Your favorite Mayhem pattern + MDK yarn = a ton of fun ahead

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  • I love these sweater options. I have 9 marked for first round voting so will have to study them more in the next few days. Yarn in my stash for several. This is the true March Madness for me.

  • Thank you for showing these sweaters in such nice big photos with details easily seen!

  • I appreciate showing the sweaters with yarn options and love March Mayhem!

  • I live on another planet because I’m not sure how this all works. It appears that I choose each bracket within the noted dates. Is the submission only done once after April 1? If the rules are already posted, I apologize for not seeing them. Thank you!

    • Here’s the post with the details, Lynn!

      • Am I reading the rules correctly that in order to vote for just 4 or 5 that I actually like I have to vote for 32 (4X*) patterns? In other words, is 8 / category an absolute requirement even if there are only 4 I care about? Are all 4 categories also required even if I’m not interested in, say, socks?

        • Sorry – read (4X*) as (4X8)

        • You got it!

  • I love them all but so far past my skill level that i can’t even consider selecting a few much less join in. Too bad there isn’t one that “the rest of us” can knit.

    • I think Ursa and Felix would both be good “beginner” sweaters.

      • I am in! Achikochi is downloaded and Mohonk light on order! Thank you ladies, for bringing us all together and keeping us all sane during trying times!

    • Try a sweater with bulky yarn. I am a fairly new knitter and the only way to improve your skills is to take on a challenge. Thankfully there is a lot of help on YouTube or from MDK or sometimes from the designer. You can do it!

    • Take this as an opportunity to see a sweater with techniques you would like to learn and love. It can really broaden your knitting horizons. Remember, even the best knitters started out as “the rest of us”.

    • Hi Marianne! I have made Felix and it is definitely suitable for beginners. The lace detail at the raglan increase lines is very well spelled out in the pattern and after that, it’s smooth stockinette sailing. It is top down, so easy to add length if the cropped look is not for you. I love my Felix, it is so cozy. I plan to make another for myself and one for my sister.

  • Out of these, I have already knit Love Note and loved it! Capel Cross is really nice and I haven’t seen it before!

  • Am I voting for which one i’d knit or which one is pretty?

    • Either! Both!

  • I’m delighted to see Sorrel among the contenders.
    I was fortunate to test knit this lovely sweater and loved every stitch!
    The video tutorials explain the dip stitch as well as tips on how to fade colours.
    The fit is perfect and I get compliments whenever I wear it.

  • I love capel cross, but you describe it as having color blocking….

    • Now i think it just got skipped and the description for the next one, in the tweeds, got double duty.

  • Love these ‘big’ photos! I was able to see some details that I had missed earlier…meg… the knotty cables in Endeavor. Thanks:)

  • I’m missing out on lace this year, gals. It seems like there’s not much of it— like 2 of these 16. (Definitely a lace knitter here, so I’m biased.). 🙂

  • So many boxy, cropped sweaters this year. Is that just a coincidence or is it the big design trend this year? Some gorgeous sweaters, but not for me.

    • Totally agree here. That boxy, cropped shape is over-done here. Personally don’t wear it, won’t knit it. What ever happened to a traditional shape? Total yuk on these. I will have a hard time choosing 8, I don’t even like 4.

      • I made lovenote and added more rounds to sleeves and body so it’s a more “traditional” shape. Good instructions and a pleasure to knit. Plus lots of compliments when i wear it.

        • Agree on too many cropped tops. At 6’1″, cropped tops just don’t work! I love some of these so will need to see which can be easily made longer

  • All of these are so beautiful!! I can’t believe Wilkhaven is top down; for that reason alone, I think I have to give it a go!

  • For Michelle – Sorrel looks fairly body-hugging. For me, these enlarged images helped me zero in on the details. I love the precise width of that cable panel on Grace – too-wide ones not flattering on busty figures; the great neckline on In the Tweeds – you won’t feel choked in it; the double V’s of Ursa (neckline and ribbing shape); the fun orange color of one of the Mega Lara samples which stands up to the fun mega dots; the wonderful sleeve-cap construction of Whakeiro; the overall fitting ease of Endeavor: just enough. Not too much. Guess I have some Favorite-ing to do, at the very least. And plenty to vote for.

  • please please make voting more obvious & easier!!!!