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  • Yes!

  • …and no, I haven’t waited up all night for this.

  • How many people have voted?

  • Oh this is so much fun! I forward to this every year. Thank you so much MDK and I think all of the designers are to be congratulated even if you don’t move on.

  • Wow! First time ever all my Round 1 picks made it into Round 2! It made voting easier, although it’s always a little sad to see patterns get eliminated. Luckily we can still knit all 64 if we want!

  • This is so fun. Thanks, too for the yarn pairings — it helps me a lot.

  • My bracket is already totally busted. . The glorious ‘losers’ and I will just be over here in the corner scheming what I’ll cast on next…

  • Oh man, my overall pick for the Neck category is eliminated! I’m shocked! Don’t worry, Relentless, I’ll be over here loving you, and adding you to my queue.

  • Most of the sweaters I voted for last time, didn’t make the cut. I must be really out of step.

  • Isn’t it the joy of March Mayhem than Ann and Kay collect a true cross section of what is highly memorable and appeals to many different tastes. My sweater selections are bang on but my socks and heads missed big time. It does mean I have had to make time(!!!) to examine those that are now through to the next exciting instalment.
    I would still like to know how many votes there were for the first round and what parts of the world those votes came from.
    Yippee my wool has just arrived for the Oban Cardigan.

  • I did better than I usually do – except I got hosed on shawls. All of my sweater picks made it.

  • One of the things I most appreciate about March Mayhem is discovering patterns that might not have caught my eye at first. Neither of my nominated patterns were chosen this year, and most of the ones who made the bracket weren’t in my Ravelry bundle of favorited 2019 patterns.

    But seeing what others are drawn to makes me give some patterns a second look. I’d put several patterns that made it to round 2 in that category, like Love Note (even if I want to make it longer because I hate hate hate cropped sweaters) and the Klastar hat.

    Still just a little bitter you all don’t like the Shik’is headband as much as I do, though 😉

    • I love Shik’is headband too!

  • I think my feelings were hurt when I saw that those darling Abeyance slippers didn’t make the cut. Never mind, there are always upsets in the early rounds. I’ve downloaded the pattern and will console myself by knitting a pair. Thanks for this annual fun!