We have exquisite yarns for all the great patterns

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  • I’ve just emailed suggestions but there was a bounce back saying that the deadline has closed! Is it still an automated response since last year’s round?

    • Same thing happened to me! It must be automated.

    • Back in business! (We had the vacation responder on.) Your nominations have been received!

      • I second the nomination for hand knit bags!

  • It’s always fun to see my friends’ and co-workers’ confusion when they see my excitement about March Mayhem. It’s almost like they think I’m talking about some sports-related event or something! As if…

    • One of the guys I used to work with became elated for me when he found out that I too have a spreadsheet for March Madness, even though it’s knitting and not basketball. I thought that was very sweet.

  • Looking at the photos from last year’s March Mayhem reminds me that there are so many things on my To Make list that I haven’t knitted yet!

  • What Robin and Pennie said!
    I’m excited! It was so much fun last year.

  • March Mayhem is my absolute favourite! So much inspiration.

  • Looking forward to this year’s Mar h mayhem. Great fun and a good way to promote a new pattern. MDK has some fabulous posts, March mayhem is a favorite of mine.
    Thanks again.

  • Being an Elisabeth fan, I am so excited about the Cocoknits approach. There are too many excellent patterns

    • I’m THRILLED that you’re considering the addition of socks!!!

  • Yippee! March Mayhem is coming!
    I don’t have pattern suggestions but I would love a pattern category for hand knit bags.

    • Another category suggestion: toys and dolls. Seems like a lot has been published in that line recently.

  • I love this activity; so exciting.

  • Could the design have multiple outlets for purchasing the pattern?

    • Yes, as long as it meets our eligibility requirements.

  • I had such fun with last year’s March Mayhem that I made a bundle on Ravelry for patterns published in 2019 that I loved so I’d have my shortlist to nominate for this year.

    Alas, my “shortlist” is eighteen patterns long…Ann and Kay, you are too cruel to limit us to only 1-2 nominations 😉

    • What a good idea! I’ll try that for next year.

    • Can we have an award for “Best Idea Ever?” I love this and am going to do this now!

  • OK… if this screwed me up it might prevent others from submitting nominations. The email address with the AT instead of @ sign is confusing. Should be [email protected]

    • Spelling out AT is a common way to post an email address on the internet. This is done on purpose to help keep it from being picked up by harvesting bots. “Dots” are also typically spelled out.

  • Of all the wonderful things you do at MasonDixonKnitting, March Mayhem is my most favorite. Every year it has introduced me to a dozen or more new patterns to favorite, and from them I have gone on to purchase a half dozen and have knit up three or four. So much incredible content in the knitting world, and you guys are the best curators! On behalf of those of us who mostly knit sweaters and accessories, I hope you’ll find a way to still have brackets for sweaters, neck/shoulders, and head/hands – I need those ideas for the coming year!

  • I nominate the Soldatna Crop by Caitlyn Hunter! Color inspiration by Dana Willliams-Johnson.

  • i also got a bounce back. Have now managed (hopefully!) to have submitted my choice – Oak mittens by Dianna Walla. These mittens look contemporary, yet still retain an element of tradition about them.

    It would be nice if this year:

    1. You can ensure that previously published patterns don’t appear – last year (or was it the year before?) a pattern appeared by Kate Davies that she had previously published in a previous year. Kate has form for this, in that she occasionally re-publishes patterns in a collection or she slightly changes them, then re-publishes.

    2. I would query whether the likes of Caitlin Hunter, Andrea Mowry, Kate, Isabel Kraemer, Jenn Steingass to name a few need the exposure that March Mayhem gives as it is designed explicitly to provide exposure to indie designers and these designers are so well-known that they don’t really need the exposure. This may help newer designers and BIPOC designers etc to break through a bit more, especially as I think that Ravelry’s algorithm favours the better known designers. I should state that I am a fan of many of these afore-mentioned designers’ work (and have loads of Jenn’s patterns in my Rav queue; it’s the top-down thing that puts me off – most top-down patterns look like they are throttling the model, and on a busty lass like me it’s not a good look!)

  • Hi when will the first brackets open for viewing and for voting please? So excited for this to start 🙂

    • Thanks for your excitement, Elaine! The complete schedule and the bracket will be published on March 13th. Signing up for Snippets (and making sure it doesn’t go into your Spam folder!) is the best way to stay updated. The Snippets sign-up window is at the bottom of every page at MDK.