MDK March Mayhem, Round 4: Vote

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
March 27, 2017
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  • There’s no inset box for voting–there’s just text saying “create your own…”.

    • Judy,

      I vote on my phone. To get the inset box for voting, I had to log out of MDK, then log back in. I was then able to vote. Not to worry, the whole process was quickly completed.


    • I ran into that trouble when I clicked away from the page to check the ravelry bundles and then came back here, but when I refreshed the page, the voting box came back.

  • No problem voting. Shawls: Tough one, but any pattern that makes me think that just maybe, and I mean maybe, I would want to knit lace has to get my vote. Thanks ladies for the fun.

  • I’m feeling pretty mainstream–no busted brackets for me. Honestly, I want to make every one of the final four, except I’ve already made Waiting for Rain (the Rain Outside’s sister). I love the short row lace insert technique.

    • Indeed. It was the first shawl that inspired me in a long time.

  • All are perfect for Pacific NW weather and Oregon is in it-last time was the first Final Four 1939!
    I think the hat and mitts should be a “matching” set:)

    • Exactly. Thanks.

  • LOVE this whole idea. I hope it becomes an annual feature of MDK, though I know it’s an unconscionable amount of work for you two. Just know it has given me and I’m sure many others an immense amount of pleasure, not to mention inspiration.

    • Yes.

    • What she said! It’s been great. Thanks1

    • Ditto.

    • Exactly. Thanks!

    • Agreed! Enjoy seeing all the different suggestions.

  • What a smart group you are! I just caught on to the bracket voting but will be backtracking through! Had a blast—smart smart smart!

  • Apparently, I am a contrarian. None, that is to say NONE of my picks made the semifinals. Given that, clearly, I cannot vote for a winner, here are my predictions for them: Granito, Sedge, Metronome, and Sheep 1.

    • Well, you could if you wanted to still. Right Ann and Kay? It’s not like sports brackets where once your teams out you’re out. You get to vote every time!
      Or maybe you don’t have one that you like better enough to even make a choice?
      There was one of the rounds (last one I think) where I didn’t have any particular favorite in… I think it was sweaters. None of the ones left were my style. So I went into each pattern and looked, really looked, at the photos and read the backstory (if there was one)… and came to an appreciation of the details and choices the designer made, even though they were not to my preference. And voted.

      • Yes, anybody can vote in this round and the next. It’s a kinder, gentler bracket than the basketball bracket!

  • This round is tougher! Thanks for the fun, can’t wait to see the next one…

  • Wow. When it comes down to just two, it feels very Sophie’s Choice! I loved the look of all of the patterns, though!

    • Sophie’s Choice: exactly like that! One feels terrible voting for just one. It will definitely be worse for the Championship round, though.

  • I’ve tried to vote all day but the voting box won’t/doesn’t appear. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Those sweaters, though. Hard choice.

  • Every single one of the remaining patterns is one I’ve voted for in every round. Oh, how will I choose just one?

  • Must.Knit.Sheep

  • Folks, I apologize. I am like the “kiss of death” for knitting patterns. All but one of the patterns I have chosen have gone down in defeat! I guess my preferences are outside of the mainstream?

  • Wow, went to cast my vote and the voting was closed.

  • Sad to say due to the dreaded M word I missed the final round. 🙂
    So I’m gonna say my picks seeing as I can’t influence anyone now… they are
    Branches & Buds Pullover
    Passerine Hat
    and last but no means least…

    Here’s hoping I don’t miss the final round!!!
    gosh, we do vote again yes??? LOL, hope I didn’t sway yone..or did I? mwahahaaa