Your favorite MDK March Mayhem pattern + MDK yarn = a ton of fun ahead

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  • I love the patterns but I also love the various types of diversity – race, age, etc. – in the models. Kudos to the designers.

  • For me, this is going to be the hardest category to whittle down. They could ALL go on my needles today!,

  • Okay Im lost. I guess Im thinking of the auto brackets by the Sports media. I have to print yours and fill it out then? I can’t type in the choice online on your bracket page?

    • There will be an online voting system for the tournament. You can print out the bracket so that you remember your picks, or just to remember all the fantastic designs!

  • Like Debbi2, I love these patterns but my first thought was “real people” modeling the finished work. Thank you Ann and Kay for MDK, March Mayhem , all the cool,stuff do and inclusiveness in your pictures.

    • I believe many of these photos (which come from the Ravelry listings for the patterns) have the designer themselves — or sometimes their friends/family — modeling. There’s an awful lot of hard work, pitching in, and DIY behind the scenes of a pattern published by the typical independent designer, all the more reason to show them some support and buy their patterns!

  • More beautiful designs! I’ll admit I was bummed that neither of the patterns I nominated were picked, but I’m excited to see another design by one of the designers, Cetus Knits. She does mosaic colorwork so well!! I am partway through making Starry Night, a rectangular wrap also inspired by sari designs, and it is sooooooo fun to knit and looks beautiful. Dark River was already in my Ravelry favorites so I will definitely have to vote for it.

    Of course, a number of others here are also in my favorites, or are now 😉 In particular, Lumens and BK All Day are both itching to get on my needles right now. This category is definitely going to be the hardest to whittle down.

  • Best batch yet. I want to knit allofthese too!

  • I have read the other comments. It still doesn’t make sense to me. Voting starts today but I don’t see a way to vote. Am I missing something?

    • The voting instructions are in their own post, which you can find linked on MDK’s home page or by clicking here:

      Subsequent rounds of voting will probably have their own posts too, so make sure you are visiting the homepage at to find it, not older posts like this one that you may have bookmarked. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks for being so helpful Megan! Appreciate it!

    • Hi Theresa – the MDK Mark Mayhem current bracket lives here:

      When a round is open for voting there will be a big text block at the top of the page that says CLICK HERE TO VOTE NOW, which will take you down to the survey at the bottom of the page to submit your vote. (I included the link here, but it will only display the survey when the voting round is open. )

      The top portion of the bracket page is informational, you can find the Ravelry link to the page, a photo, our suggested yarns and why we love it. The actual voting portion of the bracket is a survey at the bottom of the page.

      Voting for the next round (#3) opens tomorrow, 3/28/19!

      I hope this helps!