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  • Oh. My. Lord –!
    Little Edie -!

  • I can’t even express how fabulous you two are without profanities unsuitable for a family blog.

  • Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. And who wouldn’t want three socks? One always gets a hole eventually.

  • Is it too late to get it nominated for an Oscar?

  • How long did it take you to train Kermit for his role? Perfection in a feline actor!
    Absolutely effing brilliant. What else is there to say? x x x

  • Any father would be proud. Great show biz piece.

  • I’m laughing hysterically here! You guys are wonderful! I can’t wait to share this with my fiber buddy for a preview of our future lives together. Awesome job and best wishes for success on the new version of your excellent book! I am going to go watch it again….

  • Echoing the other commenters, this is absolutely brilliant! You two are such talented actresses.

  • So will you be rocking those outfits next Rhinebeck?
    You know, the other day I was showing David my sock-in-progress and I actually said I was working it “toe-down”. Prescient, I tell ya.

  • A masterpiece! I just about died laughing.

  • Crying with laughter, I am.
    Brilliant !

  • …laughing so hard I had to go get a crying towel AND a cup0beef noodle to carry on…

  • OH! That was brilliant! Brava, gals!

  • Good thing I am snowbound in No. Virginia so I can watch it over and over again. After four days at home my bedroom looks like the one in the documentary. That’s a good thing isn’t it?

  • O.M.G. The outfits! The sweater on the head! I’m dying, just dying, I tell you! You people are hilarious. Knitting for the cat you love, indeed!

  • Now THAT’S a book trailer! So nice to see that Carrie and David are using experiences as Children of Famous Knit-Bloggers to help others heal.

  • Hilarious! Absolutely brilliant. You two are full of so many good ideas.

  • Oh, thank you, thank you so much for this little gem. Just what I needed this morning!

  • You’re a couple of “staunch” women. The Edies would be so proud. Thanks for the laugh!

  • oh my goodness you two have surpassed yourselves – this is amazing!
    i love it!

  • Oh Lord!! Fabulous!! Hilarious!! This is so over the top! Thank you! (What are the rainbow items in the box at the foot of the bed?)

  • OMG!!! I am SOOO glad I’m in my office all alone today. People would wonder what was going on, since I’m laughing so hard.
    Do you still have a copy of KNITTING FOR COUPLES? I think I need to get that book for my husband! Maybe then he’ll get off my back about the stash, but then he’d probably also abscond with the best of the yarn for his own triple-sock project…

  • The makeup artist deserves the Oscar for this one! And the sweater-on-the-head stylist. I would totally buy your joyful paperback, but I already have the hardcover…
    So, ahem, will we now see some knitting on this here knitting blog, hmm?

  • This is brilliant and hilarious! You have made my day; it’s a good thing I am alone in the house or the kids would think I had totally lost it.
    You two are amazing and I, for one, look forward to many more books.

  • Brilliant. BRAVA!!!
    The piano interlude might be my favorite scene. And oh, the costuming.
    (socks from the toe down.really)
    xox gale

  • p.s. I hope I shot Carries author photo in her tell-all.

  • Truly wonderful!!!!! Poptarts, The headboard, The perfect outfit for the day!!!

  • Thank you thank you thank you!
    What fun. You guys are truly wonderful.
    Keep on having fun.

  • The camera loves you.

  • I had to stop midway through (Knitting for the Cat You Love) because I was laughing so hard AT WORK! Finally a way to reward my faithful feline companions for all the perfect holiday and birthday gifts over the years. Will watch it again from the privacy of my yarn lair!
    Knitter’s Book of Tencel — Brilliant! Can’t wait to see what gems lie in the second half!

  • BRAVA!!!

  • Too too fabulous!

  • Absolutely Gobsmacked by your brilliance. And 3 socks is a good idea b/c one always wanders off.

  • You two crack. me. up. Love the headboard 😉

  • Wonderful! So many ideas for home decor (the curtains, the headboard). So how I want to be when I get old(er).

  • Well, I have seen my future realistically depicted. Will not show video to Husband! He’s nervous enough already. Good job, ladies.

  • I started laughing before I even watched the Premiere! Very funny, and now I have a strange longing for Beef Cup o’ Noodles.

  • Dead brilliant.

  • brilliant! aran lingerie. omg.

  • Funniest. Video. Ever.

  • I love it! Special oscar goes to the cat! Whose stash is that by the way?

