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  • Kay,
    Could you please explain what “knit on the bias” means? Now that I am obsessed with knitting Log Cabin Squares, I feel the need to know every possible variation!

  • Hi Melissa–To make a bias square, you cast on 3 stitches. Then, you increase one stitch at each end of the row, every other row, until you have a triangle which has 2 legs that are 8 inches long (the ‘hypotenuse’, which is the part on your needles, will be longer). Then you decrease one stitch at each end of every other row, until you are back to 3 stitches, which you cast off.
    This method yields a perfect square, of any size, in any yarn. I have had success mixing yarns of different gauges, too.
    Sometimes, though, being me, I still manage to end up with squares that, while perfectly square, are a half-inch off in either direction. The secret to avoiding this is…..MEASURE!!! I have a huge laziness problem. Sometimes I think, this looks SO like 8 inches, why should I remove myself from the sofa, where I am so firmly rooted, just to confirm what I already know? I’m SURE it is 8 inches. It looks just like the LAST 8-inch square I knit (which it does, but that one wasn’t 8 inches either).
    If you switch colors at the mid-point (when you start decreasing), you get a fun square composed of 2 matching triangles. If you switch colors every 2 rows, it is easier to keep track of whether this is the row to increase (decrease) on. (If you’re working in all one color, it is hard to tell the right side from the wrong side, so put a pin on the right side.)
    Easy-peasy and oh so fun. Marnie included quite a few of these in her trunkful o’ squares.
    Emma, as always, had the elegant solution. xox Kay

  • Pretty sure this is the first use of the word ‘hypotenuse’ in a knitting blog.
    Get on with your bad geometric self.

  • Thanks for the bias knitting directions. I love your blog!

  • The stripes look very nice; it gives it a subtle texture. What did you do when you switched colors at the row ends?
    Thank you.

  • Lydia, Because I alternated garter ridges, i.e., every other row, I was always changing colors on the same side. So I just dropped the color I was using and picked up the other color from two rows down.
    Ann, Hypotenuse is one of those words that if it didn’t exist, it would be really hard to explain what you are talking about. I know, because I was trying, before I remembered ‘oh–there is a word for that side of the triangle! I learned this word in 8th grade and haven’t used it since!’ xox Kay

  • Such a heap of afghan squares!
    I really must pull my finger out & get off the procrastination wagon I’m on. – I’m now blaming all the opiate-type things that are swimming around my v. pregnant bod for making my brain & motivation go to mush – it’s my best excuse & I’m sticking to it!
    I just Love Ann’s corrugated ribbing – it’s a stunning & beautiful effort – painstaking & horrid to do, but it’ll make the rest of the fairisle thing seem dreamlike in comparison!
    Glad to hear you survived Disney too – we saw & overheard some amazing “how not to parent” techniques in Ikea on saturday – kept hubbo smiling & sniggering for hours on the drive home!
    Of course, we’ll never be the harrassed parents bellowing at their kids in the supermarket… Oh no, not us…. (yeah, right!)

  • Ooh just in case everyone thinks I’m drugging myself with morphine or something, I’m not – honest! I was referring to the endorphins & hormones & make-you-need-chocolate-&-bagels-at-4am type things that your body just seems to produce for you in pregnancy.

  • Jo, I can’t see you, of course, but I’m sure you’ve got ‘The Glow’. Just the fact that you found an afternoon at IKEA to be entertaining would indicate that you are existing, these days, on a Higher Plane of Enlightenment.
    Keep the hormones flowing, xox Kay

  • kay…. thankyou for sharing your wealth of information in regard to those novelty squares, and everything else in general! re the bias example, do you slip the first stitch at each side to make picking up easier for log cabin-ing the edges, or just garter the entire row? and i love the 2 color idea… it softens the appearance. such daily inspirations! xo’s, carolyn

  • Love the squares, found the flight back from DW to be the most irritating part of the experience, tired, overstimulated children in broken Mickey ears being manhandled by now-penniless and exhausted parents. Every time I visit family in Cocoa, I dread the return flight. What’s the deadline on the squares, I have some great stuff in the stash that would lend itself to the project.

  • Dear MOG, You’ve got plenty of time, but it sounds like you’ve also got plenty of stash to work through. We are collecting squares for 6 months, and we started in February, which would put our last monthly yarn drawing at August 1. But the sew-up parties will be some time after August 1. So the concept of ‘deadline’ is kind of fluid.
    Thanks for knitting and de-stashing (and in the way of all flesh, re-stashing) with us. xox Kay

  • Jo–It’s the amnesia-inducing opiates of early babyhood that I really loved. At least, I think I loved them. I woke up one day, and David was six months old. How did that happen?
    And MOG, yeah, my four year old’s “you’re not the boss of me” proclamation came within an hour of our departure from our hotel. And yes, it was made in the three-story-tall atrium lobby, at a volume that literally stopped all traffic. Which is hard to achieve in a place like Disney World. One older lady sitting across from us looked on, chuckling at the whole miserable scene.
    A low moment.
    And Kay–Still marveling at the infinite possibilities of the square. Jinkies.

  • While reading another blog of someone participating in the Afghanalong, I saw a mention of the fact that there is no button for this knitalong. I hadn’t noticed. But now that it’s been pointed out to me I feel it’s absence. Any button plans? 🙂

  • When I do the knit-on-the-diagonal thing, I simplify by making my increases (or decreases) at the *beginning of each row*…you always know where you are! 🙂

  • Jessica–We are painfully aware of the Afghanalong’s lack of a button. We’re working on it, but we’re not exactly competent at button manufacturing. I could knit one up for you?

  • Sorry, I’m the culprit behind those wayward squares. Too much knitting lately, not enough sleep. Glad you got them!

  • Button? Did I hear button?
    P.S. to Kay: Hello! I’m a dork. I sent your package off and guess what? Forgot to include a 20×20 square. Le sigh. Please remind me if you don’t receive another envelope from me in three weeks’ time…

  • keister!! LOL!! haven’t heard that used in a while!