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  • Such a darling photo. Feeling the urge to knit the Moses Basket liner – know of no such need.

  • Audible gasp, smile, and melted heart from Maine.

  • Yup. This took my breath away with its sweetness.

  • What a sweet picture.
    Would that we could all have such peaceful moments!

  • I am SLAIN by the cuteness. DEAD I tell you.

  • I am SLAIN by the cuteness. DEAD I tell you.

  • I am SLAIN by the cuteness. DEAD I tell you.

  • Can someone check on Anna? Apparently, she’s dead and her computer is malfunctioning.
    But seriously, that picture makes my ovaries hurt.

  • There’s nothing like a basket with a baby in it, is there? She’s like a tiny fairy asleep in the garden under a cabbage leaf! So cute. My son Max used to curl up in the laundry like that. He’ll be thirty this June. Still cute!

  • Proof that a Classic is good forever.

  • Proof that a Classic is good forever.

  • Proof that a Classic is good forever.

  • Apparently, Anna and I have similar issues.

  • Wonderful!

  • whoa, the sweetness & cuteness is breathtaking. Is there a better tribute to handmade?

  • The projects in your and Kay’s books make MAGIC that lasts forever. Felted boxes, Moses basket– magic. And thank you for that. XOXO

  • That is so cute I want to throw up!

  • Awww…

  • Absolutely adorable! Agree with others that I feel the need to run off and knit one, when there is no “need” — now, anyways!

  • Pretty hard to top knowing you have knit a cocoon of comfort for someone. Of course, that child will be deeply chagrined when that photo is shown at her graduation/wedding reception, at least on the outside.

  • Aaaakkk — those little toes, those perfect little legs, and the thumb in the mouth, all curled up in a sleep snuggle! Tears in the eyes…

  • That picture makes me think of a little older version of an Anne Geddes photograph.

  • Way too cute! You should be proud!

  • fairy tales can can true if you are young in
    heart may she always be young in heart

  • Touches the heart….blessings abound.

  • Just as sweet as can be.

  • That is teeth achingly sweet. What a great picture. Thank you for sharing!

  • So adorable!
    I didn’t have a Moses basket for my baby, thinking he would grow out of it too quickly (he was too long for one of those infant car seats by the time he was 3 months old). Now 7 years old, he still manages to fold his body to squeeze into improbably-sized boxes! What is it about young children and cats and their love of snug spaces?

  • What a great photo. Sweet little angel in a Moses blanket/basket. I love it!