  • Heelarious!!!!! Knitters should not take themselves too seriously. Great fun!

  • I was having a horrid morning, these brightened my day.

  • Hilarious! Interesting coincidence too since I just watched the original Grey Gardens doc. yesterday!
    Keep up the great work! Yours are the books on my bedside table!

  • Kay: Sharing the cracker with your cat was the highlight for me. You guys are too much! Mazel Tov on ALL these “simchas”! And my best to Olive!
    xoxo – LB

  • I’m apoplectic!

  • how could you possibly film this without laughing hysterically each time you looked at one another ? how many takes did it take ?
    very funny

  • Avatar is just lucky you held this until after awards season. The competition would have been ‘fierce’!….Pat

  • Loved it! Watching this with my morning coffee was the perfect wake up! The cat getting the Lean Cuisine was my personal favorite!

  • Y’ALL!! Some of us have to be in the office on a Tuesday morning. This is not safe for work on account of all the laughing and coffee snorting.

  • Absolutely brilliant ! Loved the, ‘socks from the toe down,’ bit. Can I join your club ? !

  • That was GREAT!!!!

  • You two are hilarious! Do we need to stage an intervention?

  • Agree! Love!!!

  • I looove the blocking board as headboard. And skeins of yarn as hatband.

  • You two are genius’ (genius’s, genii, whatever) and your creativity knows no bounds.

  • Thank you for so many laugh out loud moments!! That was a blast!
    There were so many little details, little in jokes to enjoy. I’m going to have to go watch it again.

  • So great!!

  • Thank you for brightening up my day! I can’t wait to share this. Fabulous!

  • Hysterical! Congratulations on Mason-Dixon Knitting in paperback! 🙂

  • I see nothing wrong with this lifestyle. Was this supposed to be funny? This is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle. I’m wearing a sweater on my head as we speak.

  • My co-workers now think that I’m a lunatic. I’m crying from laughing here in my office. Thanks!

  • You guys are a riot!! Thanks for the laughs. Ann and Little Edie – separated at birth?

  • Wicked funny!!

  • SOOOOOperb ! I’ll buy all those books when you get round to writing them :0)
    Heather x
    PS Is it wrong that I had to play it twice ‘cos the first time I spent the whole time saying “Wow ! They sound really American !” Like this is news …… Clearly I need to expand my little parish pump horizons.

  • Oh My God!!!! I am on the floor here – that was hilarious

  • Yes, yes yes yes yes. Spectacular.

  • Extremely moving. Highly evocative. Perhaps a wee bit…scary. Two thumbs up – way up!
    You are SO funny 🙂
    I hope you are knitting something nice (and grey) for Susan Eslick.

  • This is the best!! I LOVE the details – so much to look at. Hilarious!

  • Oh, what a HOOT, you two! But the room is just a mite too CLEAN. Clean clutter is NOTHING. It’s the dust, cobwebs, and rotten pizza I was looking for. 😀
    Just one question: Are the pages of the new paperback waterproof, so I can take it into the bath?


  • Aran lingerie! Oooh, the itchiness! Loved that video–lovely headgear all around.

  • Hysterical! The book titles alone are a total crack-up-every one of them. You two are too much. Still laughing.

  • Brilliant and hilarious.

  • Oscars all around! My eyes are tearing up with laughter, and I haven’t even watched to the end yet.

  • HILARIOUS! I’m not sure how you kept from laughing while filming. How blessed you both are to have a friend you can film with.

  • You gals are so damn multi-talented! Must note that at my all-grrrl dance party Saturday (which went on despite the blizzard, because it was for my 50th, dammit) I used a felted box to collect donations for Love Without Boundaries. XXO
    PS> I haven’t even seen Grey Gardens.

  • Oh, thank you for being there, and for having so much fun with it all. You’re truly a delight! The sweater on the head, oh my! And the hat, with those dangly bits. And the Lean Cuisine. Well, it’s just all perfect!

  • Can I be you when I grow up?

  • Tears, tears, all the way through – haven’t laughed like that in don’t-know-how-long. t h a n k s

  • You ladies bust me up!!!! A riot!! That was great! Hope you both have a great day.
    Keep up the great work!
    (p.s. I am making another Kiko Mariko floor mat for my car, using Alice Starmore’s motif’s along with your pattern for Ravelympics)

  • What a Hoot! Luv it!!


