MDK March Mayhem, Round 2: Vote

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
March 20, 2018

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  • Where is the link to view the patterns for Round 2?

    • It’s the big red link to the bracket. If you’re on mobile, scroll down and you’ll see the Round 2 bracket with clickable links to the patterns.

  • OMG! Now I have to choose between several I really like in each category!!! I think I need caffeine for this task. 🙂

  • Oh drat, my bracket is already busted! Fascinating to see what the results are!

  • It’s fun to see how others have voted. I can’t wait to see round three!

  • Funny, for Yokes, Neck and Shoulders, and Sweaters I had three picks from round one and a new pick to choose. But for Mini skeins, five of my picks made it and I had to ax one. What will be harder to choose: which one of my favorites to make!

  • I love doing this. What a great idea.

  • This is so much fun!

  • Well, there goes my reputation as a trend-setter! I felt strongest about my Yokes choices — but only three of my favorites made it through. Mini-skeins and Neck & shoulders were easy, since four of my favorites made the cut. But in Sweaters, the category I had fewest STRONG preferences for, six of my choices made it through.

    As always, lots of fun, and lots of great knitting choices!

    Still, disappointed that some of the less traditional Yokes didn’t make the cut — Zweig and The Twigs, for instance. I may have to break out of my middle-aged rut and knit myself another sweater!

    • I had 5 left from all but Neck and Shoulders, where I had 4. Zweig was my absolutely favorite pattern of the 64 – I plan on knitting it as soon as a catch up on some WIPs. I was kind of shocked to discover not everyone agreed with me!

      • I know what you mean! I really liked both Zweig and Twigs, and thought Weaver’s Square was a shoo in for the final four! A little like how the UVA fans must feel …

    • The Twigs wuz robbed! (but it was one among much awesomeness)

  • I found the voting difficult to do….pictures for round 2?

  • Beautiful and exciting.