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  • Why not tell Kaffe about it ?!
    He doesn’t have a contact e-mail [sensible man !] but if you wanted one of his paintings you’d talk via Brandon,so that route should work.
    [email protected]
    Before anyone gets hysterical that e-mail is in the public domain already.
    The quilts look incredible.I really like the madras stripes.Herb had a lot of snazzy shirts !

  • Ohhh…Ahhhh… Madras. I thought of you fondly a few weeks ago when I purchased a beautiful book of Gee’s Bend Quilts. The shirts look just lovely in their new setting.

  • Ann, you like goats?
    You like candy and goats?

  • That quilt in that center pic, with the madras stripes/blocks, is gorgeous. I’d have to say Elmira is raising the bar on Kaffe–he should know about it!

  • ….hanging out on the carpet…. that goat has the right idea!…..true blue madras et al is so handsome with the pin stripes….elmira’s work is brilliant!

  • Elmira is breathtaking! What gorgeous work on the quilts – and what dedication! If you ever head down to Greenville, you’d better take pictures and share’em! As if we’d expect anything else…

  • Emma–Maybe I just will track down ol’ Kaffe. I think he’d be happy to know he’s got stuff cooking in Alabama.
    And Julia–Oh, yes indeedy I love a goat. They have such strange eyes, and they can be so friendly. I’m the one at the petting zoo talking to the goats while the fellas wait impatiently. Those goats happen to be Elmira’s–very fine goats, I think.

  • I love madras. Kaffe does too; I remember reading it in one of the ancient volumes of The Tome of Rowan. Which begs the question, if they can make denim yarn that feels like real washed jeans, why can’t they make a madras equivalent? Just wondering.

  • Great quilts! Kaffe would be jealous.

  • The strip quilt with madras is making me FREAK OUT with excitement.
    Just wanted to share that. I like all the other ones too, but what I want to know is how Elmira knows when to put in the plain blue strips? For therein lies the genius! She’s amazing. Thank your lucky stars for the crappy fishing! xoxox Kay P.S. ROAD TRIP!!!!

  • Oh wow! Those quilts are amazing as is Elmira. just… wow.
    Anyone know if there is a way to quilt a cat?
    Details at http://www.dorkybestfriend.blogspot.com

  • What fabby quilts! Elmira has outdone herself – I especially love the Madras one with the bar shapes. It must have been so difficult to arrange all those colours – blows my brain just comtemplating it!!!

  • Those quilts are amazing, and so is Elmira. Although I think the goats take the cake.

  • What a lovely story. The quilts are so beautiful. I wish I had had that idea when my mother passed away. It would have made cleaning out her apartment so much easier.

  • Holy cow! I am from Greenville, Alabama. It is not a place you see mentioned often o nthe internet. I don’t know Miss Elmira, but those quilts are amazing!

  • I can’t stop drooling. And the fact that these are Grampy’s shirts just gets me every time.