  • in other words if we do not buy your books now
    this how you will wind up in 2040—
    another down turn got the yarn shop i presume
    and no robotic needles that knit by mind control
    but then you could be a display case in moma
    in 30 years i think kay has keefe fasset
    stashed in there some where-tour jours gai

  • Oh, how totally fun and funny! I love it. I never pegged you to as the crazy cat lady types. I’m looking forward to the cat knitting book….
    Both of you were just, well I can’t even describe what you were…Kermit did really well with his part.
    Loved the future book written by your kids, nice touch.
    Looking forward to the continuing saga.

  • I laughed. I cried.
    Mostly I laughed, though. A lot.

  • This looks more like the present at my house than the future. My cat, who could be Kermit’s stand-in, might not WEAR handknits but certainly appreciates them in his own way. I think the time has come for your innovative new titles, but maybe that’s just because I have been snowed in in No.VA for 4 days, too. Now I’m off to cast on 3 socks on 2 circs …

  • Where’s the agree button?!
    So fabulous, in ways great and small.

  • That was priceless. Thanks for the giggles.

  • HY-larious! Grey Garments is my new fave documentary. You have the Edies down pat, with such a creative knitterly twist. Thanks for a great laugh.

  • Ann, I am saddened to see how things have turned out for you and Kay.
    I have always been one of your biggest (and quietest) fans, but now I just don’t know what to say…
    I wish you could knit me a hanky.

  • You girls are a hoot!!
    Thanks for bringing some laughter to my snow covered day.

  • So over the top!!! LOVE IT!!!! Extruded fiber. The headboard! CAN’T. STOP. WATCHING.

  • GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Totally LOVE this! You two are the best.

  • Too funny! It’s kind of scary how the two of you locked onto Edie and Little Edie. Yeesh.
    I’ve started knitting just one sock so that I can say I’m completely cured of second sock syndrome. Three seems excessive, and toe down? Seems like toe up in another guise.
    Going to go check to see if there’s any Cup O’Beef left in the back room…

  • Perfect, just perfect! Lordy, you two know how to make my day!

  • Socks from the toe down! ROTFLMAO! I supposed you’d be knitting either 1) invisible socks or 2) inside out socks!

  • I laughed out loud! I’m still laughing out loud! Perfect silliness!

  • Well, Kay, I never realized just how much we look alike. Or maybe it’s just our sartorial style? Poor Ann, with that sweater on her head. The color did nothing for her.

  • thank you Big and Little Eddie

  • So. Very. Brilliant. Well done, ladies!

  • my fav bit is the cat eating broccoli….

  • This was freaking awesome!

  • FABULOUS! What talent. What insight. What handknits.
    Look out Drew. Stand back Jessica.
    Mason-Dixon Knitting is in the house.

  • Please don’t give up your day jobs. Wait a minute, those are your day jobs! Highlarious.

  • At the very least,the wardrobe mistress deserves an Oscar. And the beef-and-brocolli scene! The bookcovers! … must stop laughing and breathe …

  • What a hoot! Thanks for the 7+ minutes of entertainment. You two are great! 🙂

  • Encore! Encore!

  • Love the future book titles – can’t wait for their release.
    It’s grey and raining outside, but this was a ray of sun. Thanks.

  • So many kinds of awesome, I can hardly describe my reaction!

  • You know. Here in Wisconsin along about this time in February we start to see this sort of thing. Someone will dress up a cat in a nightie or threaten the milkman with a small pistol and before you know it the neighbors are whispering “she’s gone shack whacky don’t you know.” Yup.

  • Now I have to go out and buy all of your books. Hilarious!!!!

  • Too much you girls are too much! XO

  • Hilarious!

  • I can’t wait for Aran Lingerie. Would be useful this winter!

  • This is priceless!

  • So much humor, creativity and musical talent tied up in two! Thank you for sharing your slightly warped genius with us all.
    (My guess for location would be a guest bedroom in Ann’s house, based on the presence of the cats, the absence of Olive, and the film maker’s voice as he asked the questions.)

  • What a hoot! thanks for the laughs. I loved the turban/sweater around the head- spot on.

  • u guys r too much!, but in a good way 🙂
    fun- E!

  • The funniest thing I have seen in a long time; you totally made my day! Kudos to Kermit for his impeccable timing too.

  • So fabulous – love the poptart and the cats.

  • It’s a good thing I watched this alone. I was shrieking with laughter and tears were coming from my eyes. Knitting for Couples…..*snort* Thanks you two!

