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  • Should we call it “Jonah”? My 7-year old niece would be crawling into that and making a fort!

  • Love it!

  • Okay now, is it for a person or for a fish? Either seems equally…likely 🙂

  • It’s gotta weigh a ton! Pretty darn cool, though.

  • How absolutely fabulous! I knitted a ‘normal’ sized one of these last year and my daughter loved it. Wait til she see this baby. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • ” !”

  • (I can’t find the right words! but I love it!”

  • We have a lot of knitting time between October and April here in the upper midwest. Uff Da!

  • I don’t think I have time to knit one of those before our fair in October. That is AMAZING!!!

  • Could this qualify for knitted upholstery if stuffed and sat upon?

  • How utterly FAB! Go Donna Clark!

  • The only thing I love to do as much as knit is read–read a mystery recently that included the fish hat as the pattern in the back. The knitter who did this one has been very busy!

  • is this what the owl and pussy cat caught
    when they went to sea

  • No, that isn’t a HAT, it is a CAR COZY!

  • I would love to see the size of the person who could wear this hat.
    What an amazing accomplishment.

  • I think it needs to be on a head to be fully appreciated.

  • Knitted critter hat contest?

  • um – if that’s not the record holder, I’m afraid to see what is.
    I love the stripes. Thanks for sharing…

  • Now THAT is a stash-buster. :->

  • Am I the only person wondering how large the one she is trying to beat was??????

  • Where would you put it in your house? I don’t even have a yard big enough let alone room inside to knit it! The sad part is that I probably have enough yarn.

  • –Hey, is that the “original” topper for the Cat in the Hat?
    –Looks like another old fish story to me.
    –You shudda seen the one that got away.
    –Deep in a meddy in an itty bitty pool swam three little fishes and a momma fishy, too..
    –Hey that’s SOME rainbow trout!
    –Do ya think she ever had to “frog” that fish?
    –What size did she knit the bait?
    Now I take heart for my own seemingly impossible project, a scarf knit from fingering yarn on (#2 or #3) needles, just a “take with” project (probably to be completed in winter 2012…). My scarf is small potatoes compared to that hat.
    Thanks for the great pics!

  • I like the “attempt” part of the description. Like, is there an EVEN larger fish hat somewhere?
    I wonder if she knit it in one piece and almost smothered herself in the act, or if it was pieced together at the finish. What makes it not flop?
    Someone needs to tell her to write in to you.

  • Several commenters have opined that this might be a piece of furniture, car cover, etc., for, who could wear a hat of such size? As a born-Minnesotan, I can help with that. It is for Paul Bunyan, a giant lumberjack who has a blue ox called Babe. Not sure where he is right now, but there’s a statue of him in Brainerd, MN.

  • I am wondering if as Donna knit, she fed the fish only state fair food. That would explain why the fish grew bigger and bigger and poor Donna had to knit more and more. Obviously, this is one fish that did not walk off its deep fat fried cheeseburger.
    Really, though, I want to know if this busted the stash or not???

  • I was at the fair last night and took a photo of the fish! It is awesome!

  • That is the biggest knitted fish I’ve ever seen.
    (It might be the only knitted fish I’ve ever seen.)

  • As far as I can remember, this was a group project at a knitting store; customers came in and knit on the project when they had time. The owner displayed the fish in the town’s summer festival, and I guess the State Fair people asked her if they could display it at the Fair. It’s quite something, isn’t it?

  • Speaking of knitting (okay, not exactly like there are so many other topics on this particular blog, but hey…)
    For anyone who listens to Way-FM and their affiliates (they are based out of Nashville I believe), their morning show has a knitting project for you!
    Here’s the Ravelry group and info:
    I still want to call it “Operation Knit Runner”

  • I LOVE when people do this… just because they want to!

  • I LOVE when people do this… just because they want to!

  • So happens I am just up the road from that big fish state fair!! D’ye think I can miss my daughter’s college convocation to see it?? I can’t resist a building called Creative Activities–

  • What do you think the cruising speed was, to get this in on that trailer?

  • I can’t be the only person who heard Ann’s hubbo on the BBC in the middle of the night?! Go Merle Hazard!

  • I was at the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday, and I nearly fell over when I saw this thing. Really, friends…it is beyond words.

  • Holy…. COW.

  • As a native Minnesotan now transplanted in Texas (culture shock extreme), I can only say I am deeply proud of the lovely Minnesotan who knit that. A testament to the long winters and stubborn nature of the people of my native beloved state!

  • What amazes me is that someone has established a record for the world’s largest knitted fish hat.

  • WOW!! I just happened to scroll down to the post with that “cool” calendar. It was an August 31st post, but the calendar now reads TODAY’s date: Sunday, September 5, 2010! That’s amazing! (What gives?)

  • I was just at the State Fair yesterday. I can’t believe I missed this!

  • You MUST all see this video about the fish. I adore these women and it gives me a huge laugh every time I see it, so I keep it in my inbox for just such an occasion. Go Lindstrom knitters!

  • I live in the town were this was knitted by a group of ladies at our LYS. I watched as it was made I`ve seen it up close and I can tell you its pretty dam cool

  • Thank you for these great pictures. My mother-in-law, an avid Minnesota knitter, has worked at the State Fair for years on the setup of the Creative Activities Building. Naively, I forwarded your post to her…. and she wrote back:
    “Did I ever see it?? It arrived in large box – it weighs 150 lbs. We walked around it all week while setting up. . No one knew quite what to do with it. They finally put it above the display window of sweaters and stuffed it with all of the paper that is on the tables during the take-in and judging. It arrived unstuffed.”

  • Do you know if this was hand knitted or machine knit? I’m really curious about the mystery with the fish hat pattern at the back – do you know the title of that book?
    Wow – I am overwhelmed!

  • Hey, hey, hey! The calendar from the 8/31/2010 post just changed again to today’s date! That is sooo cool!
    Now I know it changes daily, and probably will forever!

  • Thank you for posting those pics and thank you to the person who posted the link.
    LOVE IT!