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  • Wrenching choices!

  • I do think it is a shame to make even knitting a competitive pastime. Surely every project is unique to the maker and doesn’t need to be judged better or worse than another.

    • The “competition” is a fun, lightweight takeoff on the basketball March Madness that seems to take over this month – at least until this year.
      Kay and Ann have always emphasized that it’s just another way, in a goofball fashion, to put lovely patterns ”in play” for all the fans.

    • Strongly disagree. This is such a fun thing. And we are made aware of so many new patterns, we would otherwise have missed. Love it. And even “ losers” so to speak will be knitted. I am going to for sure

  • More than a competition, it is just fun. Fun to see the new patterns, fun to vote, fun to see how others vote, fun to predict, fun to plan and dream about future projects, and fun to escape the constant barrage of the news and escape for a few moments.

    • Not really a competition but a fun way to see many beautiful patterns at once. Some have basketball, we have exciting patterns!! A fun and welcome distraction especially this year.

  • Aaah… Shifting Sands gone?! I see it in my future.

    Also, the beautiful Love Note, on which I’m putting my money to emerge as champion!

  • Think of it as a “competition” if you wish, but I love it because it reveals choices of patterns I might never see otherwise. I think it’s good fun and I’m sure the designers appreciate the exposure. And to be cliche…they are all winners!!

  • My faves are still in there, so the choices are getting tougher & tougher! All fantastic patterns, though.

  • The Woodland Loafers made it! I bought the pattern and cranked out a pair this weekend, having the perfect yarn in my stash. A very quick and fun knit!

  • I don’t think I have ever seen this many gorgeous patterns in one place at one time. The design, quality, and style is awesome. I think anyone of the items would be a winner. I voted and then wished I hadn’t as I don’t think what I chose was any better than the others. I would like to knit everyone but don’t think I have enough years left.

  • So sad we are almost done.

  • Well, some of my veriest favorites are gone, but some aren’t – now the voting is easy (for me) and I can still make my very favorite Achikochi, later this year. Congratulations to all these wonderful designers!

    • Achikochi is stunning and I’m sad it is eliminated, though Oban cardigan and Love Note are both beautiful garments too. I must accept that I am still far too slow of a knitter to make all these sweaters…

  • I love this! Every pattern is so beautiful and ones I would never have come across. Thank you for pulling it together! I look forward to it every year!