  • You guys do kill me. I’m afraid I might look a bit like that one day. The costumes were great. I’m loving the Little Edie meets The Flying Nun look.

  • Words cannot express how much this just brightened my day – thank you!

  • Genius, pure genius.

  • I watched tensely. Does this mean that you are quitting the blog and no more books on knitting? Have you seen a possible future and have decided to run madly in the opposite direction???

  • I was chuckling through it and totally lost it at “Aran lingerie”.
    I loved Grey Gardens, but I thing Grey Garments is better!

  • I love all the famous mason-dixon knits scattered throughout. And for cold days like today, I could definitely use some Aran lingerie!

  • Wonderful!

  • Too funny! You two are hilarious.

  • I am exhausted from laughing, and at work, no less. Bravo! You really captured the 2 Edies. I’ve only seen the original documentary and thought that was a laugh riot…until now!

  • ladies- you have lost it!!! and i love it! congrats on the paperback. get some rest.

  • I love you two! I may have to buy a copy of the paperback, even though I have the hardcover (and the warshrags to prove it!)….

  • Fantastic. Seriously. I will be spreading the word posthaste.

  • You two are so creative; what a great way to announce Mason-Dixon Knitting in paperbook. Congratulations; keep the videos coming.

  • Ladies- you are brilliant. That’s was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait until it goes viral.

  • Okay- you have hit the top- you can not outdo this! AMAZING

  • I’m gob-smacked. Loved it loved it loved it loved it!!!!! Can’t imagine the fun you had filming it – ha!

  • I wonder if the new movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0758751/ will be this good? Thanks ladies,

  • That was fabulous! I am thinking of trying the blocking board as a head board idea – and the shawls in the windows! And now I’m thinking perhaps I’ve lost my mind?

  • Too funny! You girls make my day, again and again!

  • I’ll take all the third socks produced from your book (am on crutches and only need one for the forseeable future!)…. Fabulous film!

  • Poignant. Poignant is all I have to say. And telling–telling, too.

  • My 1-yr-old got excited about the cat.
    My 5-yr-old was impressed with the mess level of the bedroom.
    Totally a fun family film!

  • OMG!! This was the most awesome thing you ladies have ever produced!! Thank you, thank you.

  • Brava! Bravissima! (My son would like to know if the Cup o Noodles are all spoken for and if there are any Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts left over.) I know it said Ann and Kay in the credits, but are you sure it wasn’t Drew Barrymore and Susan Sarandon?

  • That looks like my bedroom, minus the cats. You gals are too much, thanks!

  • Loved it! Tears, etc, just like the rest of your devoted fans. But I’m wondering if anyone else noticed that the couple on the “Knitting for Couples” book cover were both men? Am I right? Good for you! Men can be couples too!

  • Brilliant! Knitting book trailers will surely be the new trend and you have set the bar high. I am so green with envy.
    Brilliant, simply brilliant….

  • “People have 2 feet…2 feet!” luv it 🙂 next time I wanna be in the movie

  • This is the funniest thing ever…. I am so laughing out loud! Just a riot.
    thank you!

  • It’s my birthday today and I love your book.
    Wonderful day to have the book come out in paperbook.

  • Guys, it only gets funnier on each watching!

  • You Grey Garden ladies are hilarious. But I still think you can “get the joy back” if you would just do the dishcloth book. And/or the afghan book. Maybe a bag bag…. Please?

  • Despite no raccoons chewing holes through the walls, I laughed myself silly over the Grey Garments video. It’s not enough that you two are so wacky, but you’ve even engaged Merle Hazard in your adventures also.
    It is fortunate for you two that this video documentary appears on You Tube in the year 2040 and your children are now adults. Had the Child Protective Services folks seen this in the year 2010, all of your children would have been whisked away immediately!
    Congrats on a great documentary,
    Mary G. in Texas

  • Please, please, please do more!!!! Don’t ever top writing and videoing and blogging! Loved it!

  • Soooo much better than the knitted undersea diver’s mask…at least I could relate to these beautiful ladies!

  • Oh that is too wonderful! It is brilliant. Can’t watch it enough! The Academy needs to rethink nominations. I have to agree with Elizabeth…never stop.

  • You two are hilarious. If I didn’t already have the hard cover edition, I’d run right out and buy the paperback! Kay, you turned me on to Grey Gardens several years ago–thanks! And I think your version is fabulous!

