We have exquisite yarns for all the great patterns

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  • So. Much. Fun! March Mayhem! A new Field Guide! Bang Out a Sweater! No January gloom when y’all are around!

  • So, this may be a dumb question but…
    Should we have knit said items that we would like to see nominated? Or can we nominate something we have been eyeing and drooling over from afar? (but realize we have too many things already on the needles and are trying to be a reasonable knitter, for once, this year. )

    • No need to have knit it yourself! Eyeing and drooling qualify!

      • Perfect! Lol!

  • Another procedural question here….if the categories are changing, do we need to know what they are going to be, in order to nominate appropriate patterns? or will you, the august judges, determine the categories after sifting through all the nominations?

    • August judges lol! We’re going to set the categories after nominations close, so yes, please nominate anything you like!

  • This seems like a great opportunity to for intentionality in promoting the work of all our amazing designers, including people of color!

    • Thinking the same thing over here! Now I have to schedule some time to look and nominate.

    • You beat me to it! Yes, let’s increase the visibility of POC designers, as well as those from other marginalized communities, and give their careers a boost by nominating some of those who might otherwise get overlooked.

    • Yep. That is exactly what I did!

  • Question: if I want to nominate more tha 1 pattern, do I send a separate email to y’all so the pattern name will appear in a separate subject line?

    • That would be really helpful—thanks!

  • I found MDK moments before the voting began when Elizabeth Doherty announced on Instagram that she had made the bracket with the hat I had just knit. I have Loved.Every.Day of this year with MDK! Really looking forward to this year’s bracket!

    • Elizabeth’s hat is so fantastic—such a cool design. Makes my day to hear that you’ve been having fun with MDK. More to come!

  • I ❤️ MDKs MM!! I realize why there are many good reasons to omit free patterns, but I was wondering if Knitty.com patterns might be an exception for many reasons. It’s curated and tech edited by experienced and talented people, it strives to showcase ediger & new takes on knitting as well as providing a platform for new and talented designers (Ysolda got her start there), and because if it’s quality and reputation already established designers, such as Norah Gaughan have designed for them as well. Also I think Knitty is an important part of the history of American knitting, and it’s contributions exposing knitters to new ideas, techniques old and new, at it’s inception and beyond, giving it a spot next to Barbara Walker, Elizabeth Zimmermann, Maggie Rhigetti and others. Perhaps MDK’s Jillian Moreno & Franklin Habit might have more thoughts to add? Btw, how come Knitty isn’t in her MDK bio? Just a thought. (Also, allowing it in doesn’t mean it’ll get in.) TIA!

    • Hi Marilyn! We had to draw a line somewhere, alas! Knitty.com will be forever a treasured place, for sure.

  • Beautiful! Love every single one in this blog!!! This will be a hard vote as I found 2018 robbing me blind with all the beautiful patterns I bought! There was great creativity and just stunning, amazing designs that had me blacking out and reaching for my wallet at every turn. Congratulations to all the designers for giving us a great year of design and you well deserve to be paid for your hard work!!! Stunning does not even tough the tip of the ice berg for the designs 2018 produced. Love you MDK you make knitting so much fun!!!

  • Can’t wait to see the final list in March – the selection last year was amazing!!! So little time and so much to knit…

  • I still haven’t recovered from all the beauty contained in last year’s MM – I don’t know if I am ready to move on – lol!

  • Hi! I have tried to email a nomination several times but it keeps getting kicked back. I’m using [email protected]. Am I doing something wrong?

  • NEVER MIND!! I left a letter out. Sigh. Thanks!!

  • It was so hard to only pick 1 or 2 patterns to nominate! There were so many gorgeous designs published in 2018…I can only imagine how hard it will be to vote on the eventual bracket!

  • I so enjoyed following along last year. I sent my nominations today. Two young and fairly new designers.

  • Did we break the internet? My nominations for March Mayhem keep bouncing back as undeliverable!

    Also, I can’t get to the site via the daily update link — had to find the main MDK page and “back into” your daily post that way.


    • Yesterday’s link got yogurt spilled on it so it didn’t work right. ; ) Your daily New Post Notification ought to be working OK today.

      mdkmarchmayhemATgmail.com (use @ in there) is the address for nominations–we’ve received hundreds of nominations, happy to say, so please keep trying!

  • I have just submitted my choices. I would say though it sure wasn’t easy (I have over 300 items in my Rav queue, although admittedly not many of them were first published in 2018!). I haven’t knitted either of the items, but funnily enough they are both steeked (though they aren’t complex); I have a nasty feeling they are both top-down too, which I have been avoiding like the plague due to a number of reasons, the major one of which is the funny necklines (notice how it’s really difficult to get a proper scooped neckline with a top-down sweater?)

    I would mention a couple of things though:

    1. It would be nice if less well known designers were highlighted. Do Kate Davies, Andrea Mowry, Caitlin Hunter et al really need the exposure?
    2. Re Kate Davies, her Fantoosh shawl did pretty well in the shawl rankings last year. This shawl had been previously been published prior to 2017 and was re-published in the Happit e-book (my guess is on the back of the Book of Haps).

  • March is here. Will you be putting up the brackets soon?

  • When is the date this all starts? I’m afraid I’ll miss it – it would be nice to know!

    • Finally thought to check their Facebook page. A post there says it starts March 15 — tomorrow!