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  • Loving the scarves.
    I will second your exhortation about blocking. My recent experience with Harrisville New England Knitters Highland left me gobsmacked at how the yarn changed once washed. You would not think they are the same yarn. It was like Ball Park Franks–they plump when you wash ’em. Transformed, I tell ya!
    The mitered towel is looking very HoJo, and I mean that as a compliment. Makes me want a clam roll. so very much.

  • What is mistake rib and how can a manage it on my own? Love the look. Want a scarf. 🙂

  • so I am all set to leave a witty comment but when I click the comment button and read Other Ann’s, well let’s just say there comes a time when you just know deep in your bones your own limits. I am very clearly outmatched in the witty department. And now, even though I have never tasted a clam roll, I want one too.
    ps. also wondering exactly how many sexy young male relatives you have?

  • Inquiring minds want to know: is he single?

  • Maggie at 9:44, google “mistake rib stitch” and the first hit will give you instructions.
    Will you share your handsome young male relatives for posting with knitted objects? You certainly seem to have a surplus!

  • send him to florida
    leave the noro on the beach
    and go dipping in the gulf
    kay and ann hope you check out
    fiber arts magazine web site
    contest on for quited post cards
    by feb tours jours gai
    your new book is my christmas book

  • Thanks Laura!

  • Joshua is exceedingly CUTE! Also, love the mistake rib, the Noro looks great in it.

  • He is cute, he wears handknits without wincing, and he is a sox fan….there was a time when I would have tackled him on the street! He should have his own sidebar!

  • I think I like that scarf more than the usual ribbed ones. Nice change up, Kay. Any of these boys single and interested in (slightly) older women? 😀

  • You are right! There is something about a young man who can carry off a handknit photo shoot. Look at all those mags/books – RARELY can a professional model handle it. These guys know who they are and know how to show off a scarf!

  • I see the Noro gods have blessed you with veg-matter-free silk garden, but alas, I’m knitting with some now and I’ve definitely had to pull out a bunch of bits. Luckily this came right after knitting with some lanolin and hay-crusted worsted, so the silk garden was still paradise by comparison 🙂

  • Hey! I’m middle-aged (gasp!) and I say “dude.” But then again, I have teenaged and preteen boys. “Dude”s fly hot and heavy at my house! I can’t help it!
    Scarves are bee-u-tee-ful! And the guys aren’t too bad lookin’ either.

  • I love his scarf and I love his hat even more!

  • Go Sox!!! And nice scarf, too.

  • A Bosox hat in New York? This is one brave and confident young man! Knir him another!

  • A Bosox hat in New York? This is one brave and confident young man! Knir him another!

  • You are related to / know some lovely looking young men 😉 They and the scarves are beautiful!

  • Tell the handsome models that all the kniiter ladies in cyberspace say “How YOU doin’?”

  • Tell the handsome models that all the kniiter ladies in cyberspace say “How YOU doin’?”

  • I’ve been knitting up a pile of your mitered towels and putting them with various dish rags made from patterns from your two books and they are making wonderful gift sets for relatives and friends! Thanks so much. I adore your witty and charming books and all the ideas in them.

  • I’m sorry if this is a little awkward, but cute boy + knitted scarf + Bosox hat (despite the fact I live in NYC) = my new crush.
    I know that’s something I would have said when I was much younger (I’m 27)…but seriously, if i weren’t dating someone I’d be all over that in a heartbeat.

  • Cute, cute, cute! I like the change up in the ribbed scarf. I’m still resisting the Noro…

  • Guy Models: Lucky you!
    Mistake Rib Scarf: So validating as that’s what I
    made for my niece.
    Shrimp pink and baby green: Made for each other!

  • The scarf looks great, and I love the big shrimp with a little green.

  • Bring on the young hotties ‘n knitwear. Why not?

  • Love the mistake rib version. (the other items are quite nice too.) I made a mistake rib scarf, solid color, for my sister. It’s a really nice stitch pattern. Very simple, but adds a lot.

  • Does Joshua get to keep the scarf?

  • As the mother of four sons, I have had plenty of opportunity to use them as models for my knitwear, regardless of ow humiliating that might be.
    Here you will find photos of my youngest son wearing his adult Christmas tree hat. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/nhoran/christmas-tree-hat—adult
    I made this splendid chapeau so he could wear it at his restaurant job during Christmas week. Surely people will say things like, “Honey, give the waiter an extra $20 in the tip. Obviously the poor lad is related to some demented knitter who has lost her perspective on what constitutes appropriate Christmas garb to be worn out in public!” OR “Mommy, Mommy, don’t let that man with the scary thing on his head near the table!!”

  • What a dashing young man! I aspire to one day reach the holy land of mothering a young boy – for now, we’re hunkering down in the midst of the terrible twos. At least I have my knitting!

  • i like what you shake up with the mistake rib & the Noro-2-row; i’m nearing the midpoint of a plain 2-row ribby one and – while i do like it – the colour changes aren’t coming quickly enough for me to get excited about ’em.
    going to bed:: tomorrow morning we’re having a knitting workshop at school, for christmas!

  • Nice hat, Joshua!

  • Although the Noro scarf is beautiful, you had me at Red Sox hat.

  • More eye candy! He gets extra points for the Red Sox hat of course.(I’m a Massachusetts gal.) Red Sox! Whoop! Whoop!

  • I think you should just find a bunch of cuties to model scarves – give us the 7 scarves of Christmas or something like that. You don’t even have to write that much!!

  • Glad I’m not the only one commenting about the model… How old is he?

  • ‘The 7 Scarves of Christmas’? OK!! However, why not go all out and make a calendar–“The Men of Mason-Dixon”?? Your scarf models have been quite inspiring, to say the least, almost as much as the scarves themselves…
    (Look, dude–uh, Kay–being ‘middle aged’ doesn’t mean I can’t at least look, nu?)

  • were you up by columbia? i just had a sudden pang of familiarity with the granite and the boxy hedges … sigh.

  • Hi there,
    I have been reading your blog for years but never left a comment. However, I so much like the colour of the noro 2- row scarf and it is speaking to me from your blog – this one I will have to make for my husband!
    Please tell me what colour and quality Noro yarn it is – I hope I can buy it in London.
    Many thanks

  • I think you’re just trying to get Franklin all hot & bothered with these darling guys in knits…just a theory….but the guys AND the knits are handsome things!

  • I’m disappointed. I was wishing for a Mrs. Robinson story.

  • I just found your blog, and have to tell you that there is a house up the street from me with the same aqua and salmon colored trim! It doesn’t look so great on a house (the house’s salmon is lighter), but looks okay for a dishcloth!

  • Lovely scarves, handsome young men and snow scenes. I don’t know what else you could have done to make this an award winning entry other than somehow have hot chocolate appear next to my laptop. ;-]
    A very Happy Holiday to you and yours!

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