Let us distract you with beautiful patterns that aren't in the bracket, and maybe some yarn too.

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  • savage heart is out?! Noooooooo! (lol.) That’s okay it is still in my queue on Ravelry.

    • I bought Savage Heart. I am thinking of using the Rowan Cotton Cashmere. I want it to be a summer top. My only favorites that are left are in the wrap category. And one of the hats.

    • Cristina’s Savage Heart, in Spud & Chloe Sweater, is perfection. Mine was perfect travel knitting last summer, and I wear it all the time.

      • Any pilling?

  • I feel like I should get a cool “I Voted” sticker! Continuing on my plan to buy one of my favorites that was eliminated in the round, I just popped over and bought Arrow. Been pulling out the bulky yarn to see what I have for Cardizen (Round 1 purchase) and it seems I have more than I thought.

    • I love Cardizen too!! In my queu for sure;)

    • I love that you are doing this. Arrow is going to be on my needles too, in Douillet.

  • Sheffield out? It’s high on my to-do list, along with For Fox Sake and…okay, so everything is incredible! So many wonderful patterns, thanks to all these amazing creative folks. Keep calm and knit on.

  • Arrow is out?!? *flips table*

    • I know right? We can still knit it. That is a great consolation. I also simply must make a wee Cardizen, just have to locate a wee person. Too cute at that scale, or any scale.

    • Oh, totally agree. I will buy and make it!

  • Wait – how did I miss the second round? I’ve obviously been way too busy this week!

    • Me too! There’s still a couple I love in it.

  • Wow, I feel very out of sync with the votes this year. I will be buying some who didn’t make the cut, for sure. Thank you for this wonderful mayhem.

  • Out of the Sweet 16, only 2 of my bracket picks didn’t make it! I wish my NCAA picks were half as good. I picked Tennessee to go all the way. D’oh!

    Your brackets are way more fun than those dumb basketball ones!

    • Only 10 of my 16 made it, but that’s an improvement over round 1 when only 12 of my 24 made it, haha

    • Go Vols!

  • OH… we are up to Round 3 already. I didn’t receive an email about Round2!

  • All 64 patterns are truly great, but I am disappointed with the lack of diversity in this round! We seem to be proving what some BIPOC and male makers have told us. Is it just me?