The MDK Shop is awash in special yarns that make beautiful sweaters.

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  • I have yarn for the Noux, but this makes me itch to knit all the yokes.

  • where is birkin? Does it get a category all to itself?

    • I believe they only have one nominee per designer – no double chances to win the tournament 😉 And Birkin is by Caitlin Hunter, whose Zweig is listed here!

      • They have be released in 2017 as well. I think Birkin was inlast years Bracket.

  • Love Humulus but Monochrome does it for me with the slouchy look. This competition is going to be tuff!

  • Hmm, some would take more time to create than others, but if I start with the top one and knit my way down the list, I might get them all finished in this lifetime, lol!

    • Ha ha I’ll say art at the bottom and meet you halfway in ten years!!

  • Perfect selection! Covers all the food groups

  • Augh! So hard to choose!

  • Wow! Just wow!

  • Thank you for the yoke-y excitement, Stopover changed me from committed-to-cardigans into a pushover-for-pullovers. Noux and Humulus are really great. Love the relaxed feeling in both.

  • I love them all!

    • Me too

  • Having trouble finding a yolk sweater for yowza from Rhinebeck. I’m told it’s a worsted that knits up like a dk. Any recommendations?

  • Hard to choose, hard to choose….

  • Fern & Feather and Dog Star are so cool! But I’m just about finished a top-down, in-the-round Fair Isle number for my daughter which has had many teeth-grinding moments, so maybe some downtime (with Carbeth perhaps?) before I embark on a yoked number…..

  • The Noux, isn’t that more of a grorange than grellow? That said, I seriously want bunches of these! I may…finally…knit a sweater for…me…

  • What a grand selection of lovely sweaters!

  • Humulus caught my attention the first time through and yes, still the ‘one’ on the second run! Certainly it couldn’t have anything to do with being a brewery necessity?! Oh . . . that one strand of color around the wrist!

  • I followed the links to Ravelry to see what others have knit with these patterns. particularly with respect to color choices. That can completely transform a sweater pattern!

  • Love the yoke sweaters!!! Still getting the courage to try one of my own.