Let us distract you with beautiful patterns that aren't in the bracket, and maybe some yarn too.

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  • I was so excited to see Round 2 pop up in my inbox! It’s so interesting to see which designs advanced, and which didn’t. I think that I am the most disappointed that Pheasant Plucker did not make it out of the first round! I think that it’s a great whimsical-yet-wearable piece and it is destined to be in my hat wardrobe for next fall.

    • Me too.

    • I was rooting for Pheasant Plucker, too; it’s fun to knit, looks fabulous on, and my teenage son actually likes to wear the (rather subfusc) one I knit for him. I’ve knit two already, and am choosing colors for a third. Addictive.

    • Joining you in Pheasant sadness

    • I was pulling for Pheasant also

      • And I. That pattern is so unique in every way. I say that Pheasant lovers show Anna some love, buy the pattern and do our own KAL.

    • Totally agree with you, Laura. Along with “whimsical-yet-wearable”, it also had different types of knitting & a chance for great color work.

  • Agree-some of the round 2s were a surprise. Guess I am out of it. I was sure the Papa pullover would make it. It’s like seeing my alma mater blow it in the first round (which we do a lot). Glad to see Savage Heart in the cardi category.

    • I’m very sad Papa didn’t make it. I think a different choice of picture would have done the pattern justice. Still one of my favorite sweaters!

    • Thanks, Helen L for spoiling the happiness I’m feeling looking at such great designs by bringing up the NCAA March Madness and “blowing it in the first round.” I went to Michigan, but now live in Knoxville, TN, home of the Tennessee Lady Vols who, indeed, did blow it in the first round after making such a great run from 17 points down to 3 ahead and then giving up all that hard work in the last quarter. Sigh…

      PS You didn’t spoil anything. I just saw your comment and laughed and had to comment back in, what I hope, was a very humorous vein! Go Lady Vols and Go Your Alma Mater!!

    • There are several I am sad didn’t make it to round 2, and Papa is definitely one. of them. Lovely design!

  • I can’t believe Rumo did not advance—I pegged that as a quarter-finalist!

    • Me too! The construction & design were so cool! I too, had it going to the quarter-finals.

  • Rumo didn’t make it!

    That’s alright. I’ve ordered my yarn to knit it and am trying to round up a KAL at my LYS!

    So thanks for all the great suggestions for my que!

  • I was plugging for Pheasant plucker too. Also disappointed the cute Cardizen didn’t make the cut. But glad to see many other choices get into round 2. The problem is having so many lovelies to choose from!
    This is so much fun and so many knits added to my Ravelry Favorites.

  • This is fun! I too was a little disappointed to see some of the folks who were eliminated in the first round but remember–just like basketball, the ones who made it to the bracket in the first place are among the elite designer/athletes in our sport. As much as I would like to buy every single one of these patterns, I would also like to eat and have a roof over my head so my plan is to pick my favorite of the patterns that were eliminated in each round and buy that one after each round. Plus, at the end, the winner. Five new patterns in my library plus a whole bunch more in my favorites.

    One last quick note, in this round, I only had one spot where I had a hard time making a decision on who was getting my vote. For the record, I went with the pattern that had the most inclusive sizes.

    • Good plan re: the eliminated designs. Also, that’s a good point about the inclusive sizing. I admit that I was wary of the designer who called herself “The Petite Knitter,” wondering if her designs would actually suit Not-Petite-At-All me! As I chose, I went with: “Do I like this design?” “Would I knit it?” Most important, “Would I wear it?”

  • None of my 6 favorites! Yeesh, I’ve got to start working out. And choosing yarn.

  • Hmmm, looks like other knitters didn’t like the same patterns I didn’t like. Voting just got a lot harder!

  • Happy to see so many of my favorites advance – you all have excellent taste! – but was surprised For Fox’s Sake and Pheasant Plucker didn’t advance. Oh well. I will just buy the patterns! This is a fantastic idea, and gives me something to boast about at the office to further cement my position as the office weirdo.

  • I was thrilled to learn I picked 7 of the 8 pullovers for my best round yet. Now to buckle down and choose the next four—the competition is tough!

  • I have never followed sports, of ANY kind. So, I’m left in the dark on this one. But, the patterns are incredible as is the new book.
    Keep Knitting !

  • Jeez, you all have terrible taste 😉 I will admit I am sad that so many of my personal favorites didn’t advance— only 3-4 of each of my top picks made it through. In revenge I’m going to go buy Lumens, Einar, Happy Glamper, Natsu, For Fox Sake, Papa, and Rainy Drops….aaaaand my queue just got out of hand again!

  • Gals, is there a printable 2018 bracket for my files, a year later? This is such fun! XXO

  • I am a sweater knitter – not that I don’t knit hats, scarves, shawls and mittens/mitts/gloves – but sweaters are my love. Could that be why all but one of my pullover votes made it through? The downside — I have to choose and leave some lovelies behind. They say there’s no accounting for taste, but in a way, that’s just what this is — an accounting of taste. Congratulations to all those advancing, and all that got picked for the bracket in the beginning. Thank you for making it hard to choose.

  • I’m glad to see some diversity among your chosen designers.

  • According to the grid which I printed Round 2 shows we should have voted for 8 in each category. Round 1 had 16 per each category. I do believe your instructions for Round 2 left us somewhat confused because we were only permitted to vote for 4 in each category.