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  • Can I get special consideration if it’s my birthday on November 18? (I will be 48!)

  • Hey, how unfair is it that we New “yawkahs” can’t cwallify for a prize . . . . .i’ll be there (wherever there is)

  • Let me know if you need me to translate my Joisey-ese. I know it’s sometimes difficult for you people on the other side of the River. (Just be grateful I didn’t pull out the Philly slang. You’d be lost for sure!)

  • Well drat – wish I cuold go back and add my email address. That’s me out in Walnut, CA – the one wearing the crawfish costume.

  • Love, love, love the Friends of MDK map. I was just going to do a little blog reading and get busy on the knitting but I can’t stop looking at all the pictures! Kay, isn’t this cutting into your Durrow time? 🙂
    P.S. I would be beside myself pleased if you could wander over to my new blog.

  • That’ll teach me to follow links while I’m eating breakfast. I suppose the word ‘vultures’ should have alerted me….

  • How exciting! I’m so there (as is Grumbles). Oh, and um, please go and check out my new blog too!

  • some people just cant read the instructions and end up getting it all wrong…
    But here it is in the correct way: “Hej fra Danmark, Kay’s bedstemors hjemland.”

  • This was great fun despite the fact that I can’t my pic to upload. Maybe because it is 6 am and I haven’t had any coffee. Thanks Kay, this was a hoot.

  • What, nobody from Fair Isle yet?
    This is great fun!

  • there WAS a photo there, i swear. 😉
    bonne fin de semaine everybody, today i’m– well, knitting for rememberance day and for peace.

  • Ya’ll, that is so much fun. I donated a Katrina photo to the cause, as I’m the only one representin’ from the hinterlands. And Katrina really does spell “Raa Knit”(s) Or “A Knitar.” Or “A Ra Knit.” Or “Knit A Ra.” Whatever the hell that means.

  • Okay, but I got the deal from At Knit’s End Kerstin and so I am not the only cool kid on the block. I love it! I have gotten zero work done! I have readers in Isreal! A Dakota! Down-Under! Who knew?!
    Did you know you can add all the pictures to your site in a scrolling format? Next on my list. I wanna win, gots to find a good picture. ta-ta.

  • FYI for all who care, I ordered my yarn from the Fiber Gallery and they are willing to order other shades if they don’t have what you want in stock.

  • Oh man, now I have SOMETHING ELSE I have to look at all the time, in addition to my dogster account and my email…
    I DEFINITELY don’t have time to knit a sweater NOW! 🙂

  • Me! I’m there! Look at me!
    Too bad I didn’t read the rest of the way down before I posted. I think Butternut is farthest as far as urbaneness goes.

  • I might not make it to be the farthest away poster, but you’ve got to admit I’ve made a very good effort. 😉

  • Yes, Frappr is quite fun! Thanks for showing it to me, and thanks for adding your pushpin to my map!