If you've got a hankering to cast on, we've got some great yarns for projects from this year's bracket.

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  • Wonderful and difficult. These have been my favorites all the way through. Now to knit them!!

  • Great designs make for a tough choice. I went on Ravelry and looked at how they knit up by various people to help make my final decision.

    • I did the same thing Melissa! SUCH a tough decision….

  • Wonderful choices! Have you noticed how comforting each choice is? I think we went for the “When I wrap myself up in wool I feel better” designs. 😉

  • Wow, each round I am surprised. What I love best about March Mayhem is discovering patterns (which is a treat, since I think I keep up pretty well).

    I’ll be making Shifting Sands and Love Note for sure. And I am a fan of Thea Colman, her impressive body of work, and her cocktails! Cheers to the finalists and to MDK.

  • Always wish there was a winner in each category—feel like I am comparing apples and oranges. Great fun–new patterns to knit.

    • I was still rooting for Achikochi! I am going to be starting it after my purple socks are done! All are wonderful, warm and wooly dreams! Comfort and joy to all!

  • I’m in the “make them all” camp. Thank you for continuing this tradition in these uncertain times!

  • Wow, I picked three of the Final Four! I think that means I must buy those patterns 🙂 Great choices this year, had a blast picking!

  • Three of my choices made it to the final 4. It was fun having my picks to choose til the end

  • I feel like I’m choosing which child I love most! They each have their wonderful qualities. I have loved these 4 from the beginning. It was a very hard choice but ultimately Woodland Loafers won out. I don’t have anything like them and my feet are always cold!

  • So, I’m just going to say it. I voted for Sagostad. In this time of stay-at-home it seems only fitting to knit a little house motif. Aaaaaannnd, I think you “should” put together some kit options for us! Just thinkin’ out loud here.

    • <3

      • Plus, they’re beautiful Sofia! Thanks.