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  • Go and watch the CELTICS! I know it’s too much to ask that your recent trip to the Homeland would have turned you into Red Sox fans, but surely the Celtics have drawn you in.
    I love the Peabody Museum.
    I love sailing. I will go with you anytime.
    Glad you had a great time in the land of the Cabots and Lodges.

  • It’s summer? Somewhere? Freezing cold in Seattle. My knitting project is too darn summery

  • It’s summer? Somewhere? Freezing cold in Seattle. My knitting project is too darn summery

  • He even looks to be frowning with his eyebrow cocked.
    I think your knitting looks wonderful. I’d love to be able to knit like that outside.

  • It’s definitely wool season here in the Pacific NW. I took my log cabin to a meeting tonight, and got two logs done. Big ones. Your Donegal sweater-to-be is gorgeous.

  • He is watching you. I’ve never seen such a still pond. It looks humid.

  • You’ve brought out all the PNW people with complaints of heat. We’re barely cracking 60 in Seattle.

  • Your Donegal elicits gasps of wonder from the muggles in my office. [And also, of course, from me]. I knit wool all year round. We are starting to have near-100-degree days, sandwiched in between windstorms and Endless Mugginess. What am I knitting? The Flared Lace Smoke Ring that brooklyntweed had on his blog a few weeks back. In Jojoland Cashmere. Because you can hang meat at my desk at work.

  • I too am knitting a great big hunk of wool. What the heck, we knit what we must, and it’s best to finish our woolies now, instead of having to knit them when we should be wearing them!
    I’d love to go sailing with you in a schooner!

  • You came to Walden, and didn’t seem me, too???? I haven’t been over there yet this year….how is the odor? Stupidest thing the Town of Concord EVER did was give that pond over to the state, to make into an over-used state beach, ruin the water, and oh, does that sand start to smell…..
    I drive past the pond every day bringing my son to school (watching the pre-work swimmers cross the road, they are just starting to not wear wet suits)….DS goes to school in one of the prettiest places in the world!
    But you DO know, don’t you, that HDT went home for dinner frequently, and to bring his mom his laundry?

  • Maybe the real reason someone invented Air Conditioning was so that they could knit with wool no matter what time of the year it is! (You would think it was for the overall well being of millions, but that would just be too much common sense!)
    I love that you and your kiddos visit locations of historical value! When I was young, those were, with few exceptions, the only type of vacations we took as a family. Hated every minute of it, but looking back, they were super vacations, and now I want to drag my own child to see them.
    Perspective is everything! Keep knitting wool in the summer (just think cool thoughts while you do it)

  • Who disparages the beautiful spiraled sweater? Infidel! If the sheep can bear it, we can bear it.
    Ok, calming down thanks to the hypnotic birch’s gaze.

  • I’m sure that Stevie Ray Vaughan and Slash both had knitting moms that sat too close to be embarrassing at their early gigs.

  • When I was near Plymouth rock my relations informed me that some folks take pieces of the rock home with them and the rock is half as big as it was when the Puritans bumped into it back in the day and that is why the poor thing is encased. A question, do you always feel like somebody is watching you? Heh heh, now sing along “I always feel like sombody’s watching meeee”

  • It’s a wet 50 degrees in Portland, OR, and we’re expecting hail this afternoon. Keep the Donegal pictures coming!

  • Did you put a pebble in the pile?

  • Hey, it’s WINTER for half the globe now, and those of us suffering through a gray and rainy Sydney June love seeing pictures of thick, warm jumpers against a blue sky!

  • I’m thinking maybe I need to start a summer project in hopes of bringing summer to Minnesota. What a long cold spring – the Donegal looks just right. And way lovely, too.

  • Hey, my 12-year-old’s band just debuted! But I missed it (I would have been knitting in the audience too) — I was at a work meeting and it was the morning of the last day of school (not much notice from the preteen either, may I add, but I think that almost goes without saying). Apparently it was a stunning success. However, it would be harder for them to play in the park, with two electric guitars (she plays one & sings), a bass and a drum kit. But maybe they could work up an unplugged version….
    Watch for “Sunday Afternoon”, a deceptively idyllic name for a hard rock-tending-toward-metal-if-the-other-guitarist-has-anything-to-say -about-it: their debut song was “Holiday” by Green Day.
    The eyes are watching you. Love the tree.
    And it’s your lap; if Donegal wants to be on it, more power to you! And it! It’s lovely. Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be, Donegal.

  • Keep knitting…I’ll suffer through!

  • love the postings from new england
    what you missed the riot at fenway
    i envy all the yarn shops have
    you made it to webs yet
    you could come to florida and set sail
    97 degrees today knit a teeny you know what
    but not until november when the ships arrive

  • I’m in for a knitting sail any day! Thanks for the Plymouth rock update, and I love the sweater.

  • I love reading about trips in my neck of the woods, though I have to admit that I’ve never made it to the yarn shop in Salem. I’ll have to rectify that when I go up for the Wild Fish swim (after double checking that they’ll be open that day).

  • Y’all are so wonderful, Ann and Kay. Your book never fails to give me a lift, and I’m so looking forward to the next one (pre-ordered!). Thank you for sharing your awesome selves.

  • This entry is mildly jealous-making (but with much goodwill). Everything, including the knitting, looks fanriffic to me. Go, Metal Confetti!

  • If you have time, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord is well worth a trip. In “poet’s corner” you can see the graves of Thoreau, Emerson, the Alcotts, and Hawthorne. And, it’s gorgeous. The Alcott house and Emerson houses are both open for tours, and the Battle of Concord and Lexington visitor center has a great video/live reenactment. Your kids will kill me, but the Longfellow House in Cambridge is also a great tour.
    My parents are history enthusiasts, and let me tell you, I never want to see that dang Freedom Trail again. (Until my kids are old enough to suffer through it of course!)

  • I fully get your sweater obsession: I’m knitting a big ol’ piece of blue Aran madness in Texas. Sometimes outside in 98+ degree heat. I’m fairly sure I’m crazy, but it’s the only thing I want to knit right now.

  • …”not to be confused with Led Zepplin”–love it!
    Look, Ann, I really admire that you are knitting THE sweater. If the heat doesn’t bother you, what business is it of anyone else’s, anyway? Isn’t that why the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, religious–and knitting–freedom? (for some of us, they’re almost one and the same…)
    So, as EZ would say, knit on, with confidence!