  • Sheeee-it. I for one cannot wait until all those books come out, providing that you’ll do promotional video for each of course. But, just in case I don’t like another 30 years, would you possibly consider the Aran Lingerie one for next year? Thanks.

  • Oh. My. Goodness. Has it been a long winter, ladies?

  • Sick. In the very best sense of the word. Just. Sick.
    I love it.

  • Goils! You’re killing me!
    Did the cat get union wages?

  • Hilarious! I can’t wait to watch it again. Brilliant!
    I just bought your book (and am buying the yarn for the Moderne Baby Blanket as soon as I burrow out of this snow!).

  • Can’t help wondering: whose stash is that, scattered all about?
    Love you two!

  • You guys are Brilliant! And deserve Oscars for keeping a straight face. Thanks!

  • Loved it! Can’t wait for the full-length feature film!!

  • You brought sunshine into my snow storm day !!!!

  • Brava, ladies! Hilarious and shrewd.

  • I think I just peed my pants.

  • After the laughter (and crying) my thoughts turned to the YouTube commenter who thought the “I didn’t knit that for you” crooners might both be men. What will that poor person think now??

  • OK, I’ve never written a comment on your blog before now, despite reading it for ages.
    But this took the cake.
    Maybe it’s because I watched the movie version of Grey Gardens just two weeks ago and it’s fresh in my mind, but you guys NAILED it.
    Well done, ladies, well done.

  • You guys are really funny. I started wondering if you were being portrayed by actors. Hi class movie making!

  • Y’all are too funny. Thank you for getting my day off to a great start.

  • Oh.my… love, love, love, love, love!!!

  • This is wonderful! You are both the best. I start each day with a visit to your blog (once I get to work!). Thanks for all you do.

  • Love.

  • Thank you for that! I’m getting chills thinking what we’ll all really be like in 2040… and we have the same Matisse 1001 Nights…

  • This was absolutely fabulous!

  • This confirms it. You two are nuts! Wonderful, but nuts.

  • OH MY GOD – without a doubt one of the funniest parodies I have ever seen. I am laughing so hard that I am crying and having the dry heaves. I will be useless for the rest of the day at work. The similarities are just too spooky: the makeup on Little Edie, the hat ribbons on big Edie’s hat; the fabric cutting head board for the bed; the voices; the sweater for hair on Little Edie – I could go on and on and on and on. I did see the real Gray Gardens on DVD about 2 months ago.
    My DEARS, you all belong in the Smithsonian’s Yarn Dept. along with the Hope Yarn and the hand knitted First Ladies Dresses and Shawls.
    How much oregango did you have before you shot this historic film?

  • Y’all are soooooo sick. Not right in the head. And what’s wrong with Tencel anyway.

  • Everytime I watch it – I notice something new (the blocking board as headboard is HILARIOUS) every time I watch it. It get’s funnier each time.
    Kudos on you guys getting the tempo and tenor of their dialogue PERFECTLY!

  • Wow. Thanks. I watched Grey’s Garden last year.
    The best part: 3 socks on 2 circs. You two ladies are so creative and funny.

  • I don’t even know what to say, gobsmacked. Amazed. Stunned stupid, I am. Brilliant work again. In a new medium. You two are scary talented. My husband, hearing me snorting and laughing, even watched the whole thing. Granted he didn’t get it all (aran lingerie) but we’ve seen Grey Gardens and he’s seen my stash. He got enough! We both laughed but I roared. Thank you so very much.

  • I only wish that I did not have dial-up, because I’m dying to see the video!

  • Aran lingerie! I want me some of that! Thanks for the giggles!

  • But Kay – why didn’t you sing?

  • Unbelievable!! Is that a Rowan “Emmeline” on Ann’s head?

  • Everyday I watch it and find something new to laugh at. You go, girls. Tonight, Kelly had to come watch it to see why I was laughing! Too damn funny.

  • De-light-ful!

  • Well that is very very silly.
    Tea hea hea.

  • Funny(1,000,000,000)! “And so sarcastic!” LOL!!!
    Love it! Congrats on the paperback release!

  • Drew’s got nothing on you ladies. Loved the blanket on the bed. I haven’t seen that in a book yet. Next?

  • Oh no you di-n’t!!!
    That is both hilarious and very disturbing…
    Congratulations on the paperback edition!!

  • You two do not disappoint!!

  • 3 socks on 2 circs!
    Aran lingerie!
    The hats.
    The curtain made me have a flashback to when I knit it. That’s a Spring Break I will never get back.
    I just love this movie almost as much as I love you two.
    Mazel Tov.

