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  • “Who among us cannot benefit from a little futzing?” indeed.

    New website (gorgeous, by the way) and deep philosophy. Loving it!

  • “So much of life is just Good Futzing.” Put that one on a bag and I’ll buy it 😉 So nice to have you back in my feedly feed 😉 Off to futz my way through the day.

    • too many emoticon smileys — sorry.

  • Truth!

  • Just beautiful. Does everyone think this method is better than picking up and knitting the next miter square?

    • It is more portable- especially when you get always in. You could pick up a strip or 4 squares worth, then seam those.

      • I meant “aways in” – thanks autocorrect for screwing me again. I’m so happy that my knitting doesn’t attempt to autocorrect !

        • Sometimes I wish it would, less reverse knitting!

  • wow

  • There is no knitting without futzing !