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  • Wow, except for one sweater all my picks are still in! But I’m very sad to see Sorrel go, in my head it was the champion…
    This is SO much more fun than reading about viruses and epidemiology, I can’t thank you enough!

    • I love the beautiful japanese sweater and am anticipating much happy knitting and wearing! This is loads of fun!

    • Mine too! This has never happened before. Not my first choice in every category, but at least all ones that I liked.

    • I’m doing better than last year too! Happy knitting, everyone!

  • OMG, I can’t believe I completely missed round 2! I guess when one is a “vulnerable” person living in the epicenter of worst pandemic in century very important things fall through the cracks. Stay safe everyone!

    • I’m with you, there! I missed it, too! But, I have been making masks and baking cookies for the neighborhood kids – after carefully sanitizing the kitchen and my hands! Do they count for a mulligan?

  • I am really surprised to see Sorrel eliminated too! My voting for round 3 was pretty easy though…only 2 of my picks in each category advanced to this round anyway!

    Now off to Ravelry…I’m purchasing my favorites when they get eliminated, because in my heart of hearts I anthropomorphize everything so I want the poor little eliminated patterns to feel better 😉

  • I always enjoy March Mayhem … but this year more than ever!!! THANK YOU for such a wonderful diversion from the news of the day.

  • Yay, still in there! But I do have to say I miss Sorrel too, so am buying the pattern right after I post this. I was surprised to see that the Atlanta Twins didn’t make it through. They have such an elegance about them.

  • So, I am an outlier. I don’t miss Sorrel at all. I did love In the Tweeds. But the remaining competitors are pretty great. Especially Shifting Sands and Achikochi. Both are fabulous. Shifting Sands is probably the ore challenging knit for me. But, I have no complaints about the remainig choices. So much talent!