  • Brilliant! Ladies, better knit up something for Oscar night! Best Short Documentary Film of the Year goes to Mason-Dixon Knitting!

  • Knitting From the Toe Down…I’ve never laughed so hard.
    You two are brilliant!!!!! Play on Little Ann…

  • You two are PERFECTION! Have to catch my breath from laughing waaaay too hard. Kudos!

  • That is so funny! I love it!! You ladies are amazing!!

  • NAILED IT!!! Even my husband was laughing. You two make my day brighter on a pretty darned routine basis. This was SUPERB!

  • Thank-you!
    You ladies are wonderful!

  • Love it!
    It’s great to see you using all your talents, you are funny girls.

  • Holy cow. This is a scream. Thanks for the much needed laugh.

  • Bwwwaaahahaha!!! Ann does a perfect Edie.

  • Yeah. We’re all headed there. Let me know when the 3 socks on circs comes out, because that looks really good…

  • I adore you guys.

  • OH.
    This is fantastic! OMG! I *LOVE* this!
    Oh Ann. I always said, ‘If only could write knitting books the way you play the piano.’ LOL!
    How much do I love this? Couples knitting, aran lingerie, socks from the toe down….

  • Oh god, that’s hysterical. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to catch on to you gals, but I’m sure glad to be hopping on the bandwagon now!

  • Oh.my.freakin.God!!!
    You girls keep topping yourselves!
    Love y’all…

  • How, how, how could you keep straight faces while taping this?

  • you gals are stitch ! I couldn’t stop laughing!

  • I aspire to be one of these women in a few years. I’ll hang out outside your apartment with my bags o’ plenty o’ knittin’ and pine away to chill there. I can even bring my own soup. Or at least a jar of peanut butter and some crackers. Not those little bitty kind with the sticks for scoopin’, unless that stick can double as a knitting tool. 🙂

  • Absolute genius!!!!!

  • DearKayandAnn,
    J’adore you.

  • How do you get the guts to try sock knitting again when the first sock you ever knit got a hole in the heel just from putting your foot into it the very first time?

  • My husband was cracking up the whole time saying, “It’s you in 20 years!”

  • Great work, girls. Absolutely love it! I see something else every time I watch it again…..
    You rock!

  • Awesomest. YouTube. EVER. You guys are amazing!!

  • OMG!!! Ya’ll are just so clever! This was rich! BRAVO!

  • How can I make my husband understand it is perfectly reasonable to want a cleaning lady-so I will have more free time to knit?

  • The best laugh I’ve had in weeks! Even though I have a hardback Mason Dixon Knitting, I may just need to run out and buy a paperback! Great marketing, girls!

  • I want to end my days like this.

  • Absolutely hilarious and spot on. Loved Big and Little Edie – you nailed it!

  • When is the full length feature film coming out? 🙂
    Absolutely brilliant book promo, if only more authors could be like you two in their PR!

  • you guys are great!

  • I’m going to reiterate the sentiments of probably 90% of these comments, but this is freakin’ awesome.

  • OMG! Perfect! I laughed–I cried!

  • That is without a doubt the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in my entire life! It is both absolutely hilarious and utterly terrifying. How many of us are a few yarn shipments away from living this exact life!!?? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Love it!

  • Oh my goodness, that was hilarious! I watched Grey Gardens with my mom and am going to send this to her right now! Love the sweater-cum-headwear with the brooch….so Edie! Ack, so funny!

  • this is too much, simply too much!!!!:)

  • what can i possibly say that 236 knitting commenters haven’t already said…..
    “warai ga tomaranai!!”

  • Ha!!! Three Socks on two Circs….I think I heard Jackie O knocking on the door…but you were so ‘wrapped” up with your dish rag you missed it!!!
    Sooo funny.

  • I love your outfit Ann. Your show made me crack up. I love your books.

  • Hilarious. I especially liked Knitting for Couples!

  • Definitely one of those layered masterpieces that demand repeated viewings — ideally in a proper cinema with a 35 mm print, but youtube will do nicel in a pinch. The Woody Allen-style end credits only caught my eye today — brilliant!

  • Hilarious I love this. It reminds me of that documentary of the Famous (somehow related to kenndys i think) family mom and daughter that still lived on the beach in a house falling apart it was hilarious (even though it was there real like) not sure if that was wht you were going for but its great I love it!