underfoot like a cat. I could not be more pleased. My brain still isn’t functioning properly (I pretend that sometimes it actually does work), so I don’t know what to say and am all in a tizzy, but I was so delighted to meet you. Margene beat me to the punch, but that’s just fine as it saves me from having to remember my own blog’s URL. Best of luck on the rest of the trip.

  • Oh please, oh please, come to Connecticut!!!

  • Talk about serendipity…I preordered your book (last year!) and it came in the mail on Friday. Imagine my delight as I channel-surfed Friday morning and caught your interview on Channel 3. Of course, I don’t know what Channel 3 is in your area. But you both were chatting with a woman who seemed to be pretending to knit. Kay, I think it was you who told her to never mind her mistakes, you’d fix ’em later. Ring a bell? Anyway, loved seeing you “live”. Read through the book last night and loved the photos, the “stories”, the patterns, tips and rules. I’ve enjoyed your blog for a year or so now and having the book is like having a little piece of you in my very own hands. I’ll be gentle! Best of luck with sales and tours and thanks for sharing your lives and work.

  • Girls,I had an absolute blast… I am so happy that i met both of you and the entourage of yours 🙂 hee..hee.. I love it authoresses have an entourage.. you are famous 🙂 more to write say and do after I get back from Hilton head on the 24th.. have a wonderful holiday time.. on both sides of it 🙂 hee..hee.. hugs and snuggles from Karola (in the heart of Harlem)

  • ps I forgot to let you know.. I’m friends with Alison yup the one that designed the lovely nighty and robe 🙂 i miss her all the way up in New England 🙁 i know it is for the best.. and she is having a great time.. hugs karola