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  • Chartreuse! What’s not to love? Everyone should add a little to their wardrobe/home decor. It goes with everything. Really.

  • What ? No periwinkle group? Looks like I’ve found my calling.

    • Periwinkle is my favorite color too! Plus it goes beautifully with chartreuse!

  • Noooooooooo! Say it ain’t so! 😉

  • Time to join this Chartreuse group, Ann: https://www.chartreuse.fr/en/category/cooking/cocktails/

    • Ha! Well, this could be fun for us chartreuse lovers.

  • Is it green? Is it yellow? Doesn’t matter if it makes you feel mellow!

  • Chartreuse! That’s always been one of “my” colors. It matches my eyes.

  • It’s the first color of Spring!

  • Is it safe to confess that I once removed all the chartreuse from all the skeins of Noro Kureyon I was using to make a sweater? What really makes me remember this is that a totally unknown knitter approached me and asked if my sweater was made of Kureyon color 52 with all the green removed. There are some serious folks out there!

    Later, I used the remaining yarn to make some mittens. Several pairs, in fact. Which I gave away.

    • Love your story!

      • I’m speechless. That is the most amazing and hilarious knitting story I’ve ever heard.

    • Many years ago I removed all the orange from six Kureyon skeins. Took me awhile to work up the nerve to do it, guess at the time I was really worried the Knitting Police would catch me.


      • Hilarious!!! Good to know other people remove a color from Kureyon. I removed bright pink….Love to hear these stories.

      • We’ll go on the lam together!

  • Chartreuse does not go with my coloring, so the last chartreuse thing I remember having in my house was an Easter egg when I was about 11years old.
    I do remember from childhood a cousin of my mother who had a wife who could knit. They were an older, childless couple and were very sweet to me when I would visit. This lady could knit anything and had made gerself many knit suits, jacket and skirts. I was always fascinated.

    Also fascinating, Ann, are some of the knitting related stories coming out of “The Knitting Way”. I recently “liked” them on Facebook and have received several nice stories from their feed, and would like to share that information with you.

  • #teamChartreuse

    I loves it

  • The Chartreuse group welcomes you! Thank you so much, and if I anyone is thinking of joining, may I add that all shared projects containing chartreuse will get a little heart from the moderator.

  • That group isn’t gonna know what hit it.

    • Funny!

  • Chartreuse is not a colour I can wear near my face, but I like to look at it! I am a member of Grey Rules on ravelry, another group you might like!!

    • My favorite color is grey. It comes in so many shades, but my fav is fog grey. I’m off to Ravelry to join your group. Yippee…
      Chartreuse is quite the primi dona.

    • GREY? I LOVE GREY. AND GRAY. AND GREIGE. [runs off to join]

  • Chartreuse! Kermit’s color! Or as Kristin Nicolas and Classic Elite called it for decades, “Underappreciated Green.” One of my faves too – it makes any other color it’s put with simply sing with verve and sophistication. I wear it often but rarely knit with it. You and this group have inspired me!

  • Hmmm….I remember chartreuse from the 70’s. Those perfectly round acrylic grapes that were all the decorating rage. I look terrible in chartreuse so it’s not something I wear, and the only family member who would look good in it is my older son, who seems to prefer black everything.

  • Oh Ann! You are really boosting up the chartreuse group – and how fun it is that you found it for us! I loved seeing your feel as soon as I signed up and began to read the posts. And lovely cat.

  • My favorite neutral is gray, and chartreuse looks great with it, so I do use it as an accent color quite a lot.

    Funny thing is, yesterday I pulled out a cardi I made a couple of years ago and told my husband I was thinking of dyeing it. I have always thought of it as yellow, but D deemed it chartreuse and told me he loved it. So, it not only escaped the dye bucket, but I have it on today. He has a good eye….and he thinks it’s cool, so there ya have it. (But really, the cardi is yellow, albeit with a green cast.)

    P.S. I covet your chartreuse socks, Ann….gonna have to make me soma those….

  • first bikini was chartreuse velour. Way too heavy once wave drenched. For dry sand only

  • My first bicycle was chartreuse. My dining room is chartreuse. I’m so glad to learn about other chartreuse lovers. Thanks!

  • I once wore a chartreuse dress. My friend’s mother called it bilious green.

    • I’m with your friend’s mother, Lori. I once exchanged a gift of chartreuse Fiestaware for a more “me” color. Not only does it look awful on me, it is one of my least favorite colors. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  • I’m in the ORANGE group on Ravelry. We’re very cheerful.

  • I had a high school boyfriend who hated chartreuse. So my darling mother said I should wear a little every day, just to remind him and everyone else that no one can dictate what I like. I love hearing about other mothers who love chartreuse – it reminds me of my lovely mother.

  • I love spring-fresh greens like chartreuse, but I do find it a bit hard to wear (even though I look good in it). My fave green is Kelly green. I do notice that whenever I wear any kind of green, I get a lot of reactions from people (good and bad). Clearly quite a polarising colour!

  • Chartreuse is the French bulldog of colors. Everyone is ridin’ that bandwagon.

  • My mother called that color poison green